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Daily Current affairs is one of the most important topics to score marks in the Mains Exam of any Banking Exam. This will also act as a score booster in the Mains Exam. We are providing Current Affairs Quiz regularly in our Bankersdaily and you can also attend the Daily Current Affairs in the actual exam format which will also enhance your time. Check the Current Affairs Quiz of November 15, 2018.

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Q.1) Where did the 13th East Asia Summit held?

a) Indonesia

b) Singapore

c) Malaysia

d) India

e) Australia

Q.2) Who has launched Yuva Sahakar-Cooperative Enterprise Support and Innovation Scheme?

a) National Sports Development Corporation

b) Indian Cooperative Corporation

c) National Cooperative Development Corporation

d) Indian Cooperative Development Corporation

e) National Development Corporation

Q.3) India has signed with which of the following country for cancer research initiative with a value of 10 million pounds?

a) United Kingdom

b) Brazil

c) Sweden

d) Russia

e) France

Q.4) India and Russia will hold joint military exercises in which of the following place?

a) Delhi

b) Maharashtra

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Gujarat

e) Uttar Pradesh

Q.5) ISRO has launched which of the following communication satellite from Andhra Pradesh for communication needs of people in remote areas in the North East and Jammu and Kashmir?

a) GSAT-30

b) GSAT-24

c) GSAT-29

d) GSAT-19

e) GSAT-14

Q.6) Faizabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh has been renamed as which of the following?

a) Maha Nagar

b) Ayodhya

c) Patel Nagar

d) Prayagraj

e) None of these

Q.7) The UN Security Council has unanimously agreed to lift sanctions against Eritrea after how many years?

a) 4 years

b) 5 years

c) 9 years

d) 8 years

e) 7 years

Q.8) What is the currency of Nigeria?

a) Manat

b) Naira

c) Peso

d) Lev

e) Dinar

Q.9) Who has been appointed as the first ever youth ambassador of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) India?

a) Virat Kohli

b) Hima Das

c) Amitabh Chaudhry

d) P V Sindhu

e) MS Dhoni

Q.10) Ashok Chawla has resigned as the Non-Executive (Independent) Chairman from which of the following bank?

a) HDFC Bank

b) Yes Bank

c) Axis Bank

d) Bandhan Bank

e) Canara Bank