How to Unleash the Preparations for the IBPS RRB OFFICE ASSISTANTS PRELIMS 2017

Dear Banking Aspirant ,

The preparations you put in for an exam is immense and when the output which is the results is negative or not in our way , we feel very bad for it and blame many things. The blame normally ranges from our preparations , tougher questions asked in the exam , less time to prepare for the exams , Less time to attend the questions in the exams, different exam strategies for different exams in the recent days.

There are many reasons for the failures , but when it is for success , the predominant reason for the success is hard work of you. To taste that success or to achieve it is a big yearning for many. Many aspirants wish is to grab the success and embrace it with joy and happiness but it won’t come to them in the first place. Constant hard work is needed.

You may even get the questions like “I prepare for the exams and preparations are in the right way and I had put in all my energy for the preparations and I have attended many mock test, in-spite of that, I haven’t cleared in the exams”. Yes, you have many things for your defense, yet that doesn’t give you the needed success.

The same also happened for some prominent persons, who are now world famous in their fields and they too would have had the same queries regarding their future at that time, when they were at that age. One of the best example everyone knows is Sachin Tendulkar, we consider him as the “GOD OF CRICKET” and whenever he played the nation watched in awe and happiness. When you take the initial stages of Sachin , in his first match , the “GOD OF CRICKET” scored a DUCK and that doesn’t hinder his process in the field.

Also he didn’t scored the record breaking numbers from his first day , rather it took him days to overthrow the records of others and when there were many limitations and he broke down all the stereotypes and made a way for all the records. Likewise to score the first 200 in world cricket , he waited for many days and scored the best when it was much needed.

Another worldwide example of hard work was “Thomas Alva Edison” and he didn’t built all the inventions in one day and it took him days to complete the creations and now we are enjoying the fruit of his invention. The same goes with your preparations too , it may nor may not succeed in the first attempt but we should not get discouraged by the fact that we didn’t make it in the first attempt. Everyone is not a superstar to give hits in their first attempt.

Be strong in your preparations and do attend the exams with full confidence that it is going to be your best shot for that particular exams. As a survey says only 3-5 percentage of the aspirants / Candidates clear the exams in the first attempt.( This may even go low, when the number of candidates writing the exams are large and the number of vacancies for the particular for which they are writing the exam is less).

The above said conditions is almost happening for all the BANK EXAMS these days ,

Too many candidates writing exams for lesser number of posts

Always remember the fact that Rome was not built in a day ( You may think this as a old proverb , still for the 20th century this proverb makes sense ). As like that your preparations are done in a single day and you have worked hard day and night for each exams and attempted it with high expectations but why become serious when it didn’t give the expected results. Expect and wait for the right time , it may be now or it may be in the future.

You can be a winner believe that and you are always a winner apart from the failures which occur in the exams. All aspirants who are now preparing for the exams are winners because they are different from others and compete for a place in the vacancies in the exams and want to achieve something in life and want to fulfill their dreams of becoming a banker or an officer in the government organizations. You are different and believe your preparations will do wonders.

When you are feeling low ask this question and gain some inspiration for that time.



As BIZ STONE, the co-founder of TWITTER said in his book “Things a Little Bird Told Me”

Inventing Your dream is the first and the biggest step toward making it come true

You have already invented your dream of becoming a banker and the biggest step towards making your dream come true is to prepare hard in-spite of the failures that comes in your way. Research the negatives in your preparations and make them positive in some point of time and never again in your life , you should not incur those negative possibilities. Take away all the negativity from your side like negative thoughts and negative vibes and you will slowly move towards your dream of achieving the post of a Banker.

All the best for your future exams and have you experienced anything new and Will you make these observations in your future exams. We wish that you succeed in the forthcoming exams and we wish that you come out with flying colours in the IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2017 Preliminary Examinations and also in the future exams like IBPS PO 2017 . IBPS Clerk 2017 , IBPS SO , OICL AO , UIIC Assistant, LIC HFL and IRDAI Exams and also for Federal Bank Exams.

You have lots of exams in the forthcoming days , Be a winner and succeed with positivity and embrace the happiness of victory.

Will you cross the initial hurdles of the Preliminary exams in the forthcoming exams ?  If you are confident,                 Do comment in the Comment Box with a “motivational line from you side” , You can be a inspiration to others too. Bankersdaily team welcomes your motivational lines and we will expect many aspirants.

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