Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 6, 2019

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 6, 2019

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Q.1) To whom has been the Fifteenth Finance Commission 2020-21 report submitted?

a) Finance Minister

b) Home minister

c) President 

d) RBI

e) None of These

Q.2) Who inaugurated the third edition of National Public Procurement Conclave in New Delhi?

a) Piyush Goyal 

b) Amit Shah

c) Rajnath Singh

d) Nitin Gadkari

e) None of These

Q.3) Human Resource Development Ministry in partnership with ___________ did launched a short essay competition for students of Class 9 to 12 for the third edition of Prime Minister’s Interaction Programme with school students ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha- 2020’?

a) Google

b) Microsoft

c) MyGov 

d) Government eMarketplace 

e) None of These

Q.4) Who is the Queen of Sweden?

a) Queen Maxima

b) Queen Alexandria

c) Queen Silvia 

d) Queen Elizabeth

e) None of These

Q.5) Union Home Ministry has sanctioned a sum _______ rupees from Nirbhaya Fund for setting up and strengthening of Women Help Desks in Police Stations?

a) 150 crore

b) 200 crore

c) 100 crore 

d) 120 crore

e) None of These

Q.6) Beznau Nuclear power plant is located in which of the following countries?

a) Brazil

b) Russia

c) Iran

d) Switzerland 

e) None of These

Q.7) According to Top Pentagon official China’s defence budget has grown 850 per cent in the last 20 years from USD 20 billion to ______billion in 2018.

a) USD 120 billion

b) USD 150 billion

c) USD 170 billion 

d) USD 200 billion

e) None of These

Q.8) Which Academic Council has approved setting up of a separate department for disability and rehabilitation studies in its campus at Manasagangotri? 

a) University of Mysore 

b) University of Manipal

c) University of Hyderabad

d) University of Bengaluru

e) None of These

Q.9) Avantee mega Food Park was inaugurated at which of the following cities?

a) Bhopal

b) Mumbai

c) Imphal

d) Dewas 

e) None of These

Q.10) A three-day national conference of Director General and Inspector General of Police begins in which of the following places?

a) Kolkata

b) Pune 

c) Delhi

d) Mumbai

e) None of These

Q.11) What is the current Repo rate?

a) 5.25 %

b) 5.00 %

c) 5.05 %

d) 5.15 %

e) None of These

Q.12) For 2019-20, RBI has been revised downwards from 6.1 per cent in the October policy to what percent?

a) 5.00 %

b) 5.9 %

c) 5.7 %

d) 5.5 %

e) None of These

Q.13) Who has been Shah.appointed as a senior security advisor in the Union Home Ministry?

a) Brajesh Mishra

b) Ajit Doval

c) K Vijay Kumar

d) MK Narayanan

e) None of These

Q.14) Who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Football Federation Australia (FFA)?

a) Tim Holden

b) Luke Bould

c) Chris Nikou 

d) James Johnson

e) None of These

Q.15) Which of the following is the capital of Switzerland?

a) Lausanne

b) Geneva

c) Bern

d) Basel

e) None of These

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 6, 2019

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