Strategy to crack the Reasoning Ability section in IBPS PO Preliminary Examination 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

IBPS PO preliminary examination 2017 is very near and we hope your preparations are faster than ever before and you are taking mock tests to evaluate yourselves for the preliminary examination. The results of the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer and Office Assistant preliminary examination 2017 is expected soon and we are expecting it sooner than you think. This is the most expected exam of the year and after this, even though there are many exams in the forthcoming days, this takes the most important place of all those exams.

Cracking the IBPS PO preliminary examination is considered to be very complex one, but it can be achieved with constant practice and tests. Everything in this world is conquerable but it takes time and aspirants have to keep in mind that if their preparations are in a correct way and they have a proper strategy then IBPS PO preliminary examination 2017 is conquerable.

We have already posted a strategy to crack the aptitude section in the IBPS PO Prelims exam 2017 and you can check the same from the below links.

Strategy to crack the Quantitative Aptitude section in IBPS PO Preliminary Examination 2017

Refering the previous year cutoff marks will give us an idea about how the questions were asked and the level of difficulty of the questions and the overall exams, the topics to concentrate more and the topics which should be given least importance. A Proper strategy will take us to the definite path of success but that should be correct to produce that success.

IBPS PO 2016 Preliminary Examination Cutoff Marks

The individual cutoff marks for different sections in the IBPS PO 2016 for various categories are given below

S.No Section Category
  General SC / ST / OBC
1 English Language 7 4.5
2 Reasoning Ability 8.5 5.5
3 Quantitative Aptitude 8.25 5.25

The overall cutoff marks for various categories in the IBPS PO 2015 preliminary examination. This is the Overall cutoff marks which are obtained for the total 100 marks of the examination.

Category General OBC SC ST
Cut Off Marks * 47.5 46.5 40 31.25

This is the individual overall cutoff marks for the IBPS PO Preliminary examination 2016 and you could have now got an overall idea about how many questions you should attend in each section of the preliminary examination in this year IBPS PO Preliminary examination 2017.


Topic No. of Ques Level
Inequalities 5 Easy-Moderate
Syllogism 5 Easy-Moderate
Seating Arrangement 10 Moderate
Puzzles 10 Moderate
Miscellaneous 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 35 Moderate


  • The observations and the strategical point which we are going to say is taken from the free mock tests which are provided for the aspirants as part of our website’s IBPS PO study planner 2017.
  • Most of the aspirants choose to attend inequalities as their first choice of question from the reasoning section. Also many were able to score more than 3 questions which are definitely at the moderate level.
  • The next preferred choice is the syllogism, no new pattern questions were asked in that and everyone was able to solve all the questions within 5 minutes as the questions were in the easy-moderate range.
  • The other choice of preference is, in some exams, we have given coding and decoding ( but remember it wasn’t asked in the IBPS PO Prelims 2016). This was also not in the new pattern but in the old pattern. This was also in the easier range and solving these questions were never a problem for the candidates.
  • The next section which is widely preferred is the miscellaneous questions and in that the topics ranged from blood relations, number ranking, alphanumeric series, alphabet series and 2 questions were in the difficult level and to the surprise the level of aspirants who have attended all the questions were still in the same high as that of a moderate question. So the preferred ones are always easier for the aspirants however tough it may be in terms of difficulty.
  • The last choice of preference is given to puzzles and seating and mostly the easier question in the puzzle and the seating arrangement were solved and some aspirants tried to solve the tougher ones too.
  • Usually, this is the preferred order of choice for the candidates and it is wise to choose puzzles at the last moment as this will give ample time for the aspirants to solve other problems in this topic.
  • Choosing seating arrangement and puzzle will take away your valuable time and it is not about solving the questions in the exam and it is about getting answers to the questions asked. So leaving away the complex ones and time-consuming ones are to be preferred.
  • If you have chosen or have the above-said order as your preferred choice of strategy to crack the reasoning section, then you can get perfect accuracy and you can solve at least 20 questions and more than that in 20 minutes.
  • If you choose puzzles and seating arrangement first, then we are sure that questions will take all your time for the other questions too.

Clearly, this is not the time for individual preparation and we don’t advise the same, this is the time for mock tests and you should be doing as many mock tests as you could and check the level of questions you could attend the examination. If you still wish to learn some of the topics in the quantitative aptitude section, we have already posted that in our learn where you can learn the basics of all the topics in the quants section and also in the reasoning section.


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