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Q.1) India & 50 African countries adopted the______, at the 1st India-Africa Defence Minister’s Conclave.

a) Mumbai declaration

b) Lucknow declaration

c) Delhi declaration

d) Pune declaration

e) Mathura declaration

Q.2) India’s plans to develop a future fighter jet engine has got strong backing from the ___________recently.

a) UK

b) France

c) Russia

d) China

e) Japan

Q.3) The budget has pegged fiscal deficit at _______ % for current fiscal year.

a) 2.3 %

b) 3.3 %

c) 4.5 %

d) 3.8 %

e) 5.1 %

Q.4) Ayushman Bharat-________bagged national ‘Gold’ award for sustainable e-Governance initiative.






Q.5) Religare Group is set to sell Equity In Health Insurance Arm to Kedaara Group for Rs ______ Crore.

a) 200

b) 400

c) 500

d) 300

e) 100

Q.6) Indian Army Major ___________has developed bulletproof helmet that can stop AK-47 bullets.

a) Anoop Mishra

b) Anoop Govil

c) Satendar Saini

d) Rajput Singh

e) R K Sharma

Q.7) Which of the following PSUs, recently signed tripartite MoU with Elbit & GRSE for Unmanned Surface Vessels?



c) BEL



Q.8) Who among the following received Bharatiya Mahantam Award at Bangkok?

a) M V Gowtama

b) Rashmi Saluja

c) R N Varun

d) N. Sridhar

e) M Dhinesh

Q.9) ___________ First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton is set to step down.

a) WHO’s

b) WTO’s

c) UN’s

d) World Bank’s

e) IMF’s

Q.10) BBIN (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal) nations are deliberate on MoU for implementation of _____ vehicle agreement.

a) Electric

b) Petrol

c) Diesel

d) Motor

e) None of the Above

Q.11) Which of the following states topped among 18 states in justice delivery system capacity?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Gujarat

c) Manipur

d) Mizoram

e) Maharashtra

Q.12) PFRDA, recently doubled minimum net worth for pension fund managers from 20 crore to ______ crore.

a) 25

b) 30

c) 40

d) 50

e) 35

Q.13) Orson Bean passed away recently. He was a renowned_________.

a) Musician

b) Actor

c) Cricketer

d) Playback Singer

e) Politician

Q.14) When is the National Deworming Day (NDD) is being observed across the country, to reduce the prevalence of parasitic worms in the intestine?

a) 18 November

b) 24 December

c) 10 February

d) 11 February

e) 16 January 

Q.15) Which city hosted the National Conference on e-Governance 2020?

a) Mumbai

b) New Delhi

c) Lucknow

d) Kanpur

e) Nagpur

Q.16) P Parameswaran, who passed away at the age of 93 was well-known?

a) Actor

b) Singer

c) Writer

d) Freedom Fighter

e) Cartoonist

Q.17) First edition of the Men’s section Khelo India Ice Hockey tournament was won by ______ in February 2020?

a) Ladakh Scouts Regimental Centre Red (LSRC)

b) Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)

c) National Security Guards

d) Indian Railways

e) Indian Air Force

Q.18) Where did the 10th Hockey India Senior Women National Championship 2020 (A Division) title took place?

a) Nashik, Maharashtra

b) Kollam, Kerala

c) Amristar, Punjab

d) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

e) Ludhiana, Punjab

Q.19) Bangladesh won the 2020 ICC U19 Cricket World Cup held in South Africa, defeating _________.

a) Australia

b) South Africa

c) England

d) India

e) Sri Lanka

Q.20) What is the central government’s share in the internship scheme proposed by the Uttar Pradesh government for students of class 10 & 12 as well as those pursuing graduation to brighten their employment prospects?

a) 2000

b) 1000

c) 2500

d) 3000

e) 1500

Q.21) Which among the following states is organizing hornbill festival for the first time, with an aim to raise awareness among people for bird conservation?

a) Nagaland

b) Meghalaya

c) Tripura 

d) Manipur 

e) Odisha

Q.22) Which state government has decided to declare Cauvery Delta Region as protected special agricultural zone?

a) Karnataka

b) Kerala

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Telangana

e) Andhra Pradesh

Q.23) Which is the first foreign language movie that won the Best film Oscar awards?

a) 1917

b) The Irishman

c) Parasite

d) Joker

e) Once upon a time in Hollywood

Q.24) Which is the highest peak in South America and outside of Asia?

a) Mount Aconcagua

b) Mount Mercedario

c) Mount Pissis

d) Mount Cerro Bonete

e) Mount Galan

Q.25) Which country hosted the annual African Union Summit of the year 2020?

a) Nigeria

b) South Africa

c) Ethiopia

d) Ghana

e) Morocco

To Know the Answers for the Quiz , Attend the Current Affairs Quiz – Febraury 9 & 10, 2020

Daily Current Affairs Quiz : Febraury 9 &10, 2020

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