Confused Words

1. Calvary  The pilgrims visit the Calvary in Jerusalem. (A hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified)
Cavalry The cavalry of the ancient Kings was very famous.(troops trained to fight on horseback)
2. Callow  He seemed to be a callow and could not understand much.(young and inexperienced)
Shallow River water is shallow. (lacking depth)
3. Censor Films are censored by a board constituted by the Government.(someone who censures or condemns)
Censure The employee faces censure for his negligence.(harsh criticism or disapproval)
4. Cite Ravi was cited by others for his brilliant performance.(make reference to)
Site  It is an appropriate site for a playground.(a piece of land)
5. click One has to click on the left button to view the picture.(a short light metallic sound)
Clique They are a prudent clique.(an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose)
6. Canon Canons of Democracy must ensure freedom of expression.(a rule or especially body of rules or principles generally  established as valid and fundamental in a field or art or philosophy)
Cannon The cannons have become obsolete in military operations.(a large artillery gun that is usually on wheels)
7. Cleanup The cleanup on this festival sale is enormous.(a very large profit )
Clean up There is a need to clean up the administration. (to put things in order)
8. Collaborate His collaboration with the enemies was suspected. (to work together on a common enterprise or project or give help to an enemy)
Cooperate People are expected to cooperate with the Government to   implement the schemes. (work together with another person or company or Government)
9. Completion The building is nearing completion.(a concluding action)
Completeness It gave him a sense of completeness on finishing the project.(the state of being complete and entire)
10. Credibility His disloyalty has destroyed all credibility.(the quality of being believable or trustworthy)
Credence He gave credence to the gossip.(the mental attitude  that something is believable and should be accepted as true)
11. Crass Rude and crass behaviour is a sign of weakness.(lacking in sensibility and discrimination of persons)
Cross One has to cross the road to reach the Institute.(to get from one side to another)
12. Confidant He is considered a confidant of the manager.(someone to whom private matters are confided with)
Confident The Minister gave a confident reply to the question.(marked by assurance)
13. Consequently Consequently, he withdrew his comments.(because of the reason given)
Subsequently He realized that he had hurt her feelings; subsequent he apologized.(afterwards)
14. Currant I read a recipe for currant jam.(any of several tart red or black berries used  for jellies and jam.
Current These are the current issues to be discussed by the committee.(concerning the present time)
15. Classical  Classical methods of painting still hold good.(relating to the most highly developed stage of an earlier civilization and its culture)
Classic It was a classic example of the power of democracy. (of recognized authority or excellence)