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Q.1) The RBI has approved the re-appointment of who among the following as the non-executive Chairman of RBL Bank?

a) Raj Kumar

b) Anand Sharma

c) Vishwavir Ahuja

d) Chandra Prakash Joshi

e) Prakash Chandra

Q.2) Which company has unveiled its new venture called Mindhouse which offers users guided meditation sessions and techniques?

a) Food Panda

b) Zomato

c) Ola

d) Uber

e) Swiggy

Q.3) Which team has beaten Juventus during penalties to win the sixth Italian Cup in Rome?

a) Barcelona

b) Real Madrid

c) Napoli

d) Liverpool

e) Manchester United

Q.4) Which of the following IITs in association with RR Animal Healthcare Ltd has developed an affordable diagnostic kit for COVID-19?

a) IIT Madras

b) IIT Guwahati

c) IIT Mandi

d) IIT Hyderabad

e) IIT Mandi

Q.5) Name the portal launched by the Minister of Coals for Atma-Nirbhar Bharat in Mining Advancement?






Q.6) IM Vijayan who has been recommended for the Padma Shri award is related with which sport?

a) Boxing

b) Football

c) Hockey

d) Cricket

e) Wrestling

Q.7) PM Modi is all set to launch which scheme in a bid to boost livelihood opportunities in rural India and empower rural citizens ?

a) Employment Saving Yojana Abhiyan

b) Urban and Rural Rojgar Yojana

c) Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan

d) Rural Employment Scheme

e) Garib Kalyan Scheme

Q.8) _______ is the head of the Sebi panel formed to strengthen enforcement mechanism in a bid to recover siphoned off money?

a) Uday Kotak

b) Aditya Puri

c) Sunil Mehta

d) Pankaj Sharma

e) Anil Dave

Q.9) Which of the following bank is now all set to completely digitise lending operations including home, agriculture, MSME, personal and auto loans?

a) Allahabad Bank

b) SBI

c) Bank of Baroda

d) Union Bank of India

e) Axis Bank

Q.10) Which of the following IITs developed infusion technology for herbs in the mid-Himalayan region to help farmers?

a) IIT Mandi

b) IIT Madras

c) IIT Kanpur

d) IIT Guwahati

e) IIT Hyderabad

Q.11) Which of the following former governors of the RBI to be appointed as the Chairman of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP)?

a) Venugopal Rao

b) Raghuram Rajan

c) Urjit Patel

d) Bimal Jalan

e) Manmohan Singh

Q.12) Which of the following pair has been appointed as the brand ambassadors of JSW Cement?

a) Sunil Chetri and Katrin Kaif

b) Virat Kohli and Tamanna Bhatia

c) Sunil Chhetri and Rohit Sharma

d) Sourav Ganguly and Sunil Chhetri

e) Sourav Ganguly and M S Dhoni

Q.13) BPR Vithal Baru who passed away at 93 in Hyderabad was former ______________.

a) Journalist

b) Politician

c) Economist

d) Director

e) Singer

Q.14) Name the initiative which Infosys has recently joined in a bid to make a commitment to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early.

a) Environment Clean

b) The Climate Pledge

c) Climate Change

d) Go Green

e) Clean Environment

Q.15) Which of the following IIT and General Electric tie-up to build a next-gen combustor for small aircraft and helicopter engines?

a) IIT Mandi

b) IIT Madras

c) IIT Kanpur

d) IIT Guwahati

e) IIT Hyderabad

Q.16) When was World Refugee day observed on?

a) June 15

b) June 27

c) June 18

d) June 24

e) June 20

Q.17) What is the capital of Azerbaijan?

a) Damascus

b) Ankara

c) Baku

d) Athens

e) Tripoli

Q.18) What does ‘L’ in CAMELS stand for?

a) Lender

b) Leverage

c) Liquidity

d) Long Term

e) Livability

Q.19) What is the Currency of Russia?

a) Pound

b) Yen

c) Rouble

d) Ringgit

e) Renminbi

Q.20) Sanjay Gandhi national park is located at which state?

a) Maharashtra

b) Gujarat

c) Karnataka

d) Goa

e) Kerala


1 E
2 B
3 C
4 B
5 A
6 B
7 C
8 E
9 C
10 A
11 C
12 D
13 C
14 B
15 B
16 E
17 C
18 C
19 C
20 A

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : Jun 20, 2020

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