Dear Banking Aspirant,

Everyone of you out there is hard working and devising a plan/strategy to make their dreams happen in the forthcoming RRB Mains Scale I Officer and RRB Mains Office Assistant Examinations 2017. Recently Reserve Bank of India(RBI), the Central Banking Institution of India and also the Banker to every Banks in India have released the notification for the Post of Assistants in various states for it’s office. The total number of vacancies available under the Post of Assistants in Reserve Bank of India is 623.

Many of the aspirants are waiting for the notification to be released as all the prominent exams in this calendar year is going to be over in the forthcoming days and this exam, RBI Assistant will be the last one in the bag, So everyone’s wish came true on the auspicious day of Deepavali when the notification came. To the surprise, there were little changes in the mains examination of the RBI Assistant 2017. To check the changes in the RBI Assistant 2017, please click the link below to know the changes.

RBI Assistant 2017 – Official Notification

We were also getting queries regarding the educational qualification, age restriction, graduation year, Type of graduation, regarding which state to apply, etc., We have collated all the questions which are asked in a FAQ format and posted the same in our WEBSITE. You can check the post regarding the FAQ of RBI Assistant 2017 from the links given below.

  Things to know while Applying for RBI Assistant

Roles/ Job Profile of RBI Assistants

  • Verification of the Documents (Banking and Non Banking)
  • Exchanging Mails (Between various Departments and also to other Sources)
  • Overseeing and Attending RBI Treasuries Work
  • Generating Reports based on Banking and Non Banking Information
  • Daily Data Inputs
  • Initiation of Notes which belongs to various centers
  • Overseeing the Currency Circulation
  • Maintaining the records of all the events during a day
  • Replying to the RTI Applications which are subjected to the RBI

Emoluments/Perks of a RBI Assistant

Basic Pay : ₹ 14650/- per month

Pay Scale : 13150   – 750 (3)

15400  – 900(4)

                       19000  – 1200(6)
                       26200  – 1300 (2)
                       28800  – 1480(3)
                       33240  – 1750 (1)
                       34990 (20 years)

Total Gross : ₹ 32528/- (Approximately) including the Allowances

Allowances available for the RBI Assistants :

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance – 15%
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transport Allowance

Perquisites of being a RBI Assistant :

Accommodation : Available to the RBI Assistants but it is prone to the availability in the respective regional offices.

Other Perks :

  • Reimbursement of expenses of maintenance of vehicle for official purpose
  • Newspaper
  • Brief case
  • Book Grant
  • Allowance for furnishing of residence, etc.
  • Dispensary facility besides reimbursement of medical expenses of OPD treatment / hospitalization
  • Interest free Festival Advance,
  • Leave Fare Concession (Once in two years for self, spouse and eligible dependents ).
  • Loans and Advances at concessional rates of interest for Housing, Car, Education, Consumer Articles, Personal Computer, etc.

* NOTE : All these perks are available to the Assistant cadre according to the eligibility and other factors

Pension Scheme : According to the New Pension Scheme in addition all the benefits acquired during the period of their posting.

Career Growth / Promotion Level of RBI ASSISTANTS

Promotions / Growth of RBI Assistant 
Seniority Basis Merit / Exam Basis
In 10 years as being an Assistant , the aspirant is eligible to become Special Assitant 3 Years of experience in the Assistant Cadre is essential to write the promotional exams
After the Special Assistant , then he/she is eligible to become a Senior Assistant After that , Assistant cadre can take the exam to become Grade A officer or the Assistant Manager ( * Check the table below for more details regarding the hieracrhy of the Promotion in RBI)


Hierarchy of the RBI (After being an Assistant and clearing Internal Exams)
  • Grade A (Assistant Manager) *
  • Grade B (Manager Level)
  • Grade C (Assistant General Manager)
  • Grade D (Deputy General Manager)
  • Grade E (General Manager)
  • Grade F (Deputy Governors and Governors of RBI)


* GRADE A is the lowest cadre of the RBI Officers cadre and an ASSISTANT in RBI will be promoted to grade A officer cadre only after the required number of years and after clearing the promotion exams.

Benefits of being a RBI Assistant

  • RBI, the Banker to every Banks in India can be the first one to say
  • 5 days Work and free weekends
  • You will be posted only in Urban Areas, Since RBI don’t have branches in the remote areas
  • You will get transfers only in 5 year gap and not intermittently.
  • Until you are in the Assistant Post , you cannot be transferred to other locations.
  • It is a very good profile, if you wish to be in your own home state(if you apply from that state) and ideal to all the female candidates who has some restrains from traveling to other states.
  • You will get many personal advances if you are in the cadre of Assistants and do not forget about the perks offered by the Central Banking Institution. It is more when compared to other banks and premier to all.

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