Daily Current Affairs Quiz : September 25, 2019

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : September 25, 2019

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Q.1) The 5th edition of India International Science Festival (IISF) 2019 will be held at __________

a) New Delhi

b) Maharashtra

c) Kolkata

d) Mysore

e) None of these

Q.2) The Union Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) ___________ inaugurated the Cane and Bamboo Technology Park-cum-Office Premises of Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) at Burnihat, Assam.

a) Kiren Rijiju

b) Santosh Gangwar

c) Jitendra Singh

d) Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre

e) Inderjith Singh

Q.3)  Who inaugurated the 6th India Water Week-2019, (September 24, 2019) at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi ?

a) Narendra Modi

b) Ram Nath Govind

c) Rajnath Singh

d) Venkaiah Naidu

e) Prakash Javdekar

Q.4) ____________ has received the prestigious Vaccine Hero award in recognition of Bangladesh’s outstanding success in vaccination to immunise children.

a) Narendra Modi

b)  Mukhammedkalyi Abylgaziev

c) Tom Thabane

d)  Hassan Rouhani

e) Sheikh Hasina

Q.5) ____________Government has launched a housing loan subsidy scheme called Aponar Apon Ghar to provide financial assistance on purchase or construction of the first house for a family.

a) Gujarat

b) Sikkim

c) Arunachal Pradesh

d) New Delhi

e) Assam

Q.6) Which actor has been chosen as “goodwill ambassador” by the Chief Electoral Office in Maharashtra to create awareness among people about the importance of voting?

a) Priyanka Chopra

b) Amitabh Bachchan

c) Hema Malini

d) Madhuri Dixit

e) Deepika Padukone

Q.7) who has become the first woman officer from the state to be elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army?

a) Ponung Doming

b) Divya Ajith kumar

c) Priya Jingan

d) Shanti Tigga

e) Mitali Madhumita

Q.8) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government will implement the __________Yojana’ under which 2.1 lakh streetlight will be installed across the city to light up dark spots.

a) Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana

b) Mukhyamantri Adharsh Yojana

c) Mukhyamantri ujjwala Yojana

d) Mukhyamantri LED Yojana

e) Mukhyamantri Street Light Yojana

Q.9) Which of the following minister will launch the Private Security Agency Licensing Portal for a safe and secure business environment?

a) Rajnath Singh

b) Amit Shah

c) Ram Nath Kovind

d) Narendra Modi

e) Piyush Goyal

Q.10)  What is the theme of the 5th edition of India International Science Festival (IISF) 2019?

a) Digital Movement for the upliftment of the nation

b) RISEN India – Research, Innovation, and Science Empowering the Nation

c) Science – A leap towards high altitude

d) An Awakening Call

e) Science and Technology for Future

Q.11)__________ has been ranked third in the list of World’s Best Regarded Companies, along with global payments technology company

a) TCS





Q.12) China marks ________ years of Communist rule with a massive military parade in Beijing anchoring celebrations of its emergence as a global superpower.

a) 75th

b) 72th

c) 80th 

d) 70th

e) 85th

Q.13) which country launches the World’s Biggest Transport SpaceShip For Space Station?

a) China

b) UK

c) France

d) Germany

e) Japan

Q.14) ________became the youngest T20I debutant for India when she was named in the playing XI for the first T20 against South Africa

a) Bala Devi

b) Sanju

c) Gargi Banerjee

d) Shafali Verma

e) None of these

Q.15)___________has clinched the title of the 25th Senior Women’s National Football Championship for the 20th time.

a) Jharkhand

b) Arunachal Pradesh

c) Sikkim

d) Meghalaya

e) Manipur

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