IBPS RRB 2018 Prelims : Quants – Day 18

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IBPS RRB PO & Office Assistant 2018 Preliminary Examination starts from 11th August, 2018. The IBPS RRB Exam 2018 is one of the most expected exam of the year. The reason for the consummate expectation is different from that of the others.

The number of candidates attending the Office Assistant is high when compared to the other exams like SBI & Insurance Exams. The other important factor is that , no English section is there in the preliminary examination of the IBPS RRB PO & Assistant Exams. This is really a boost to the candidates as many of the aspirants couldn’t get the requisite marks in the English section and this exam is the best bet for the aspirants.

Since only few days are left for the Assistant Exam 2018 Preliminary Exam , we will be providing daily 20 Questions in Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning Section to evoke the preparation mode.

Aspirants can answer the Questions by commenting the answers for the Questions in the comments section. We will be providing the answers for the Questions @ 6:00 P.M everyday.

IBPS RRB PO & Assistant 2018 – Prelims Exam – Day 18

Topic : Quantitative Aptitude

Total Number of Questions : 20

Total Time : 15 minutes

D.1-5) Study the following graph and answer the given questions:

The line graph shows the number of male and female passengers flying on six different days

Q.1) What is the ratio between the number of female passengers who travels on Wednesday and Thursday together and the number of male passengers who travels on Monday and Friday together?

a) 8:9

b) 7:9

c) 10:9

d) 9:5

e) 11:10

Q.2) What is the difference between the number of passengers (both male and female) travelling on Saturday and the number of passengers (both male and female) travelling on Tuesday?

a) 110

b) 120

c) 135

d) 130

e) 140

Q.3) If the number of passengers who will travel on Sunday is 20% more than the number of passengers who will travel on Saturday, and the ratio of male passengers to female passengers is 11:7. Find the total number of female passengers who will travel on Sunday and Monday together?

a) 204

b) 206

c) 214

d) 226

e) 218

Q.4) Number of male passengers who travel on Monday is what percentage of the number of male passengers who travel on Thursday?

a) 120%

b) 130%

c) 140%

d) 150%

e) 110%

Q.5) Number of passengers (both male and female) who travel on Saturday is approximately what percentage more than the number of passengers who travel on Friday (both male and female)?

a) 100%

b) 80%

c) 97%

d) 90%

e) 93%

Q.6) M and N can do a work in 30 days, O can do the same work in 60 days, M is 50% more efficient than O. In how many days N alone can complete the work?

a) 120 days

b) 60 days

c) 70 days

d) 45 days

e) 54 days

Q.7) The ratio of girls and boys in a class out of 66 students is 4 : 7, and the boys and girls coming to the class from the village side are in the ratio of 3 : 4, then the non-villagers boys in the class is 27. Find how many non-village girls are there in the class?

a) 2

b) 4

c) 6

d) 8

e) Cannot be determined

Q.8) The value of X is 120% of Y. And the value Y is 20% less than the value of Z, then the value of the difference between the X and Z is 70. Find the value of X + Y + Z.

a) 4710

b) 4830

c) 4650

d) 4920

e) 4540

Q.9) A rectangle shape plate rod has the length and breadth of 12 meters and 9 metres respectively, will be melted and form as a circular shape. A cylinder has put on the circular rod, and the cylinder is exactly fitted to the circular rod. The height of the cylinder is 8 metres. Then, find the volume of the cylinder.

a) 256

b) 372

c) 336

d) 332

e) 338

Q.10) An average age of 70 passengers in a bus is 45, then the average age of first 30 passengers is 47 and the last 35 passengers is 40, then find out the average age of the remaining passengers in the bus?

a) 62

b) 58

c) 54

d) 60

e) 68

D.11-15) Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions.

The following line graph shows number of visitors visited two countries-Singapore and Malaysia over the given years.

