Everyone’s aim is to expert the IBPS exam and there is a huge buzz about the exams as the dates are getting nearer day by day. This is one of the most sought exam after the SBI PO 2017.

The candidates can expect the difficulty level somewhat higher than the last year. Also by considering the SBI PO prelims results , the cutoff marks of the exam have also been increased inspite the exam was in the moderate level. So the IBPS PO prelims exam can also be considered to the same extent. So here we have provided you with last year IBPS PO Preliminary exams overall analysis for the year 2016.

The expected cut off for the IBPS PO 2017 prelims will be slightly higher than this analysis. So if you want to clear the cut off for this year , your preparation strategy should be focused based on this analysis also. The cut off may be not go lower than this level , as SBI PO prelims have set the exact level for this year IBPS PO prelims.

Mini Mock Test – Aptitude for IBPS PO

Over all Analysis:

Quantitative Aptitude 35 Easy-Moderate 18-22
Reasoning 35 Easy 21-24
English 30 Easy-Moderate 16-28
Over All 100 Easy 54-60


Overall the difficulty level was in the range of easy to moderate. The overall good attempts ranged from 55 to 60. The cutoff for IBPS PO 2016 for the General catergory was 47.50 and the others categories have around in that range. So the difficulty level was above expectation. Yet to score that level of cutoff , one should have attempted atleast 55 to 60 with a great accuracy. Here accuracy matters a lot and it determines your overall cutoff in the IBPS PO 2016 prelims exam.

English Review:

The Overall Analysis for English Language is Moderate to Difficult. The Questions asked  in English are tabulated below:

Reading Comprehension(Based on Economy) 8 Moderate-Difficult
Cloze Test (Based on Technology) 7 Moderate
Parajumbles(Based on Traffic Problems and Road Accidents) 5 Moderate to Difficult
Error Spotting 10  Moderate – Difficult


English section is the one which everyone have found difficult last year. Many question were in the difficult range and it was little time consuming as the questions were complex. The individual cutoff was also around in the range of 4.50 and 7. So this year candidates have to keep in mind that this section will be greater this year. May be a +1 or +2 is possible and the cutoff will be definitely higher.

Many candidates have made a mistake by not reading the comprehension but that was a costly mistake, Since the reading comprehension was in the moderate range. Most of the error spotting questions were directly related to the rules and so candidates who have surely attended these questions would have definitely made through to the mains exam.

Quantitative Aptitude Review:

The  Quantitative Aptitude Questions in  IBPS Prelims varied from Easy to Moderate .The  Questions were quite lengthy but can be solved easily

Simplification 5 Moderate
Number Series 5 Easy-Moderate
Data Interpretation 10 Moderate
Quadratic Equation 5 Easy
Miscellaneous 10 Moderate


In Prelims Exam Quadratic Equation  and   Missing D.I. Question were are Asked . This exam had a different strategy and had the missing DI in the IBPS PO 2016 prelims exam. Since many of the exams ask these types of questions in the mains examinations. Candidates had difficulty in the time strategy as the questions were time consuming ones. As usual the number series and the simplification questions were in the moderate level.

The Miscellaneous questions were also in the moderate range and also the quadratic equations were in the easier range which were pretty surprising. The individual cutoff for this section were 5.25 and 8.25 for individual categories respectively. Overall this section was time consuming and one needs to prepare with difficult questions for IBPS PO 2017 Prelims exam.

Reasoning Review:

The Reasoning Questions asked  in the IBPS Prelims were Moderate to Difficult.

Inequalities 5 Easy-Moderate
Syllogism 5 Easy-Moderate
Puzzle (Floor Arrangement ) 10 Moderate-Difficult
Sitting(Circular Arrangement) 10 Moderate
Miscellaneous 5 Easy

The puzzle and the seating arrangement were little complex and the seating arrangement was in the difficult range. The inequalities , syllogism and the miscellaneous questions were easier. The cutoff for the last year exam was 5.50 and 8.50. So this year also you could expect the same cutoff or else it can be in the higher range.

The most difficult questions were the Puzzle and the Seating arrangement ones. So do practice those in a higher difficult level.

There is no way the difficulty level of the exam could be going easier. So to clear the exam one has to be more of an expert in all the section and has to master every section equally as there are individual cutoff for all the sections. The IBPS PO 2017 prelims will see more candidates and to clear the exam , your level of solving the exam has to be really higher. So brace yourselves the exam are coming sooner than you think and make your preparations in the right path. We hope you clear the IBPS PO 2017 prelims exam.

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