Questions asked in IBPS PO Prelims 2017 October 8th, 2017  1st Slot – Puzzle Test

There are eight people T S U V W X Y Z live on different floor of a building. Living in different states.

  • Z live on a odd no floor above floor no 3.the one from Gujarat live immediately below Z.
  • Three persons live between Z and the one who is from Rajasthan.
  • As many people live above z as below X. V live immediately below Y.
  • Y live on an odd no floor above X.
  • One person live between who is from Maharashtra and Y.
  • U live on an odd no floor. One from Kerala live immediately above U.
  • As many persons live between U & Z as between s and Goa.
  • More than two persons live Y and one from Bihar.
  • T is neither from Bihar nor from Odisha.

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