Important Phrasal Verb Set – 6

A phrasal verb is a combination of words (a verb + a Preposition or verb +adverb) that when used together, usually take on a different meaning to that of the original verb.

Phrasal VerbCage in , Cake in, Calculate on , Call, Camp, Cancel, Care, Carry, Carve

1) Cage

Cage in – Make somebody feel that he is in a cage.

2) Cake

Cake in /With – Cover something thickly with something that becomes hard when dry.

3) Calculate

Calculate on – Depend or rely on

4) Call

Call about – Visit somebody to discuss something

Call at – Visit a place

Call by – Visit a place or a person briefly when passing by a house, etc.

Call down – Reprimand or scold somebody severely.

Call for – Require, demand or need something.

Call forth- Demand, bring into play, cause to appear

Call in – Request, order the return of something.

Call off – Stop or give the order to stop.

Call on – Visit a person.

Call out- Give a greeting, make a request

Call over – Visit casually

Call round – Pay a visit to

Call up- Reach, communicate with by telephone.

Call upon – Invoke

5) Camp

Camp up – Overact to an absurd degree and in such a way as to please an unsophisticated audience

6) Cancel

Cancel out – Be equal to something in force and effect

Cannon against – Collide heavily with somebody/Something

7) Care

Care for – Like or Love

8) Carp

Carp at / about – Complain Continually about unimportant matters.

9) Carry

Carry along – Help to continue or complete a task etc

Carry away – Move or fill somebody with emotion so that he no longer has full control over his thoughts etc

Carry back – Take somebody back in memory

Carry forward – Transfer the total of figures in a column or on a page to a new column or page.

Carry on – Continue doing something.

Carry out – Fulfil something.

Carry over – Retain as an item to be dealt with at a later date.

Carry through – Sustain

Carry with – Obtain or keep the support of

10) Carve

Carve out – Make, Build a career as a result or great effort.

Carve up – dismember