What is your strategy to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The end of the calendar year is nearing faster and the exams of various organisations are fast approaching with the recently ended RBI Assistant Prelims Examination 2017 and the IBPS PO Prelims Examination 2017. The significance of the exams nowadays are to be researched carefully because exams are becoming unpredictable nowadays and anything can be asked is the present day scenario. The IBPS PO Prelims Examination was the ultimate test battle for the aspirants, as each slots/ shifts of the exam had different topics in various sections, which are not repeated for the same day.

So anything cannot be assured in a complete manner. In this IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017, there can be varying topics for each slots and so be prepared for everything. Your hard work and Perseverance will make you write the exams in a better way, how tough the questions be, so prepare for the exams in a great way.


Sr.No. Name of the Test No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
 1 English Language 30 30 Composite time of 1 Hour
 2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
 3 Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

How to Devise your own strategy ?

You may have devised a strategy to attend the IBPS Clerk 2017 Preliminary Examination. So if you have devised one, please go according to your own. So here we are going to mention the strategy to crack the IBPS Clerk Exam based on the past Clerical prelims exam and the cutoff marks and the previous year questions and difficulty level.

The cutoff marks will be a normalized one, so there can be a easier level and also tougher level questions for the batches in the IBPS Clerk prelims exam. Prediction of the topics for the past exams was really challenging. You can encompass your own strategy for the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017 to ace the exam and to get above the required cutoff marks.

First of do you know the perks of being an IBPS Clerk and the benefits that are provided to the Clerical cadre candidates when selected. The foremost thing is to know the perks and you can read the same from the links given below.



Name of Section Sectional Cut off
Reasoning 10.25
English 7.75
Aptitude 10.75

You Can check the individual cutoff for each states from the link given below. 

Statewise Total Cutoff marks of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2016

Quantitative Aptitude 

The foremost trick for any exam is to attend the easier questions in the first hit. Since the time limit of 60 minutes to attend 100 questions is imposed, candidates don’t have the choice but to attend the easier questions to attend and to score marks.

Attend the sections like Quadratic Equation, Number series , Simplification and Approximation in the first few minutes of your strategical timing. If you are well versed in attending the miscellaneous questions which ranges from boats and streams, ratio and proportion, averages, trains, probability, permutation and combinations, profit and loss, simple and compound interest and similar topics, then you can attend that topics. We would say the DI will give you the solid marks to qualify in the minimum cut off marks for this section.

The topics like Quadratic Equation, number series, simplification, approximation, DI and then miscellaneous will be the correct order to score the marks within the time limit. The topics as said cannot be assured, the topics can be asked, as in the present scenario of events (exams) where topics are asked in a random manner and the effective number of questions from each topic cannot be defined. So if any topic is asked and left out, we will say this will be the effective one which will pave the way to score good marks and will get you the required cutoff marks.

Reasoning Ability

The reasoning ability is one of the scoring and we ca even say the only scoring part for many aspirants because we can attend maximum questions within the minimum time limit. So the preferential order to attend the exam in this present section will be to attend the topics like inequalities, Syllogism , coding and decoding first.

Why these topics first? why not the other topics like seating arrangement and Puzzles? 

The puzzles and the Seating arrangement are a good topic to score the full marks only if solved correctly, so you have to solve the puzzles that can solve even three possibilities for it, so you have to check all the possibilities to get the correct answer. Rather if you see the other topics like coding and decoding, it don’t take much time to solve them. So it is wise to choose those topics first to solve. Then to go for miscellaneous sections. Alphanumeric and Number series questions can be attended after the above said topics. Next you can attend the puzzles and seating arrangement questions. This form of pattern of answering and solving will lessen your time because if you have a strategy to attend all the 35 questions within 25 minutes, then this method is surely applicable to you. This type of problem solving is useful for solving more number of questions with less number of time.

English Language

The English Language is the cumbersome section for many aspirants. Many candidates fear for this section increase from exam to exam and these days it is still high because, the topics asked in this section were in high level and the questions are only in the difficult level. When compared to the recent assistant level exams, this should be in the easier level. So prepare yourself for that.

So many will limit themselves by attending less number of questions and will get frustrated when the cutoff is low and even then they didn’t score enough to get good marks. This happened in the recent IBPS PO Prelims exam where the cutoff marks for English was low but the questions were mostly in the difficult level.  So try to attend maximum number of questions with minimum amount of time.

Attend the Reading Comprehension, don’t read the whole reading comprehension for all the questions. Read the comprehension first , mark the important points in it  and then go for the question, this will save your time to reread the whole passage again. A story will be easy to remember but why we insist in taking the important points is, when an economy based passage is given, it is not possible to remember all the important ones within that short time, so the above said one will save your time.

The go for the Error Spotting Questions which will be based on the grammar rules (even though new pattern questions contains different ones, this is a assistant level exam , so we expect it to be simple). Then the next topic to attend will be cloze Test and then you should try phase replacement and sentence replacement. The sentence rearrangement was asked very less in the recent times and if it happens to be in the exam, first try that and go for the other sections.

As there is a famous saying says “To leave no stone unturned” likewise please don’t leave any  Questions in the exams because that may be easy and leaving that will be disastrous. So first choose the questions to attend and then attempt those questions. Don’t be in a hurry to attend the questions and if you get struck in certain questions, leave that and settle for other questions. This IBPS CLERK Prelims exam will be a testing stage for your future exams and this will have a great impact too. So be sharp in your timings and try to attend maximum number of questions and don’t forget to follow the above said ones too.

You can check the video on the IBPS Clerk Preliminary Examination 2017 Strategy to clear the exam in the youtube video here.


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