Meaning: having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire.

Synonym: lustful, licentious, lascivious,

Antonym: chaste, pure

Sentence: “she ignored his lecherous gaze”


Meaning: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Synonym: purging, purgation, purification, cleansing,

Sentence: “music is a means of catharsis for them”


Meaning: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.: a bigoted person

Synonym: dogmatist, partisan

Sentence: a deeply ingrained bigotry prevented her from even considering the counterarguments


Meaning: an agreement., agree by lease, deed, or other legal contract.

Synonym: accord, deal, bargain, settlement

Antonym: disagreement, denial, misunderstanding, refusal

Sentence: “there was a covenant between them that her name was never to be mentioned”


Meaning: underhand, unscrupulous, or dishonest behaviour or activities.

Synonym: trickery, swindling, fraudulence

Sentence: “a firm that investigates commercial skulduggery”

6. Aloof

Meaning: not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.

Synonym: distant, detached, unresponsive, remote,

Antonym: familiar, friendly

Sentence: “they were courteous but faintly aloof

7. Allure

Meaning: the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.

Synonym: attraction, lure, draw, pull, appeal, glamour

Sentence: people for whom gold holds no allure”


Meaning: wary and unwilling to take risks.

Synonyms: chary, guarded

Sentence: “the officials were very circumspect in their statements”


Meaning: characterized by or causing cohesion

Synonyms: united

Sentence: “a cohesive social unit”


Meaning: avoid or neglect (a duty or responsibility).

Synonyms: dodge, shun

Sentence: “I do not shirk any responsibility in this matter”