CHSL TIER-1 (10-01-2017) Afternoon Shift

Reasoning No of Questions
Direction Test 2
Logical 3
Odd one out 3
matrix 1
Non verbal(Water & mirror image) 1
Number & Letter series 9
Syllogism 2
Blood Relation 2
Misc 2
Total 25

Reasoning Good Attempt(20-23)-Overall Easy

General Awareness No of Questions
Current Affairs 5
General Science 4
History 3
Geography 2
Polity 2
Economics 3
Static GK 6
Total 25

General Awareness Good Attempt (16-18)- Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude No of Questions
Average 1
Speed and distance 2
Time & work 2
DI 2
Mensuration 3
Trigonometry 3
Algebra 3
Profit & Loss, percentage,SI&CI, 5
Geometry 4
Total 25

 Quantitative Aptitude Good Attempt (20-22) Easy-Moderate

English No of Questions
Idioms/Phrases 4
One Word Substitution 2
Spelling Check 2
Fill in the blanks 4
Sentence Improvement 2
Spotting Errors 2
Synonym/Antonym 4
Direct/Indirect 2
Cloze Test 3
Total 25

English Good Attempt (15-18) Moderate- Difficult

Over all (79-84) Good attempt

 GK questions asked in CHSL  Tier-1

1.1st Battle of Panipat fought between – Babur and the Lodi Empire

2.Ajit bajaj related to which sport – skied

3.Who invented the barometer – Evangelista Torricelli

4.Process of making curd from milk –Coagulation

5. Hollywood is located in – Los Angeles, California

6. Seismology is discovered by – John Milne

7. The largest organ of Human body – Skin

8.Which is the longest day in northern hemisphere?21 June

9. Kangchenjunga is in – Sikkim

10.karma folk dance related to which state – Madhya Pradesh

11.Which Vitamin helps in clotting of blood? –Vitamin K

12.Which planet is not dwarf – Mars

13.Who given oath to governor –Chief justice of high court

14.Amoeba belong to which group – Protista

15.Azadirachata Indica is scientific name of which plant


17.Sultan Johor Cup

18.Living part of organisms environment

19.Closest star to solar systems.

20.Who invented seismograph –John Milne

21.Malaria caused by – Plasmodium parasite

22.Who is the author of Prithivi Raj Raso ? – Chand Bardai

23.Pulitzer prize established in which year – 1917

24.Who won the Oscar for Best Supporting actress?- Alicia Vikander

25. Navy act passed in which year – 1927

26. Who won the Oscar for Best Supporting actress?- Alicia Vikander

27. longest national Highway in India – NH 7

28. Causes of ozone layer depletion?- CFC

29. Author of Suitable Boy:- Vikram Seth

30. Current defence chief of india? – General Bipin Rawat

31. What is the salary of Indian president ? – 1.5 lakh

32.when was bharat chhodo andolan started? – 1942

33. Ranthambore fort is in

34. From which of the following country fundamental duties adopted

35. Syntax errors are determined by

36. Chromite is an ore of

37. Aromatic Hydrocarbons

38. Dagri

39. Emergency

40. Gandhi Movie actor 1982

41. Percentage of Indian population in agri

42. Force acts on two objects at rest

43. East India Company


45. PVC

46. Arithmometre

47. Who discovered venn diagram ? – John Venn

48. Who say father of the nation to mahatma gandhi –Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

49.What is the famous ‘Chipko’ movement associated with ?- Preventing the felling of tree

50. Preventing the felling of tree