Dear Banking Aspirant,

The IBPS RRB PO Interview has started and we know you have been waiting for the Interview Experience of the candidates. We have been collecting interview experience of the candidates and one more added specialty is that we provide the reviews from the candidates , after their interview immediately.

How would these interview help the candidates ? 

As you all know that in this competitive world , one needs to keep themselves updated to ace anything, be it an interview or and exam. So these interview experiences would help you to know the questions asked in the interview  , type of questions asked in each panel, the environment of the interview place and ultimately the experiences which a candidate get after their interview.

These experiences will provide you the needed clarity about the various process involved in the interview.

So Read the interview experiences of the candidates who have attended the IBPS RRB PO Interview today (22nd December, 2017).


Interview Experience – 1


Year : 2017

Date : 22nd December, 2017

Panel Number : 5

Place of Interview : Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET) – Virudhunagar

  • The candidate shared the questions asked to him in the interview.
  • The Interviewers asked questions bilingually (Tamil and English).
  • The candidate has mentioned that the interview was semi formal and it was not too stern.

Here goes the questions and the answers by the candidate to the interviewers

  1. The Interview started with the formal introduction of the candidate.
  2. The Next question was based on Nationalization of Banks , this question was asked since the candidate have mentioned that he has a great interest towards banking.
  3. The Nationalization of Banks happened in which year ?
  4. How many banks are nationalized ?
  5. What is the reason for the nationalization of Banks and the interviewer insisted to elaborate the answer in the perspective of Economy and how the nationalization of the banks helped the country’s economy in the long run.
  6. What are the advantages & Disadvantages of Demonetisation ?
  7. What are the views of the candidate about the merger of the banks and what will be it’s effect on the economy ?
  8. What is Kisan Credit Card ?
  9. One of the Interviewer asked about the Family Background ?
  10. Since the candidate is a PG Qualified one, the interviewer had asked PG Qualification is not necessary for a bank and is considered over qualification and why he could be chosen over the other candidates attending the interview ?

The candidate informed us that the interview went well and he has answered almost all the questions and for the explanation part for some questions , he had told a convincing answer to impress the interviewers. The most important thing the interviewers demanded was answers which had relevance and the candidate answered most of the questions in his native language (Tamil).

Interview Experience – 2


Year : 2017

Date : 22nd December, 2017

Panel Number : 7

Place of Interview : Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET) – Virudhunagar

The Interviewers allowed the candidate to answer bilingually (English and Tamil)

1. Self Introduction

2. The Interview started with the question that was the most expected question for the IBPS RRB PO Interview, which was WHY RRB ? When there are more other nationalized banks ?

The candidate mentioned that he was able to provide a convincing answer since he had prepared for this question as this was the base for the interview and even considered as the starting question for many aspirants in the previous interviews.

3. The Next question was, what are the functions of RBI and what are the significance of having a rural branch that too in a country like India and how much these bank branches will cater to the masses ?


4. Why the candidate had chosen to pursue a career in banking after Finishing Interview and how this will help the candidate in the long run ?


5. Since the Panelists thought the answer given by the candidate was super convincing , they were eager to test the candidate in terms of banking concepts. This questions followed, Explain the term “DEPOSIT” ?


6. The Next question was about native place and it’s specialty. Please note that out of the 5 panelists , one of the panelists would have definitely worked in that place(Significance) , so be sure to tell them relevant answers and never puzzle the interviewers with your weird answers, if possible prepare a convincing answer for this question.

7. Since the candidate has had three years gap after his education , one of the interviewer asked this as a question and what was the reason for the education gap ?


8. Also Since the candidate has mentioned he is a EEE Graduate , there was a technical question. Why Birds are not electrocuted while sitting in the Electrical line ?


9. Suddenly the questions were shifted to banking again and one of the interviewers asked about the different modes of transactions.

Answered. Accurately.

10. The interview ended with a question about the different types of Account.

Also, one thing to note from this panel is that, there were no questions about personal ones. When you look into the other interview experience which is posted above, there were questions about their city and native places but this interview experience was totally different.

So this would actually give the aspirants, a valuable insight about the interview and the various traits of the interviewers. We hope these questions will be useful for the other candidates who attend the interviews in the forthcoming days.

If you have attended the interview in the last two days , please give us your interview experience , so that we will share it with our other aspirants.

Since the Interview is not over and the results will be released after the whole process is over, we are refraining from announcing the names of the candidates and we respect the candidate’s request.

Thanks to RACE INSTITUTE students who are providing the updates about the interview. We wish the candidates who are attending the interview in the forthcoming days.

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