Q.11) Number of visitors visited Singapore in 2004 is what percentage more than the visitors visited Malaysia in 2004?

a) 21.21%

b) 18.18%

c) 16.16%

d) 15.55%

e) None of these

Q.12) Find the difference between numbers of visitors visited in 2001 and 2003 for both the countries?

a) 1750

b) 1500

c) 2000

d) 2250

e) 2500

Q.13) Number of visitors visited Malaysia in 2002 is approximately what percentage of total visitors visited for both countries in 2002?

a) 53%

b) 54%

c) 52%

d) 51%

e) 49%

Q.14) In 1999 total number of visitors visited for both the countries were 20% more than they in 2000. What is the total number of visitors for both the countries in 1999?

a) 29700

b) 28500

c) 29300

d) 27900

e) 29800

Q.15) What is the ratio between number of visitors visited Singapore in 2001 and number of visitors visited Malaysia in 2003?

a) 13: 14

b) 27: 26

c) 21: 22

d) 15: 14

e) None of these

Q.16) The total age of father and mother is 6 times of the total age of a son and daughter, and the ratio of ages of son and daughter is 4 : 3, the son is 3 years elder than the daughter. Then, find the age difference between the father and mother.

a) 6 years

b) 3 years

c) 12 years

d) 24 years

e) Cannot be determined.

Q.17) Two trains X and Y are moving towards each other in parallel tracks. Both of the trains X and Y are moving at the speed of 80km/h and 100km/h, respectively. Both the trains meet after 5 hours. What is time taken by train Y to reach X’s starting point after they were meet?

a) 5 hours

b) 4 hours

c) 6 hours

d) 3 hours

e) 4.5 hours

Q.18) The difference between the simple and compound interest at the rate of 7% for 2 years is equal to 70% of 490 on a same sum, then find the sum.

a) 70000

b) 60000

c) 14000

d) 16000

d) 15000

Q.19) The cost price of X is equal to the selling price of Y and the cost price of Y is 400 less than the selling price of X, and the profit of X is 20%. Find the profit percentage of Y.

a) 20%

b) 15%

c) 10%

d) 25%

e) Cannot be determined.

Q.20) Two buckets M and N contain of water respectively, and the remaining are milk. The ratio of the volume of two buckets is 4 : 5. Both the buckets are poured into a barrel. The resultant mixture contains 57 litres of milk. Find the volume of bucket N?

a) 30 litres

b) 35 litres

c) 40 litres

d) 45 litres

e) 50 litres

Q.1) c

Required ratio = (100+100):(120+60)=200:180=10:9

Q.2) d

Required difference = (150+120)-(80+60)=270-140=130

Q.3) b

Number of female passengers travel on Sunday

Required total

Q.4) d

Required percentage

Q.5) e

Required percentage (approximately)

Q.6) a

Work efficiency of M and O = 1.5 : 1

Then, the number of days required by M and O = 1 : 1.5

M alone can do the work = = 40 days.

M and N do the work in 30 days.

N alone can do the work =

Q.7) b

Girls and boys = 4 : 7 = 24 : 42

Then, the number of village boys = 42 – 27 = 15

The ratio of village boys to village girls = 3 : 4 = 15 : 20

Then, the number of non-village girls = 24 – 20 = 4.

Q.8) b

Ratio of X, Y and Z

    X      Y         Z

     6       5

              4           5


   24      20       25


Difference between X and Z = 25 – 24 = 70

Then X + Y + Z = 24 + 20 + 25 = 69

Then total = = 4830.

Q.9) c

Perimeter of a rectangle = Circumference of a Circle.

Perimeter of the rectangle = 2(l+b) = 2 (12 + 9) = 42

Volume of a Cylinder = 2



Q.10) e

Total age =

Age of first 30 =

Age of last 35 =

Remaining age = 3150 – (1410 + 1400) = 340

Average age of remaining passengers =

Q.11) b

Q.12) c

Q.13) d


Q.14) a

Q.15) b

Required ratio= 13500:13000=27:26

Q.16) e

By the given information, we get only the total age of Father and Mother. We don’t know about their individual ages. So, we could not find the answer.

Q.17) b


Q.18) a

70% of 490 is = 343.

Difference between Si and Ci = 343


Then 100% =

Q.19) d

        X        Y

CP 1000    800

SP 1200   1000

Required percentage =

Q.20) d

                   M              N

WATER             9              15

Milk           27           30


                   36           45


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