Puzzle Test For SBI PO : Set – 04

1 – 5) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are going to college in four different months (January, April, August & September) to get mark sheets. The college will provide mark sheets only on 11th and 18th of each month. No person can get the mark sheet after C. D gets the mark sheet in the month which has less than 31 days. E and G gets the mark sheet after D on the date 18th of different months, while A & B gets the mark sheet before D and B gets after A in the same month. H does not get the mark sheet in the month in which either C or E gets.

1) How many people gets the mark sheet between C and E ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) None of these

2 ) Four of the following follow a same pattern find the one which does not follow?

a) AE

b) HE

c) GF

d) BF

e) DG

3) Who gets the mark sheet in September?

a) C,F

b) F,D

c) F,E

d) G,S

e) None of these

4)  Who gets the certificate immediately after D?

a) H

b) E

c) G

d) F

e) C

5) E gets the certificate in the month of?

a) January

b) April

c) August

d) Can’t be determined

e) September

Answer :

Month 11 18
January A B
April D E
August H G
September F C


1 c
2 d
3 a
4 b
5 b


D.6-10) Study the following information carefully to answer the given question:

BHARATHI, PUGAZH, LAKSHMI, JEEVA AND MAHESH are five politicians. Each has a interest in different games viz CRICKET, FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL AND TENNIS but not necessarily in the same order. Each politician has friendship with an engineer viz KUMAR, KAVIN, KRISHNA, KATHIR and KESAVAN. Each engineer has different fields, viz ECE, EEE, CIVIL ,MECH, and CSE. Among politicians, there are only three females-the one who has friendship with KRISHNA, the one whose favourite game is CRICKET and the one who has friendship with the MECH engineer The female whose game is FOOTBALL has friendship with the person who is CIVIL engineer, the person who is EEE engineer has no friendship with the person whose favourite game is VOLLEYBALL.KATHIR is neither a EEE engineer nor a ECE engineer. The person who has friendship with KESAVAN is a female but she is not JEEVA.MAHESH favorite game is FOOTBALL and is not a male. BHARATHI and LAKSHMI are not females. BHARATHI favourite game is TENNIS and is friends with neither with KESAVAN nor with EEE engineer. PUGAZH favourite game is BASKETBALL.KAVIN is a ECE Engineer and he has no friendship with BHARATHI. the one who is a ECE engineer has no friendship with JEEVA.

6 ) which of the following is the profession of kesavan?

a) ECE

b) EEE



e) CSE

7) The person bharathi is freindship with

a) The person who is ECE engineer

b) kesavan

c) The person who is CIVIL engineer

d) The person who is MECH engineer

e) kathir

8) what is the favourite game of mahesh ?

a) football

b) hockey

c) cricket

d) tennis

e) basket ball

9) which one of the following is civil enginner ?

a) kumar

b) kavin

c) krishna

d) kathir

e) kesavan

10) Which of the following pairs are friends?

a) ECE enginner and the person who likes football

b) EEE enginner and the person who likes tennis

c) jeeva and kathir

d) pugazh and Kesavan

e) CSE enginner and the person who likes cricket.


6 d
7 e
8 a
9 c
10 d













and kesavan