Hi Bankersdaily Aspirants,

Climate over here is changing continuously as we do.Yes Aspirants do you remember we had already Started our Study planner in which we participated with full interest initially and our interest drop down gradually as the days move on and we convince ourself by saying we will start our preparation after applying for the exams Aspirants it is the time you convinced yourself yeah we had applied for the exam and now it is the time for Preparation.

In this journey, many a times we get self doubt and it is hard to keep our self motivated. And this is the real test in the competitive Exams. Hard work without fuss, patience and perseverance are the only tools to win this battle.

Many a time we come across exams in which we actually think we will crack the exam but unfortunately we couldn’t made it because of our bad luck.But don’t lose hope keep working hard.

Friends have you found what is lagging in us?

Yes Friends at the initial Stage of Our Preparation we will give our full potential

After some days,we will be

Remember Friends nothing is achieved in a single day you have to do it constantly to achieve your goal.There is a Proverb “TRY ,TRY UNTIL YOU SUCCEED” which we came across from our childhood but with increased Competition we have to modify the Proverb and act upon it the modified Proverb is “TRY  CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE THEN AGAIN TRY TILL YOU SUCCEED”.

Aspirants do you remember a Story “The Hare and The Tortoise” and we all know who “Won” finally.

What do you think the Story wants to tell us?

Yeah,You are Right the Constant Speed that Tortoise had and the faith he had himself while competing with the Hare which is faster than him.Friends don’t lose hope by comparing yourself with the Strongest person even the Hare is Stronger than the Tortoise but finally the Tortoise won,Have faith in yourself and practice Constantly to increase the Speed and Accuracy in your Calculation.

Friends Remember There is no motivation that exists; if not stemming from within!

Rest is equally important in your Preparation and you should frame the time table for your preparation.It is fare if you devise your own time table rather than following some other’s time table because some people love to learn in night where as some people love to study in early morning.So Friends segregate your time equally for all the section


We are there to guide you at every step. But self-realization is what works the best!

You are the best judge of yourself. You know which areas you prepared well and where you cheated a bit due to lack of interest or lack or time. You have to start analysing where you went wrong, which area of preparation you need to focus more and where to avoid silly mistakes

Now is the right time for self-awareness! You need to be well aware of your weak areas and your strengths. Focus more on your weak areas and keep revising on your strengths. Prepare your notes well.

Most of you will find it a little difficult to change your plan of preparation, it will go haywire, but those few who will sail it through are the ones who’ll reach their final destination!

I think you had Started!!!!!