Last Minute Tips for OICL AO prelims 2017


Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The end day of the preparation for the next most expected exam of the year is near and the D-day is very near counting the minutes. We hope you would have prepared well for the OICL AO Preliminary Examination 2017 in a great manner and the recently held exams like IBPS RRB Scale I Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS PO, UIIC Assistant preliminary examination would have been a great platform of learning for all of you and we hope those exams have chiseled you to do this OICL AO exam in a great way.

As you are all aware that last minute hassles will be a bad thing but not last minute preparations ( you can have it as last day preparations). So we wish you all for the D-day of the OICL AO 2017 Preliminary Examination 2017 and you will do wonders have high hope in that.

We have also mentioned the exam pattern of the OICL AO Preliminary Examination 2017 in a separate post, please check the same to have more clarity on the examination. You can grab the link from the below mentioned one.


Also if you would like to check the topics which could be asked in the exams and what are the topics to be covered for the OICL AO Preliminary Examination 2017, please grab the link below to know more.


Exam Pattern of the OICL AO Preliminary Examination 2017



Last Minute Tips for OICL AO prelims 2017

Follow your own strategy

During the preparation for the OICL AO 2017 prelims and for other exams you would have devised a strategy to solve the problems in the exams and follow the same one which you have practiced during the preparation which gives a stronghold during the examination. Take this FREE ONLINE MOCK TEST which could be useful for your last minute preparations.

Never deviate from your plans

As you all are aware of the fact that the exams nowadays are unpredictable and there is no chance of knowing the topics as well which was clearly pictured during the IBPS PO 2017 and candidates of any batch are surprised with the topics asked in the exams as one slot has no relevance to the successive slots and this may happen for tomorrow’s exams too. Who knows exams have become a surprise element for the aspirants these days and be confident in your strategy to solve the questions asked in the exam and never ever deviate from yours as this could sway away the time and could be disastrous, as you already know, practice makes everything perfect and not sudden deviations.

Be Extra Careful in the Instructions

The another major things which you have to be aware is that, in the recent exams the instructions played a major role in confusing the aspirants to a greater level(That’s why these exams are competitive). It’s widely seemed to be check mate for many aspirants in the recent IBPS PO exams too.

So read the instructions carefully before you attend any questions because your surprise can be in those instructions too. In the English section usually the grammatically incorrect sentence have to be found rather in one of the batches the instruction read as choose the sentence which is grammatically correct and those who have carefuly read the instructions survived the surprise and those who came to know that after the exam felt bad for npt reading it carefully. Be extra cautious while reading the instructions.

Optimize your time for Each Section

This is a time bound exam and you cannot have the liberty of choosing to attend more questions in a section and less question in another section. Divide you time equally for all the sections and don’t forget cutoff marks is a combination of all the sections and you have to cross the individual cutoff marks of every section and also the overall section to cross the barrier of OICL AO Prelims 2017 examination.

Make Good Selection of Questions

This is a time bound exam and not a mock test, so be selective in choosing the questions and also attend the questions which are easier and could get you easy marks. If you are not good at solving puzzles make it as the least preferred one in your list. If you are strong in solving miscellaneous in the reasoning section you could solve that fast and concentrate on the next ones. The easier ones get you simple marks and also save time.

Don’t assume anything

At any point of time in the exams, do not assume anything as this may be dangerous while solving the questions. Also don’t mark the questions that you are not fully confident. This could take away the correct marks which you could score and could really define the final cutoff marks.

Accuracy matters

Accuracy play a major role in defining the final overall cutoff marks of the OICL AO prelims examination 2017. So if you are not sure in any of the questions please refrain from answering that unless you are 100% sure. This could be vital and this small error of you will waste your whole preparation.  So be accurate.

Go above Limitations

Never limit your solving ability to solve only a certain number of questions. Last year cutoff marks will not be taken into for this year and solving equivalent to that could be more disastrous. So never limit yourselves to any number of questions and if possible (You should actually) attend maximum number of questions in the OICL AO 2017 Prelims Examination. Predictability never becomes real all the time and so never assume and attend maximum.It’s your day – Go Rock the Examination

At last you have prepared much more than anyone else and the exam days is the day of success and think positive.  Don’t have any distractions and be filled with the positivity on the exam day. If not we who can achieve success, should run in your mind and remember to take printouts of the hall ticket and identity proof photocopies for the exams, as these things will add to the last minute hassles and this could destabilize the positivity. So be prepared for everything and brace yourselves for another exam which is of surprise to you.

Team Bankersdaily wishes all the aspirants who are appearing for the Preliminary Examination of the OICL AO 2017. Go achieve the things which you wish and show the world that you are an achiever.

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