1.Which state has launched mobile app “Shakti” for protecting women’s?

a) Arunachal Pradesh

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Jharkhand

d) Odisha

e) None of these

2.Caroline Wozniacki has defeated ______________ to clinch Australian Open 2018

a) A.Kerber

b) E Mertens

c) Serena Williams

d) Simona Halep

e) None of these

3.India Seafood industry has aimed to export seafoods of _________  by 2022

a) US $ 10 Million

b) US $ 20 Million

c) US $ 1 Million

d) US $ 2 Million

e) None of these

4.According to GoBankingRates Survey, which has topped as most expensive country to live?

a) Switzerland

b) Australia

c) Bermuda

d) Vietnam

e) None of these

5.According to ______________ Report, India will become fastest growing country by 2018

a) Sanctum Wealth Management

b) Fortune Wealth Management

c) Forbes Wealth Management

d) Sahara Asset Management

e) None of these

6.Rajasthan was defeated by ________ to win Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy

a) Jharkhand

b) Delhi

c) West Bengal

d) Maharashtra

e) None of these

7‘Staniya Svasasan Mei Addhi Aabadhi’, a book authored by _________ was released by Vice-President at New delhi.

a) Dr.Nidhi chanani

b) Mitali Meelan

c) Dr.Sadhana Pandey

d) Diksha basu

e) None of these

8.The book “Dilli Meri Dilli: Before and After 1998” was authored by

a) Sheila Dixit

b) Fredick Backman

c) Arundhati Roy

d) Sandya Menon

e) None of these

9.India agrees to fund _________ to Cambodia for water resources development project.

a) USD 37.92 Million

b) USD 4.02 Billion

c) USD 67.54 Million

d) USD 36.92 Million

e) None of these

10.Pavic and Dabrowski has defeated __________ to clinch Australian Open in Mixed double category.

a) Vania king – Franko skugor

b) Bopanna-Babos

c) Juan Sebastian Cabal – Abigail Spears

d) Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez – Marcelo Demoliner

e)None of these

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