Descriptive Test : Writing Formal Letters

Dear bankersdaily Aspirant,

Letter writing is of two types i) Formal Letter ii)  Informal Letters. In SBI PO mains Descriptive test, there will be Essay writing and Letter Writing which consists of 50 marks. Here we are posting Template to write formal Letter.

Formal Letter template

[Your Street Address]

[Your City]

[Your Postcode]

[Month, Day, Year]

[Name & Title of recipient if known] 

[Company Name]

[Company Street Address]

[Company City]

[Company Postcode]


Dear [“Sirs” if the name of the recipient is not known or “Mr/Mrs/Miss Surname” if the recipient is known],


[Main body]


Yours [faithfully/sincerely – faithfully if you do not know the person, sincerely if you do],

[Your written Signature]

[Your Name]

Sample formal Letters

Sample Formal Letter 2