IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims 2017 Review, Analysis and Questions asked in Exam

September 17, Slot 1

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant ,

The most awaited day of the year is on and we have the IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preliminary Exams started yesterday. Bankersdaily Team wishes you all to succeed in the exams and to come out in flying colours. The starts from today and the next slots will be happening tomorrow also.

Your fellow aspirants are in need of your help to gain more insights about today’s exams, So if you are writing today’s exam, please provide us with the review of the exam, topics asked in the exam and also the questions asked in the exam in IBPS RRB Office Assistant preliminary examination 2017. This will help all the aspirants who are going to attend the exam in the other slots.

Brace yourselves this is your time and you are going to excel in the exams and be sure and be confident on that thing. You will succeed.

Slot 2 Review of Office Assistant

Slot 1 Review of Office Assistant

Simple Interest questions asked in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims

(Courtesy : Mr. Prakash)

Sum of money invested in simple interest for 4years at 7.5% pa, interest earned 720rs, if the same sum invested for 2 years at 5%, the total amount will be?

Number Series questions asked in IBPS RRB Assistant Prelims

1). 6,8,13,23,?,56

Logic: Difference of Difference 3, 5, 7

Answer: 40

2). 7,8,18,57,232,?

Logic: *1+1 ,*2+ 2, *3+3

Answer: 1165

3). 8,5,6,10,21,?

Logic:*0.5 +1, *1+1, *1.5 +1

Answer: 53.5

4). 4,18,46,102,?,438

Logic: difference 14,28,56

Answer: 204

5). 109,110,102,129,165,?

Logic: Difference of 13, 23, 33, 43, 53

Answer: 290

How many questions have you attended in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017
Below 30
Above 60


Quantitative Aptitude review of IBPS RRB Assistant Prelims

The number series were in the easier level and it took less minutes to solve the questions, as they were easier and also it was not calculative.

The simplification part was also easier and the numbers were easier to solve and the multiplication were also easy and overall this can be solved within the prescribed time limit if less than 10 minutes.

In data Interpretation, only one question from that set was in the moderate, others were direct and it is based on table DI.

In miscellaneous questions , aspirants would have easily solved 10+ sums if they had enough time according to their strategy.

The topics asked in miscellaneous section varied from ages , Simple & Compound Interest,  Partnership, Speed, time & distance, Percentages, Work, Simple and Compound Interest and so others.


Topic No.of Questions
Data Interpretation 5 Questions
Simplification 15 Questions
Number Series 5 Questions
Misc 15 Questions

Number Series Questions Asked In Slot I, September 17 of IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017

To be updated soon

Good Attempt – 30

Best Attempt – 35+

Logical Reasoning review of IBPS RRB Assistant Prelims

  • In Syllogism,the questions were straight and aspirants could have solved it in within the respective time frame had by their strategies. Overall the reasoning questions were easier and many would have solved more than 35.
  • In the puzzle section
  1. Floor Based Questions and it is didn’t have too many possibilities to it’s side.
  2. Linear Arrangement based on persons in an arrangement sitting in a single row facing the same direction
  • In Alphabet series , the questions were in the easier range.
Topic No.of Questions
Puzzle Test & Seating Arrangement 2 sets (10 Questions)
Syllogism 5 questions
Inequalities 5 Questions
Coding Decoding 5 questions
Misc 15 Questions

Overall Expected Cutoff – To Be Updated Soon

The IBPS RRB Slot 1 on September 17 Preliminary Examination of IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2017 is easier and many candidates have been able to solve more than 60 questions. Since this is an Exam in the clerical range , the questions were easier and many were able to solve. Also the Questions were in the old pattern which added to the positive side of the exam. We will also add the questions asked in the exam , after we gain the questions from the aspirants.

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