Phrasal Verbs Part – 2


Barge in (or into) – Enter a place and interrupt


Bash about – Mistreate physically

Bash in – Break, damage or injure by hitting

Bash out – Write something quickly without much preparation

Bash up – Break, damage or hurt by hitting


Be after – Try to find or get

Be along – Arrive

Be cut out for – Be suitable have the necessary qualities

Be cut up – Be upset

Be down – Be depressed

Be down with – Be ill

Be fed up – Be bored , upset or sick of something

Be in – Be at home or at work

Be in on – Be involved in

Be not on – Be unacceptable

Be on – Be functioning (of machines)

Be on about – Mean , try to say

Be onto – Pursue, be aware of someone’s true nature

Be out – Be absent from a place

Be out of – Have no more left

Be out to – Attempt

Be snowed under – Have too much work

Be taken aback – Be shocked or surprised

Be taken with – Like something

Be up to – Be good enough


Bear down on – Move towards

Bear on – Influence , affect

Bear out – Confirm that something is correct

Bear up – Resist pressure

Bear up under – Cope with something difficult or stressful

Bear with – Be patient


Beat down – Strong sunshine

Beat up – Attack violently