Current Affairs Quiz – June 14, 2017

Q.1) The government is likely to implement allowances under the 7th Pay Commission from___________.

a) July 1st

b) Aug 1st

c) Sep 1st

d) Oct 1st

e) Nov 1st

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Q.2) Which among the following state announced that 19.68% pay hike for its employees and pensioners?

a) Telangana

b) Manipur

c) Tripura

d) Andhra Pradesh

e) West Bengal

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Q.3) Which among the following country Envoy to India “Daniel Carmon” invited Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh to visit his country in September and to participate in the WATEC international professional exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv?

a) Iran

b) Iraq

c) Israel

d) UAE

e) France

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Q.4) The Jammu and Kashmir government has constituted a five-member working group to work out the modalities for operationalisation of knowledge initiative for students in the state headed by ______

a) Amitabh Matto

b) Altaf Bukhari

c) Mufti Sayeed

d) John Ahmed

e) None of these

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Q.5) Which country is except to fund a long-delayed Indus river mega dam project in Gilgit-Baltistan with work beginning next year, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal ?

a) Japan

b) China

c) Iran

d) Israel

e) India

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Q.6) Which are the two types of convention ratified by India in ILO (International Labour Organization) for combating child labour and reaffirmed India commitment to a child labour free society?

a) Conventions 138 and 140

b) Conventions 138 and 140

c) Conventions 135 and 178

d) Conventions 138 and 182

e) Conventions 131 and 196

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Q.7) Which among the following state has signed MoU with the British Council to enhance quality of education in the state?

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Telangana

c) Nagaland

d) Mizoram

e) Sikkim

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Q.8) Union Minister of state for AYUSH, Shripad Yesso Naik announced that Centre has approved proposals for setting up of ____ Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) hospitals across the country.

a) 50

b) 75

c) 100

d) 150

e) 225

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Q.9) NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) has commissioned 150 kWp Canal Top Solar PV System on cooling water (CW) channel at its 2320 MW Thermal Power Project. The project was commission in one of the NTPC station in India. Hence, Name the NTPC Station?

a) Tanda Thermal Power Station

b) Mauda Super Thermal Power Station

c) Barh Super Thermal Power Station

d) NTPC Bongaigaon

e) LARA Super Thermal Power Station

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Q.10) India set to be a co-partner in a global food and beverages trade fair to be held in Cologne, Germany from October 7-11, 2017. Name the trade fair?






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Q.11) Adani Group is set to commission 50 MW (megawatts) solar PV (photovoltaic) plant in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. What is the investment amount of the project?

a) Rs.200 crore

b) Rs.284 crore

c) Rs.300 crore

d) Rs.315 crore

e) Rs.335 crore

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Q.12) Which among the following state has launched the website ‘PashuBazar’ to facilitate online sale or purchase of cattle?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Maharashtra

c) Assam

d) Telangana

e) Karnataka

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Q.13) Group of Seven (G7) environment ministers and officials are met to discuss issues ranging from climate change to sustainable development and litter at sea and adopted the “5-Year Bologna Roadmap”. This Summit was held in ___

a) France

b) Italy

c) Canada

d) Britain

e) None of these

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Q.14) Which among the following country passed an Anti-Foreign NGO Law for aimed at ensuring transparency and to fight money laundering and terrorism funding?

a) Iceland

b) Norway

c) Hungary

d) Belgium

e) Netherland

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Q.15) Which country was established diplomatic ties with China and break off relations with Taiwan by signed a Joint communique agreement with China?

a) Djibouti

b) Papa New Guinea

c) Bulgaria

d) Panama

e) Chile

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Q.16) Which among the following china items levied anti dumping duty by India to protect domestic industry against goods being sold at below normal value?

a) Kitchenware

b) Ceramic table

c) Steel

d) Only b and c

e) Only a and b

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Q.17) Which among the following has topped the 2017 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands list with a brand value of over $245 billion?

a) Apple

b) Microsoft

c) Amazon

d) Facebook

e) Google

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Q.18) Which among the following quits president post of Mohun Bagan football team?

a) Swapan Sadhan Bose

b) Armando Colaco

c) Amal Dutta

d) Derrick Pereira

e) Thangboi Singto

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Q.19) The Book titled “Yug Purush, Bharat Ratna, Atal Ji’ authored by____

a) Chetan Bhagat

b) Shashi Thakur

c) Vikram Seth

d) Ramesh Pokhriyal

e) Anirudh Bhattacharya

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Q.20) Which among the following bowler ranked number 1 in ICC ODI Ranking?

a) Ravichandran Ashwin

b) Mitchel Starc

c) Josh Hazlewood

d) Ravindra Jadega

e) Mark woods

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Q.21) Name the Anti- Tank guided missile was successfully test fired by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), recently?

a) Prithvi-II

b) Prithvi-I

c) Amogha-1

d) Akash

e) Nag

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Q.22) Name the pune girl who has won the bronze medal at Archery world cup held at Antalya, Turkey?

a) Divya Dayal

b) Divya Dhaya

c) Divya Dhayal

d) Dhivya Dayal

e) Dhivya Dhayal

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Q.23) Which of the following day is observed across the world on June 13th?

a) International Tuberculosis Day

b) World Hypertension Day

c) Blood Donor Day

d) International Albinism Awareness Day

e) None of these

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Q.24) Which of the following state signed an agreement with Rajasthan to link cities by state roadways buses?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Haryana

c) Punjab

d) Uttar Pradesh

e) Madhya Pradesh

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Q.25) Name the bank which is not in the list of four public sector banks (PSBs) have made presentations about their consolidation plans to the Finance Ministry.

a) Canara Bank

b) Dena Bank

c) Syndicate Bank

d) Vijaya Bank

e) Corporation Bank

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Q.26) Who has allowed commodity exchanges to introduce options trading while ensuring that such contracts are introduced only on such commodities that currently register high volume in the futures segment?



c) RBI

d) GOI

e) MEA

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Q.27) The firm CDSL, it plans to launch its over 500 crore initial public offering (IPO) on June 19. In the term CDSL, “D” stands for____________.

a) Demand

b) Direct

c) Dividend

d) Depository

e) Debit

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Q.28) Who has been appointed as the Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Unit and a member of the executive committee by Tata Motors?

a) Girish Wagh

b) Nasser Munjee

c) Guenter Butschek

d) Satish Borwankar

e) Falguni S Nayar

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Q.29) Who confirmed its spot in the 2018 World Cup finals with a victory over Uzbekistan at the Azadi Stadium?

a) Iraq

b) UAE

c) Iran

d) Afghanistan

e) Pakistan

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Q.30) Who has become the first player to book his place at the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London in November after he won a record 10th French Open title?

a) Roger Federer

b) Andy Murray

c) Rafael Nadal

d) Novak Djokovic

e) Stan Wawrinka

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Q.31) Every year, on_________, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD).

a) June 11th

b) June 12th

c) June 13th

d) June 14th

e) June 15th

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Q.32) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is moving to resolve the bad loan crisis with an Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) of the RBI, having identified how many accounts of corporate borrowers?

a) 10

b) 11

c) 12

d) 13

e) 14

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