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The SBI CLERK Prelims Exam 2018 is one of the important exam and we know you would be searching for the correct planner to devise your strategy. Since the exam pattern is changed , you would have been puzzled about how to study for the exam and make your preparations in the right way. Don’t fret and prepare as you wish but go in the right direction.

The Preliminary Examination of the SBI CLERK 2018 will happen in March/April , so you have to gear up your preparations in the right way to score more in the exams. So attend Daily Quizzes which will enrich your preparations and study and learn new topics which will help you for the exams.

Our Team will be providing the Daily Quizzes on various topics which were based on the previous exams and new pattern questions. This will help you to crack the exam and to achieve your goal. So attend and take the best result which could guide you to find the key of your dreams.

SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Study Planner Day – 6

Section : English Language

Topic : Sentence Improvement

Time: 10 Minutes

1. Although complete treatment of cancer is beyond the reach of the underprivileged but no child should lose his life for want of funds.

(a) though

(b) as

(c) the

(d) since

(e) no correction required


2. As if it had a rustic look from outside, inside the house was quite modern.

(a) though it had

(b) as it had

(c) even when

(d) but for

(e) no correction required


3. Alarm to declining marriage figures and increasing divorce rates, the government has come up with a novel way to tackle the issue.

(a) alarmingly on

(b) alarming as

(c) alarms with

(d) alarmed by

(e) no correction required


4. Guests must register at the front desk; otherwise, they don’t obtain a key.

(a) will not obtain a

(b) don’t obtained a

(c) cannot obtain a

(d) can obtain not a

(e) no correction required


5. Because certain scientific theories are contradicting with people’s religious beliefs, they are reluctant to accept them.

(a) contracting to

(b) contracting with

(c) conflicting for

(d) contrary to

(e) no correction required


6. The children and their specific problems needs to be identified.

(a) problem need to be

(b) problems needed to be

(c) problems has been

(d) problems need to be

(e) no correction required


7. The most important quality a chief executive candidate should have a noble character.

(a) must have a

(b) should have to be

(c) should be

(d) should have is a

(e) no correction required

(d) should have is a

8. We have already identified areas where landslides are possible and start evacuation of residents to safer locations.

(a) starting evacuation

(b) started evacuation

(c) have started evacuate

(d) start evacuating

(e) no correction required


9. While the war of the generals rage on, somewhere in a small town India, wonderful things are happening, quietly and minus fanfare.

(a) rage

(b) raging

(c) rages on

(d) raged on

(e) no correction required

10. US secretary of state made it clear that time running out for diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear programme and said that talks aimed at preventing Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon would resume in April.

(a) runs over

(b) was running out

(c) ran out

(d) run

(e) no correction required

1. (e) no correction required

2. (a) though it had

3. (d) alarmed by

4.  (a) will not obtain a

5. (d) contrary to

6. (d) problems need to be

7.  (d) should have is a

8.  (b) started evacuation

9. (c) rages on

10. (b) was running out

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