Last Minute Tips to score 60+ in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The most exciting phase of the exam season is here and to ace that exam, one has to be fully prepared with extreme hard work. The chances of winning would be exceptional and when the victory is near, the happiness each aspirant get is immense. Attaining that victory is the ultimate aim if all the aspirants and to attain that everyone spend numerous amount of preparations and countable number of mock tests & other sectional tests and finally the end exam. It’s not easy because tackling the situations at present, studying for the IBPS Clerical Prelims Exam 2017 and writing the IBPS PO Mains exam 2017 and consecutively , the RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017 and juggling between the various patterns of the exams is exceptionally great.

So worrying about the past will not give any results and instead of that, we should learn from those mistakes and not getting through the exams and improve in the other exams, so since this is the Preliminary examination which may be the last exam for this year in that cadre, so your preparation should be immense.

So we have already posted the important questions and topics which are essential for the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017, you can check the same and download that too. Please check the below link to download the important materials for the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017.

Important Materials For IBPS Clerk 2017 – Download As PDF

Last Minute Tips to score 60+ in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017

Don’t limit yourselves 

Never think of the previous year cutoff marks and limit yourselves with the total number of questions to attend in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017. The questions asked in the 2017 IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination will decide the cutoff marks and also the difficulty level of the questions. So attend maximum number of questions within the time limit of 60 minutes.

Enrich your preparations with MOCK TESTS 

Aspirants this is the right time to attend the MOCK Tests because the last week before the exam is vital and the mock tests will give you an edge over the others and it will provide you confidence to attend the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam. We have provided FREE MOCK TESTS for the aspirants for practice and you can attend the same from the post which is mentioned here.


PLAN & EXECUTION is important 

Apart from your preparations, the time during the exam is vital and it decides  your fate and all the other aspirants because what you solve correctly is what you get. So if you solve correctly without any errors, you are going to get rewarded in the way of marks in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017. Execution of the questions and the way to solve the problems asked in the exam plays a major role in deciding the overall marks of the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017.

Last Minute hassles need to be avoided

Last moment hassles are always dangerous and to avoid those last minute hassles. So take printouts and necessary photocopies of the needed ones and be prepared. Be on time and this can change the way of writing the exam because, a peaceful mind is required to solve the questions in a great way.

Attend the Easy ones first

Always attend the questions that are easier because in a exam where the competition is higher and exam is intense, the aspirants have to show some unbelievable performance to ace the exam. So you should definitely attend maximum number of questions in the minimum time. If you are confident enough to attend more questions in less time, you can be sure that your performance will be extra ordinary.

The next major thing in the exam to note is that, if you are not sure in the exam of any questions, avoid that questions and attend the other ones’. Wasting time in a single question will lead to less time consumption for other topics and you will end up attending other topics within less time.

Don’t mark the answers for the questions which you are not sure, eve if you have doubt for 50% , please refrain from answering the questions because your accuracy will have an impact on your answers. So be prompt and correct in answering the questions.

If you still thinking of fixing a strategy to apply in the exam, please check this one and get an idea about the easiest section and choose the best section to attend in the exam. You can check that from the one that is give below. Check the topics that are easier to score and what are topics that has to be given preference in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017.

What is your strategy to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017

Revise all the topics that are needed to  be revised to perform well in the examination. Don’t get stressed about the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017, it’s going to be competitive and you cannot predict the questions but your hard work and preparations will help you to score more. Even if the questions are not as expected give your best in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017. A positive mindset will help you to do good in the exam and remember a clear mind is needed for the exam to perform well.

As always you can expect the review of the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017 from TEAM BANKERSDAILY after the examination and you can also expect the questions asked in the exam in the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017 too. So kindly check BANKERSDAILY.

TEAM BANKERSDAILY wishes all the best to the aspirants who are appearing for the examination of IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017.  You are going to score good in the exams and will definitely be in the next phase of the IBPS Clerk Exam. Be confident and write your exams well.

Also the review will be made available on the website once the exam is over and when we get the feedback of the exam from the students. You can always provide us your feedback through our social media channels and we will active in the social media pages and also in our telegram group to get the feedback. Your feedback about the exam will be really helpful for the students because it’s all about sharing our knowledge with others and help the fellow aspirants.

You can check the video on the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017 Strategy to clear the exam in the youtube video here.


You can also check the detailed statewise vacancy of all the states for the IBPS Clerk 2017 vacancies from listed link given below.

IBPS Clerk – State-wise Vacancy List

Alternately you can also check the official notification of the IBPS CLERK 2017 from the given links.