Last Minute Tips for IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017


Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The exam season of the year is coming to an end with the start of IBPS SO Prelims Exam tomorrow. Yesterday and today is a great day with results on back to back days. So we hope many candidates have cleared both the exams and Team Bankersdaily wishes all the aspirants who have crossed the levels and have brightened the chance of becoming a banker in the forthcoming days.

Some important and anxious moments define the best of our potential, so always give your best. Since this is the first time the exam pattern of the IBPS SO Prelims Exam has been changed, be fixed with your strategies, so that this will fetch you the best results. The changes in the exam pattern will make this exam more competitive because the questions have been increased and also the timing. The usual exam pattern have been tailored for every position in the IBPS SO 2017. A few Tweaks and tricks are just needed to clear the exam of IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017.

Team Bankersdaily wishes all the aspirants who are attending the IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017 on December 30 & December 31, 2017.

The Exam pattern of IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017 had been changed, please check that from the links that are provided below.

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If you haven’t downloaded the call letter of the IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017, please check the below links and download.

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Last Minute Tips for IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017

Plan your Timings

As you all know that, timing is an important factor to excel in the examination. Since the exam is for 2 hours for all the positions for the Preliminary Examination, you have to split your timings accordingly. Do not indulge in solving a section in particular by spending more time in that. This is the first time the exam pattern has changed this way, so we cannot speculate about the cutoff marks of the IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017 now, so give your best in the exams.

Solve Diligently and Maximum Questions

The primary quest is to solve maximum number of questions in a minimum try , so as to get the maximum marks. The exams these days are tougher and when considering the competitions , this is the ultimate strategy to ace the exams. Scoring marks in all the topics will be the next priority.

Attain the cutoff marks in all sections 

Scoring maximum marks in total should be the strategy and there is another one, you should not miss. The next important thing should be scoring the minimum cutoff marks in all the sections. This will also help you in scoring more in all the sections combined. Always Remember the individual cutoff marks for each section combined will not be equal to the total cutoff marks , so you should score maximum marks in all the section which will help you to attain the maximum marks which will result in clearing the overall cutoff marks.

Attempt the Easier Ones 

Choose the questions that are easier to attend and in minimum time, because attending 150 questions within 120 minutes is really a challenge and you should conquer this step to attain the best results. Attending easier questions will give you the much needed confidence to attain maximum questions and this will improve the efficiency to solve more. Brilliant choice of questions will prove to be the best way to score more in the exams.

Keep your strategy Intact

You should attend the exam in your own strategy because if you are strong in a section, that will provide you the best results. Always your strategies help you to ace the exams. You would have practiced mock tests in a strategy and if you are not following that particular strategy of yours, then that will definitely make an impact. Follow your own strategy and win the exam.

Check your checklist 

Preparing for the exams, following the strategies , examining the questions are needed but having the checklist checked is more important than everything. Have you took printouts of your admit card and took the necessary printouts of the photocopies of the necessary documents which are needed for the exams. Being on time is definitely another important factor to look for, because we do know what will happen at that time, So being prepared for all things before will help you.

Be prepared for the exam well, always remember you can come to a certain question again if you are not able to solve the question and if it takes more time than normal one. Don’t waste time in solving a question which consumes maximum time and not fetching the results, rather than wasting time you can alternately solve the other questions which are easier.

This has been the best of the exam season where the exams are difficult and the cutoffs are in the rise. This would have definitely taken a toll in the candidates, so keep these things aside and do give the best for the IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017.

This is the year ending exam, so take this also a factor to give the best of your abilities. Apart from all the factors being an IBPS SO is a great one, so give your best and make the most out of it.

So here is the preference list of the IBPS SO 2017 and you can check the same from the link below and can also download the same from the link below too.

You can check the Exam Pattern of IBPS SO 2017 from the link below.

You can also check the official notification of the IBPS SO 2017 and also the common queries regarding the IBPS SO 2017 that are answered in another post in our website.  You can check the posts from the given links and get informed about the process of IBPS SO 2017.