SSC Exams 2019: New Normalization of Marks Announced

Dear SSC Aspirants,

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) has announced that the Commission will normalize the scores of the candidates for the examinations which are conducted over multiple shifts.

This normalization process will be followed in SSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and other exams where aspirants will attend the exams in multiple batches.

The normalization process has been a needed one for the aspirants as there was a difference in the level of difficulty of the exam since there were many batches involved.

The Official notification bears the following excerpt which was announced by the Staff Selection Commission. 

“The Staff Selection Commission has already decided to normalize the scores of candidates for the

examinations which are conducted in multi-shifts to take into account any variation in the difficulty

levels of the question papers crosses different shifts. The normalization is done based on the

fundamental assumption that “in all multi-shift examinations, the distribution of abilities of

cadidates is the same across all the shifts”.

This assumption is justified since the number of candidates appearing in multiple shifts in the

examinations conducted by the Commission is large and the procedure for allocation of

examination shift to candidates is random.”

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