Last Minute Tips & Strategies to crack UIIC Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017 & How to crack Efficiently ?

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The United India Insurance Corporation (UIIC) is conducting the preliminary examination for the Assistants post on 22nd September 2017 and we hope everyone would have applied for the post. The foremost thing for anything is strong perseverance and determination and all the aspirants who are into banking and other exams have that in abundance. Also you should have a different strategies and methods to crack the exams. You cannot have a single strategy for all the exams and each exam is different from the other exam, so keep your exam strategies updated and also have a strong confidence over that defined strategy.

We hope this exam of UIIC Assistant 2017 preliminary examination will give a start to the most awaited exam of IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk 2017. The experience gained in this exam will give a wide insight for your forthcoming examinations and it may even be a start for the success in the forthcoming days.

Last Minute Important tips to crack UIIC Assistant preliminary Examination 2017

  • Timing matters and to achieve that allocate sufficient timing for each section and always try to attempt maximum number of questions above the time, since exams have become more competitive now. Divide the timing for each section and if you are not good at a section and struggle to solve it, allocate more timing to solve that section.
  • You are the emperor of your exam, so don’t get panic at any time during the exam. Even when a wicket fall “The King of the Chennai Den” MSD will never loose his cool, take him as a example and also note that winning will be easier when we have the perseverance and patience to achieve it. You can even save a sinking ship if we are smart and well equipped, here in the exams our smart thinking and patience to answer the questions will be of much help to us.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question, that will demoralize you to an extent and you may even fail to provide the necessary timing for other sections. Follow strict timing strategy and never deviate from that at any moment.
  • Negative things are always bad for the exams and in UIIC Assistant Prelims examination 2017, you should be careful while attempting the questions which you are not sure. Since there is negative marks for the wrong answers you mark, you should be extra careful while attempting the questions which you are unsure. There is no wrong in having a dot ball rather than throwing up the wicket by hitting the wrong ones.
  • The next one which is more relative to the one that is said above is “be choosy” in the questions. Please note that you can always attempt the questions that are not giving you answers at the last time.
  • Accuracy matters and since this exam is of assistant level, you can score more marks if you attempt maximum questions with sure accuracy. So be extra careful in attending the question and choosing the question.
  • Avoid the questions which will tougher to attempt. You cannot always get hit with punches in a boxing match,you should practice to leave the ones too. As said above be choosy comes to your rescue first and as the foremost one.
  • Challenges can be fun in matches and in sport, rather destructive in exams. You are not going to win by challenging the questions and cracking the questions. This is an exam and you have to act smart to be the best (Of course you are writing an exam for a spot in the final vacancy list and not for a challenge; First remember that).
  • Be aware of the paragraph and instructions given above each questions; there may be a trap to get you involved. BE extra careful while attending the question.
  • Practice makes a man perfect; practice all the topics(if possible) and also do attend some to gain an insight about the questions and also to manage the time at the right level. Decision at times saves you from the difficulties.
  • Always don’t be predictive an be sure(That’s a tougher one; still it gives you immense experience).
  • Don’t panic at any point as said; if there is a new pattern and if you are able to solve; not to worry; you will still gain experience which will be useful at a later time or even in the forthcoming exams.
  • Lastly take everything that is important for the exam and never miss out anything. If possible have a check list and don’t panic at the last time and have a good sleep before the exam.

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