SBI PO Mains 2017 Study Planner

Hi everyone,

SBI PO Prelims examination is over for all aspirants. SBI PO Prelims 2017 was not tough as expected because the exam pattern is same in all slots.

To know expected cut-off in SBI PO Prelims: Click here

SBI PO Prelims 2017 results expected to be announced within 5 days. But we suggest, not to wait for the results to come and start practicing for Mains Examination because for mains, you have only few days (June 4) to Prepare.

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So here we have come up with a study planner based on Previous year Examination review.

Subject Topics No of Questions Level of Question Remarks
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude (45) Input Output 5 Tough Double Shifting
Seating Arrangement 5 Moderate Linear – 10 People sitting North South but total seats was 12 and two seats were vacant
Puzzle 5 Tough 7 people belongs to different cities & different profession
Inequality 5 Moderate
Coding Decoding 5 Moderate
Number Coding 5 Moderate
Statement & Assumption 5 Moderate
Inference 5 Moderate
Computer Aptitude 5 Moderate
Good Attempt (Out of 60) 20-23
Data Analysis & Interpretation (35) Data Interpretation (DI) 5 Tough Double Line Chart
Data Interpretation (DI) 5 Tough Double Pie Chart
Data Interpretation (DI) 5 Tough Missing DI
Data Interpretation (DI) 5 Tough Bar Graph (Single)
Quadratic Equation 5 Moderate
Time & Work 5 Moderate
Probability 5 Moderate Red, White & Blue ball
Good Attempt (Out of 50 ) 12-15
General Awareness
about Economy/ Banking (40)
Current Affairs 10 Moderate
Banking Awareness 15 Moderate
Static GK 5 Moderate
Economic Affairs 10 Moderate
Good Attempt (Out of 40 ) 20-25
English Language (35) Reading Comprehension 6 Easy No Cloze Test, Parajumbles & Spotting Error asked in today’s exam
Reading Comprehension 7 Tough
Antonyms & Synonyms 7 Tough
Paragraph Fill Up with Sentence 5 Tough
Sentence Improvement 10 Tough
Good Attempt (Out of 40 ) 13-16
Overall Good Attempt (Out of 200) 80-85

Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. Do solve atleast 5 Data Interpretation Sets (25 Questions) everyday because as this is the toughest and Important Part in SBI PO Mains Examination.

Especially give focus on Missing DI.

  1. Practice 20 Quadtratic Equations everyday and try to get the Speed of 5Qns/3min
  2. Practice 20 Missing Numbers and 10 Wrong Number series Everyday.
  3. Be Clear with the concepts of all Application problems like Time and Work, Probalility, etc..


  1. Puzzle and seating arrangement questions are becoming important testing area in all bank exams because approximately 50% of questions are asked from this section.

This section needs vigorous practice so that you can solve questions on time else you will be loosing lot of time in this section.

The same thing happened in Prelims Exam too. So try to solve atleast 30 Qns (6 sets) of Seating & Puzzle Test everyday.

Try to solve questions which are 3 entity based and has 8/12 persons in the questions.

  1. Input –Output :

In this section you need to identify the pattern soon and solve the questions based on it. So Practice atleast 10 Qns per day.

  1. Inequality/Mathematical Operations:

This section is most easiest and scoring part in bank exams. But also becomes Time-consuming when coded inequalities are given.

So try to get the speed of 5 Qns /Min in this Section

  1. Coding –Decoding:

In last year IBPS Examinations, we have got new pattern coding-decoding questions. So we could expect the same pattern questions in this year. So try to solve the New-pattern coding-Decoding Questions. Solve atleast 20 qns per day in this section

General English

We are facing major changes in English part in every examination and English being the filtering part in many Competitive Exams.

  1. Read Editorial posted in our site regularly and improve your vocabulary and comprehensive skills.
  2. Solve atleast 20 Reading comprehension Questions (2 sets), 2 sets of Cloze test, 20 Error-Spotting, 20 Jumbled paragraph and 20 Sentence Improvement everyday.

General Awareness

Current Affairs

First READ all banking related current affairs (Last 3 moth current affairs).

Then start reading National affairs, International Affairs, Sports, Appointments, Important days etc.

Attend Current affairs quiz which is going to be posted in our site regularly.

Static GK

We have uploaded all topics in Static GK and its links are given below

Airports in India

Awards and Its Related Fields Quiz



Bird Sanctuary In India

Books and Authors

Boundaries between Countries

Central Banks of Different Countries

Changed Names of Cities , States and Countries

Chief Minister and Governor Indian States Quiz


Crematorium of Famous Persons

Cups and Trophies Associated With Sports

Days in a Year

Famous Grasslands of the World


Famous Sites of The World

Father’s of Various fields

Festivals In India

Highlights of 15th Census of India – 2011

Hill Stations In India

India in Rio Olympics womens – 2016

Indian Committees

Indian Railway Zone and Zonal HeadQuarters

Indian States And Tourism Slogan

Indian Town Associated With Industries

Institutions of India

International Organizations and their Headquarters and Heads 2015

Landlocked Seas in the World

Language Days at UN

Largest Lakes in the World in decreasing order

Legislatures Of the World

List of Awards and Its Related Fields

List of Countries and its Central Banks

List of First in India

List of food festival and countries where its celebrated

List of Ocean and Sea in the order of area

List of Seaports in India

List of Sobriquets of Famous Places in India

List of Stadiums in India

List of Thermal Power Plants and Nuclear Plants in India

List of Thermal Power Plants in India

Miscellaneous GK – List of Sobriquets (India & World)

Must READ : List of States, CM’s and Governors

National Emblem of Countries

National Games of Some Countries

National Institutes

National Parks and Sanctuaries of India

New Books & Authors

Nick Name of Indian Places Quiz

Nick Names of Some Indian Places

Nickname of Countries in the World

Quiz on National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Ramsar Wetlands of India

Research institutes in india

Sobriquets of Famous Places in India Quiz

Sports Terminology


Stadiums Quiz

Static GK Quiz on Boundary Lines between Countries

Superlatives of India

Superlatives of India

Superlatives of World

Systems of Government


Temples In India

Trophies & Related games

Trophies and Games Quiz

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Waterways in India


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