1) Acclimate – Adapt , To accustom to a new environment

Synonyms – Adjust, Conform


Example: The best way to acclimate to a new exercise routine is by working out regularly.

2) Apocalypse  – Complete destruction of the world.

Synonyms – Calamity, Tragedy, disaster

Antonyms – Miracle, Wonder

Example – Most people realize the use of nuclear weapons will trigger a life-ending apocalypse.

3) Jocund – Cheerful , Glad, Light hearted

Synonyms – Jolly, jovial, merry

Antonyms – joyless

Example – She is a Jocund person

4) Ravenous- Extremely hungry, famished, voracious

Synonyms – voracious , Gluttonous

Antonyms- Abstemious

Example-  She gave me a playful, ravenous smile when she saw that I had cooked a delicious meal for her.

5) Proliferation – a large number of something, Rapid increase in the number of something

Synonyms – Increase, Reproduction , Propagation

Antonyms – Decline , Decrease, Deduction

Example – Good Plant Propagation starts with the seeds

6) Ambivalent- mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

Synonyms- uncertain , Doubtful ,

Antonyms – Definite, accurate

Example- Raja has always had an ambivalent attitude towards fame.

7) dwindle – diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength

Synonyms – diminish, shrink

Antonyms-  enlarge,grow

Example- The amount of water started to dwindle

8) Parlay – turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into (a greater amount) by gambling.

Synonyms – bet , Stake

Antonyms – neglect, ignore

She hoped tp Parlay his Tennis Skills into a School Scholarship

9) Opprobrium – harsh criticism or censure.

Synonyms- Disgrace, infamy

Antonyms- dignity,estimation

Example- She disgraced herself by telling a lie

10) Fiasco – A complete Failure especially a ludicrous or humiliating one

Synonyms- Disappointment, fizzle

Antonyms- Success, Benefit

Example – He wanted nothing to do with this fiasco.