IBPS CLERK PRELIMS STUDY PLANNER 2018 – Double Fillers – Day 6

Dear Banking Aspirants,

IBPS CLERK Prelims Exam – 2018 – Study Planner. English is one of the sections which haunts the aspirants because many aspirants chances to go to the next level in the Banking Exams are hindered due to this section. According to recent statistics, only 30% of the aspirants score above 10 marks in the Preliminary Examination in English Section and many aspirants struggle to get the required cutoff marks.

Practice is the Key to Crack the English after learning it. So we are here to provide questions from all the sections in the English Language to make your practice worth.

After the SBI PO, SBI CLERK & IBPS PO Exams IBPS Clerk will be the most expected one to crack the banking job for many aspirants. Since IBPS has also changed the exam pattern similar to SBI, we are providing practice sets on the basis of IBPS CLERK 15 Days Study Planner.

Students are advised to practice the questions regularly and crack the IBPS Clerk 2018 which will be held shortly. Since this will be the dream job for most of the aspirant’s everyone should work hard and act smart to achieve their own destination.

We at Bankersdaily will be providing daily questions for the IBPS CLERK Prelims Exam 2018 through this IBPS CLERK Prelims 2018 – Study Planner to assist the aspirants in their preparation. All the Three sections Quants, Reasoning and English Langauge questions will be available regularly in Bankersdaily.

Quizzes will be released every day by the timing given below:

  • Quantitative Aptitude – 8:00 P.M
  • Reasoning Ability – 8:15 P.M 
  • English Language – 8:30 P.M

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D.1-5): In each of the following sentences, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five pairs of words denoted by options (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blank spaces in the sentences in the same sequence to make the sentences meaningfully complete and mark your answer accordingly.

Q.1) In some government offices, people are __________ to ‘high tea’ and given a _________ samosa, a couple of biscuits and a cup of tea.

a) oasis, roved

b) opaque, delightful

c) interested, creeping

d) invited, stale

e) promoted, tasty

Q.2) The ________ is that the new Constitution provides for 33% representation in Parliament for women, with any _________ being made up in the PR lists.

a) legend, envisage

b) jargon, legacy

c) decamp, deviation

d) stitch, clearance

e) glitch, shortfall

Q.3) The city fared ________ in last year’s Swachh Bharat campaign with the ranking ___________ to 210 from the previous 38.

a) memento, obtaining

b) manual, required

c) dismally, plummeting

d) carnal, higher

e) convivial,  over

Q.4) Legend also has it that Bangalore’s founder, Kempe Gowda, after hearing of the incident, turned up in _________ at Basavanagudi and asked the farmers who they were ____________.

a) disguise, propitiating

b) faceting, invidious

c) exposed,  averaged

d) revealed,  clotted

e) openings, farmed

Q.5) The 17th century genius’ other career ________ and sometimes surpassed in intensity his devotion to _________ mechanics.

a) growth, oblige

b) development, imposing

c) rivalled, celestial

d) opening, altruist

e) hierarchy, receive

D.6-10): In each of the following sentences, there are three blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are several words denoted by options (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Any two words out of the three (in the same sequence (i.e. 1-2,2-3 or 1-3)) will fit in the blank spaces, Find out the pair of words that can be filled up in the blank spaces in the sentences in the same sequence to make the sentences meaningfully complete and mark your answer accordingly.

Q.6) Japanese scientists say that silicon is likely the ________ element in the Earth’s inner core, _________ progress on solving one of the planet’s deepest secrets.

a) rare, slothful, perplexing

b) mystery, claiming, shorten

c) amateur, received, conceited

d) objective, declared, acrid

e) suspicious,  allegory, slow

Q.7) This year, three of four new technology start-ups that focus on the global market and plan to ________ seed or venture capital are getting __________ outside the country.

a) sowing, dependency, from

b) spread, up, egregious

c) protect, into, reverence

d) keep, through, loyalty

e) raise, tangibility,domiciled

Q.8) The Malabar pit viper, one of India’s many snakes found only in the Western Ghats may be responding to _________ monsoons and _________ of water scarcity with a reduction in size.

a) primary, cavity, getting

b) sudden, declining, arising

c) plentiful, erratic, spells

d) uncertain, notabile, lack

e) severity, increasing, scarcity

Q.9) A pillar of France’s literary establishment has caused a storm by saying Norway __________ Anders Breivik’s __________ act for allowing immigration and multiculturalism.

a) ashamed, informed, righties

b) requested, ridiculous, fundamental

c) deserved, murderous, moorish

d) fairly, foretelling, intellectual

e) manifesto, courageous, threatening  

Q.10) Students in corporate colleges are made to work ________ hard to score high, else they face _________.

a) after, hurdles, contributions

b) something, success, oppositions

c) refined, carriages, parties

d) doubly, brickbats, nominatives

e) primitively, adversary, normalities

Aspirants can check the Answers for the above Questions here

Q.1) d

Invited- make a polite, formal, or friendly request to (someone) to go somewhere or to do something

Stale- (of food) no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry.

Q.2) e

Glitch- an unexpected setback

Shortfall- a deficit of something required or expected.

Q.3) c

Dismally- in a gloomy or depressed manner.

Plummeting- fall or drop straight down at high speed.

Q.24) a

Disguise- give (someone or oneself) a different appearance in order to conceal one’s identity.

Propitiating- win or regain the favour of (a god, spirit, or person) by doing something that pleases them.

Q.5) c

Rivalled- be or seem to be equal or comparable to.

Celestial- positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.

Q.6) b

Mystery- something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Claiming- assert that one has gained or achieved (something)

Q.7) e

(1-3) Raise- increase the amount, level, or strength of.

Domiciled -treat a specified country as a permanent home.

Q.8) c

(2-3) Erratic- not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictable.

Spells- a period spent in an activity.

Q.9) c

Deserved- rightfully earned because of something done or qualities shown; merited

Murderous- extremely arduous or unpleasant.

Q.10) d

Doubly -to twice the normal extent or degree; especially.

Brickbats- a critical remark or comment.

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