BOB PO – Bank of Baroda Probationary Officer – Salary and Allowances

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

Here we are posting BOB PO Salary and Allowances

Salary of PO in Bank of Baroda
Present Hike 15% Corresponding  Basic 26705
Current Basic 14500
Current DA % 109.8 15921 Corresponding   Revised DA % (33.1) 8839.36
Current HRA % 6.5 942.5 Corresponding  HRA % (7.475) 1996.2
Current Gross Salary 31364 Corresponding  Gross Salary 37541
Current NPS Contribution 3042.1 Corresponding  Revised NPS Contribution 3554.44
Current Net Salary 28321 Corresponding   Revised Net Salary 33986

Advantages Of Manipal PGDBF Program

  1. If you attend the 1 year program then it will give you a good idea about banking and how the system works.
  2. You can clear the JAIIB and CAIIB exam during your 1 year course itself before even joining the branch which is a great advantage because you will have more knowledge and respect in banking if you have these with you in advance which becomes difficult to clear later.
  3. It Give you proper On the Job as well as off the Job training .
  4. You are very much prepared from the First day of joining as PO .
  5. You are familiarize with the Banking operation more deeply .
  6. Your Loan will be returned if you are considering as Long term associate with the Banks .
  7. Your Interest Paid on Loan are also Returned after few years of jobs .
  8. High Chance of promotion .
  9. You get a professional Postgraduate Diploma .
  10. Getting a Job in Public sectors banks as an officer is itself a great achievements .
  11. It is Much better than getting a job in Private sector
  12. You save tax over interest paid and the fee gets reimbursed once you complete 5 years with the Bank.
  13. You will make new friends meanwhile in the 1 year program and you will have friends for a lifetime and can also seek professional help from each other throughout your career.
  14. The fee is reimbursible after 5 years, if you continue with BOB.

Disadvantages Of Manipal PGDBF Program

1.Investment for the course is more, its almost 1 years net salary.

2.We guyz through IBPS came here without any investment or education loan for that type of special course,so our 1 year salary is saved for our expenses.

BOB PO Previous Year Cut-off

BOB PO exam Pattern