Dear Banking Aspirant,

The exam which is hard to crack is here and the mains exam is still few days away and you have to prepare for that hard to crack the exam because the competition is higher and the number of candidates attending the mains exam for each state is less when compared to the prelims Examination.

This is one of the important exams and this will be the start for the IBPS CLERICAL MAINS EXAM which will happen in the new year. So start your preparations now with the RBI ASSISTANT Mains Planner and prepare for the exams. The Clerical Exam will be over and after that you still have to start your preparations for the RBI ASSISTANT mains exam so start from now on. You will be able to attend the questions if there is constant preparations are there.

We have planned this planner in such a way that this will cover all the current affairs from the month of September to November and the last two days will have quizzes from the month of December till 15th. So we have got the whole topics covered and this will be your key to crack the exam, because current affairs, banking awareness and Computer awareness equals to a total of 80 marks in the mains examination. As you all know the exams are getting tougher and we have to be prepared for any scenarios , so prepare hard for this RBI ASSISTANT MAINS EXAMINATION 2017 and crack the exam with your constant preparations. Attend these computer knowledge questions which are in the easier to moderate level to steer up your preparations in the RBI Assistant MAINS Examination 2017.


Computer Knowledge Day 3

Time : 10 Minutes

Q.1) Which of the following manages computer resources?

a) ALU

b) Control unit

c) memory

d) input unit

e) output unit

Q.2) A load instruction is used to designate a transfer from memory to a

processor register known as

a) accumulator

b) Instruction register

c) program counter

d) memory address register

e) none of these

Q.3) Which of the following is a part of central processing unit?

a) printer

b) keyboard

c) mouse

d) control unit

e) none of these

Q.4) CPU retrieves its data and instruction from

a) secondary memory

b) auxiliary memory

c) main memory

d) all the above

e) none of these

Q.5) The communication line between the CPU and peripheral is

a) bus

b) line

c) circle

d) network

e) none of these

Q.6) The CPU is an example for

a) peripheral

b) software

c) hardware

d) program

e) all the above

Q.7) The CPU and memory are located on the

a) Extension board

b) mother board

c) storage device

d) output device

e) none of these

Q.8) Which refers to the structure and behavior of the computer?

a) computer structure

b) computer architecture

c) computer design

d) computer hardware

e) none of these

Q.9) The main circuit board contained in the computer is called

a) mother board

b) system board

c) planar board

d) logic board

e) all the above

Q.10) The connecting points of chips on the motherboard is

a) buffer

b) registers

c) bus

d) sockets

e) none of these

Q.11) Mouse was invented by

a) Tim Berners Lee

b) Charles Babbage

c) Alan Turing

d) Joseph Jacquard

e) Douglas Engelbart

Q.12) Which of the following produces high quality output?

a) Impact printer

b) Non-Impact printer

c) plotter

d) all the above

e) none of these

Q.13) The printer that creates a digital image by propelling droplets of inkonto paper is

a) inkjet printer

b) laser printer

c) line printer

d) dot-matrix printer

e) plotter

Q.14) A computer accepts, examines and calculates the result is called

a) sending

b) processing

c) performing

d) producing

e) none of these

Q.15) The input device which converts analog information into digital formis

a) scanner

b) digitizer

c) OCR

d) OMR

e) barcode reader

Q.16) The input device which is used for playing video games is

a) mouse

b) trackball

c) joystick

d) keyboard

e) touch screen

Q.17) The monitor and keyboard together are known as

a) cathode ray tube

b) liquid crystal display

c) visual display terminal

d) light emitting diode

e) none of these

Q.18) The diagonal distance between two colored pixels on a display screen is

a) pitch

b) dot pitch

c) double pixel

d) pixel

e) pel

Q.19) Which printer is used for voluminous print output

a) Dot-matrix printer

b) Daisy wheel printer

c) Drum printers

d) ink-jet printers

e) laser printers

Q.20) Which of the following output device is mainly used for drawing CAD,CAM and AUTOCAD?

a) printer

b) plotter

c) monitor

d) visual display terminal

e) none of these

Check below to view the answers for the above questions.

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1. (b)

2. (a)

3. (d)

4. (c)

5. (a)

6. (c)

7. (b)

8. (b)

9. (e)

10. (d)

11. (e)

12. (b)

13. (a)

14. (b)

15. (b)

16. (c)

17. (c)

18. (b)

19. (c)

20. (b)

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