IBPS CLERK Prelims Study Planner 2018 – Profit & Loss /Problems on trains – Day 5

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After the SBI PO, SBI CLERK & IBPS PO Exams IBPS Clerk will be the most expected one to crack the banking job for many aspirants.Since Ibps has also changed the exam pattern similar to SBI,we are providing practise sets in basis of IBPS CLERK 15 Days Study Planner.

Students are advised to practise the questions regularly and crack the IBPS Clerk 2018 which will be held shortly.Since this will be the dream job for most of the aspirants everyone should work hard and act smart to achieve their own destination.

We at Bankersdaily will be providing daily questions for the IBPS CLERK Prelims Exam 2018 through this IBPS CLERK Prelims 2018 – Study Planner to assist the aspirants in their preparation. All the Three sections Quants, Reasoning and English Langauge questions will be available regularly in Bankersdaily.

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Q.1) If the difference between the selling price with a discount of 40% and two successive discounts of 25% on a marked price of a fan is Rs.30, then what is the marked price of the fan?

a) Rs.750

b) Rs.700

c) Rs.850

d) Rs.800

e) None of these

Q.2) A shopkeeper sells two shirts for Rs.1500 each. On one he gets 20% profit and on the other 20% loss, What is his profit or loss in the entire transaction?

a) 4% profit

b) 4% loss

c) 5% loss

d) 5% profit

e) No profit or loss

Q.3) A man sells two helmet for Rs.1200 each, neither losing nor gaining in the deal. If he sold one helmet at a loss of 20%, the other helmet is sold at a gain of what percent?






None of these

Q.4) A laptop and a mobile phone were sold for Rs.30000 each. In this transaction, the laptop sold at 25% loss whereas the mobile phone sold at 20% profit. What is the overall profit/loss in the transaction?





e) None of these

Q.5) Ragavi purchased 40 chairs at a price of Rs.250 per chair. He sold 12 chairs at profit of Rs.20 per chair and 10 chairs at a loss of Rs.15 per chair and the remaining chairs were sold at a profit of Rs.10 per chair. What is the average profit per chair (Approximately)?

a) Rs.12

b) Rs.15

c) Rs.5

d) Rs.7

e) Rs.9

Q.6) A train travelled from Nagpur to Kanpur and back in a certain time at the rate of 90 km/hr. But if the train had travelled from Nagpur to Kanpur at a rate of 90km/hr and back to Nagpur at a rate of 60km/hr, it would takes 3 hours longer. Find the distance between Nagpur and Kanpur.

a) 1080 km

b) 540 km

c) 840 km

d) 720 km

e) None of the above

Q.7)  The train A crosses a stationary train B in 25 sec and a man standing on the platform in 12 sec with the same speed, the length of the train A is 192 metre. What is the length of stationary train B?

a) 200 m

b) 176 m

c) 235 m

d) 184 m

e) 208 m

Q.8)  Two trains 172 metres and 248 metres in length are running towards each other on parallel tracks, one at the rate of 45 km/hr and the other at the rate of 63 km/hr. In what time they will clear off each other?
a) 17 seconds

b) 14 seconds

c) 19 seconds

d) 11 seconds

e) None of the above

Q.9) A train completes a journey in 12 hours. It travels first half of the journey at the rate of 36 km/hr and second half at the rate of 48 km/hr. Find the total journey in km? (Approximately)

a) 494 km

b) 466 km

c) 512 km

d) 538 km

e) None of the above

Q.10) If a train runs at 60 km/hour, it reaches its destination late by 15 minutes. But if it runs at 75 km/hour, it is late by 3 minutes only. The correct time (in minutes) for the train to complete the journey is?

a)  53 minutes

b) 45 minutes

c) 65 minutes

d) 57 minutes

e) 40 minutes


Q.1) d

Let marked price of the fan be x.

Q.2) b

Q.3) a

Total S.P. = Rs.2400

Total C.P. = Rs.2400

S.P. of 1st helmet = Rs.1200 (at 20% loss)

C.P. of 2nd helmet =2400-1500=900

S.P. of 2nd helmet = Rs.1200

Q.4) d

Total selling price=60000

Total cost price=40000+25000=65000

Q.5) d

Cost price of 40 chairs=40×250=10000

Selling price of 40 chairs= (12×270) + (10×235)+(18×260)


Profit= 10270-10000=270


Average profit per chair = 270/40

= Rs.7(approx)

Q.6) b

Let the distance between Nagpur and Kanpur be x kms

Then in the 1st case time taken

In the 2nd case time taken


X = 540 km

Q.7) e

Let length of stationary train B be l m

Q.8) b

Q.9) a

Let first half of the travel is completed in t hours

Then the second half of the travel will be completed in (12-t) hours

According to the question 36 t = 48 (12-t)

so, t = 48/7 hr


Q.10) b

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