Q.1) The NWEC will be established under which ministry?

a) Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

b) Ministry of Women and Child Development

c) Ministry of Minority Affairs

d) Minister of Commerce and Industry

e) Ministry of Human Resource Development

Q.2) In the list of richest city in the world which Indian city ranked 12th?

a) Chennai

b) Hyderabad

c) Kolkata

d) Mumbai

e) Lucknow

Q.3) Recently India and Oman signed how many agreements?

a) 8

b) 7

c) 2

d) 3

e) 5

Q.4) PM Modi lays foundation stone of first Hindu temple in which city?

a) New York

b) Riyadh

c) Muscat

d) Abu Dhabi

e) None of these

Q.5) The country’s largest lender SBI write off bad loans worth how much crore in 2016-17?

a) Rs 21,339 crore

b) Rs 12,339 crore

c) Rs 22,339 crore

d) Rs 10,339 crore

e) Rs 20,339 crore

Q.6) ONGC Videsh Ltd and its partners have acquired how much percent stake in ADNOC?

a) 15

b) 10

c) 49

d) 21


Q.7) Name the swimmer who is the first Asian to swim across Ocean Seven?

a) Rajesh

b) Rohan

c) Suresh

d) Suraj

e) Shankar

Q.8) A well known human rights lawyer and social activist Asma Jahangir passed away hails from which country?

a) Israel

b) Iran

c) Pakistan

d) Myanmar

e) India

Q.9) When is the National Productivity day has been observed?

a) February 12

b) February 11

c) February 10

d) February 13

e) February 15

Q.10) In the list of 15 wealthiest cities New York topped the list with a total wealth of how much amount?

a) $3 trillion

b) $5 trillion

c) $2 trillion

d) $1 trillion

e) $8 trillion



  1. b) Ministry of Women and Child Development
  2. d) Mumbai
  3. a) 8
  4. d) Abu Dhabi
  5. e) Rs 20,339 crore
  6. b) 10
  7. b) Rohan
  8. c) Pakistan
  9. a) February 12
  10. a) $3 trillion