SUCCESS STORY – Vijaya Prakash M – KVB PO

You may have lot of success stories but this is one such thing with a difference. I don’t want to boast of such a story but his could be useful for aspirants who are yet to taste success and this is not an inspiration, this is my story of struggle to become a banker.

Before introducing myself ,I wish to start my story with an simple and inspirational quote and you are all familiar with that one too.

“ Hard work never ever fails”

My name is Vijaya Prakash and some days back my only aim was to be get selected in any exam like everyone who are taking various tests to achieve that feat. I was selected in a KVB PO 2017 exam. The struggle behind that success is immense and hard, I know it is the same struggle of everyone and difference lies in the time period of that success.

Frankly speaking, I am not a topper in my schooling days as well as in my college days and I took almost 6 months just to decide , I would try competitive exams in the future. I joined Race Institute on January 2016 and as like every other students , I too went for classes and attended a lot of exams. This year was the biggest turning point of my life as I cleared every prelims exam on that year. But I somehow missed to crack the exam in the final list as I missed almost every chance by less difference in the overall marks. Even I attended all the interview sections in the Institute and I somehow missed to grab a spot. I missed something there and at that time , I am not a superman in every topic , like every aspirant I too had weaker sections and I rectified my doubts and became efficient too solve all the questions in a faster manner in the Super Batch conducted by the Race Institute for IBPS and SB exams. The confidence of attending the questions made me to clear all the prelims exam in this year exams too and I have cleared SBI Prleims , NIACL Mains , BOB PO, KVB PO. Out of these exams I failed to clear the mains exam in SBI PO but that doesn’t demotivate me to get success in other exams. I cleared the BOB Manipal mains exam and now waiting for the final result and have also cleared the KVB PO , this year.

My search for the success has brought these victories and also the thirst for the success always pushed me to attend the core. I am still not sure what life has ahead of me but I’m sure the thirst for the success will get all the aspirants to a different level. So don’t get discouraged at any point of time and do not wait till the last moment, try from the first because your success can be in any of the exams which can be unexpected. Unexpected things happen at unexpected times , so be prepared for everything and always our efforts will never go in vain.



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