eChallan, mParivahan mobile apps to report traffic violations

Aim of the Apps: The government has launched two mobile apps, echallan and mParivahan, that provide access to various services and information, and enable citizens to report any traffic violation or road accident.

About eChallan is an integrated enforcement solution to manage traffic violations through an Android-based mobile app and back-end web application, for use by the Transport Enforcement Wing and Traffic Police.

Extra Points regarding eChallan,

(I) This system is already operational in all regional transport offices in Uttar Pradesh

(II) Both transport department and traffic police departments in a number of states are going to adopt the system shortly.

About mParivahan “is an empowering app for the citizen which provides access to various services, information and utilities related to the transport sector, bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system and is already available for free download from Google playstore”.

Extra Points regarding mParivahan,

The apps also have additional functionalities like road accident and traffic violation reporting by citizen, concept of virtual and enforceable DL/RC and so on, apart from a host of other technological advanced tools, utilities and services,”.