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The reviews are beginning to throng our inboxes and we are updating the reviews and analysis and questions of various slots of the exam of IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017. The IBPS RRB Assistant exam 2017 is easy when compared to other exams and the reviews and feedback of the IBPS RRB Preliminary examinations from the aspirants say so.

We will also upload the questions asked in the IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2017 preliminary examination in the moment we receive it. So keep an eye on the updates and also please provide us with feedback, so that the aspirant’s who are yet to attend their exams will gain an ultimate insight about the questions asked in the exam.

Please also note that the exam is time bounded and do read the reviews of the previous slots of the exams , so that if you are appearing in the forthcoming batches, it will be of ultimate use to you.

Please find the exam reviews of IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Examination 2017 , Slot 1 of 17th September 2017 – Review – Analysis – Questions asked in the Exam  from the links below.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims 2017 Review, Analysis and Questions asked in Exam | September 17, Slot 1

Slot 1 Review of Office Assistant – September 2017

Find the overall analysis of every slots happened on 16th September 2017 from the link below. It contains reviews of both the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Preliminary Examination 2017 and also IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017 for two slots. Have a look at it and check the questions and the topics asked in it.

IBPS RRB  -16th September Reviews


The most awaited day of the year is on and we have the IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preliminary Exams starting today. Bankersdaily Team wishes you all to succeed in the exams and to come out in flying colours. The starts from today and the next slots will be happening tomorrow also.

Your fellow aspirants are in need of your help to gain more insights about today’s exams, So if you are writing today’s exam, please provide us with the review of the exam, topics asked in the exam and also the questions asked in the exam in IBPS RRB Office Assistant preliminary examination 2017. This will help all the aspirants who are going to attend the exam in the other slots.

Brace yourselves this is your time and you are going to excel in the IBPS RRB Assistant 2017 and be sure and be confident on that thing. You will succeed.

Exam Analysis

Exam Pattern

Sr. No. Name of Tests No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
2 Numerical Ability 40 40 Composite time of 45 Minutes
3 Reasoning Ability 40 40
Total 80 80


Percentage questions asked in IBPS RRB Assistant:

A man spends 25%  his salary for house hold expenses 15 % for mutual fund and 10% of remaining for miscellaneous expenses, and the remaining he saves. What is his savings? If his salary is rs1200.

Number Series questions asked in RRB Assistant Slot 2

  1. 6, 5, 8, 21, 80, ?
  2. 7, 8, 16, 43, 107, ?
  3. 7, 7, 10, 18, ?, 57
  4. 98, 111, 85, 137, ? 241
  5. 10, 4, 3, 3.5, 6 ,?

Please wait for more questions

Important NOTE
We are expecting your valuable feedbacks about IBPS RRB Prelims from the aspirants side those who are attending  on 2nd Slot.

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We will be updating this post with the questions asked in the exam after the exam gets over. Please keep a watch over the website.

We will also update the questions with answers from the feedback obtained from the aspirants and by our team.

Also these posts by our team will help you to score more in the exams and if you haven’t read these articles , please read it for your quick reference.


We have also posted detailed analysis of last year cutoff marks and the questions asked and also the individual cutoff marks of various states in this post. Have a look at this.

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