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Q.1) Who has become the 1st Woman to win the Australia’s Greg Norman Medal?

a) Jason Day

b) Marc Leishman

d) Minjee Lee

d) Joanne Mills

e) Rachel L.Bailey

Q.2) AIBA is set to introduce the _____________ at 2019 Men’s Boxing World Championship?

a) Legalized Contracts

b) Protest System

c) Video Review System

d) Immediate Referral

e) Point changes

Q.3) Where will the “2019 Men’s Boxing World Championships happen?

a) India

b) Mexico

c) Spain

d) Russia

e) Japan

Q.4) Who is appointed as the next CEO of WORLD GOLD COUNCIL?

a) Aram Shishmanian

b) David Tait

c) Stephen Fischler

d) Steven Kimberly

e) Juan Marta

Q.5) Who is the head of UNESCO?

a) Guy Ryder

b) Thomas Bach

c) Jurgen Stock

d) Jim Brindenstine

e) Audrey Azoulay

Q.6) How many new elements were aded to the list of “INTANGIBLE HERITAGE” by UN Cultural Agency UNESCO?

a) 7

b) 8

c) 5

d) 6

e) 3

Q.7) According to the Report by Bain & Company which country is the fastest growing e-commerce market?

a) USA

b) Great Britain

c) India

d) China

e) Japan

Q.8) According to a report by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), What is the GDP Growth Rate at which it is estimated to grow at 2018-2019?

a) 7-7.8%

b) 7-7.5%

c) 7-73%

d) 7-7.7%

e) 7-7.9%

Q.9) By which year European Union has set goal to become “CLIMATE NUETRAL”?

a) 2040

b) 2030

c) 2025

d) 2050

e) 2045

Q.10) Where is the headquarters of European Union?

a) Geneva

b) New York

c) Washington D.C

d) Hanoi

e) Brussels

Q.11) Where did the 3rd ASEAN – India Business Summit (AIBS) held?

a) Indonesia

b) Thailand

c) Cambodia

d) Vietnam

e) Malaysia

Q.12) Identify the name of the Software launched to help Railways Minister to keep track of Punctuality of Trains?

a) Samadhan

b) eDrishti

c) eCouncil

d) eTiming

e) eRefresh

Q.13) The 4th Joint Commission between and India and which country was held in New Delhi?

a) South Africa

b) Rwanda

c) Lesotho

d) Swaziland

e) Mozambique

Q.14) Which of the following will host the 1st ever Indo-Indonesian Biz Forum as part of the Indo-Pacific Strategies?

a) Andaman and Nicobar

b) Daman Diu

c) Delhi

d) Pondicherry

e) Mahe

Q.15) Sangai Deer is the State Animal of which of the following state?

a) Manipur

b) Mizoram

c) Nagaland

d) Arunahal Pradesh

e) sikkim

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