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A) The Michel test case: on India’s extradition track record

The extradition may have been a diplomatic success, but don’t tout it as a political victory

The extradition to India of British businessman Christian Michel, alleged to be the middleman in the AgustaWestland helicopters case who bribed officials to secure the deal, is a diplomatic success for a number of reasons. India’s track record with securing the extradition of fugitives from justice is modest, with only about a third of all requests since 2002 being accepted. Amongst the 44 countries India has extradition treaties with, the United Arab Emirates has been the most amenable; it has deported or extradited 19 of 66 fugitives to India in the past decade and a half. A reason for the low success rate in the past is the perception that India’s criminal justice system delivers too slowly. A case in point was the last high-profile case of the 1993 Mumbai blasts accused Abu Salem, who was extradited from Portugal in 2005. His trial was finally completed in 2017, when he was sentenced to life. Mr. Michel’s case is also unique since he is a British, not an Indian national; and unlike similar cases in which extradition was granted, he is not wanted on serious criminal charges like murder. His extradition comes at a time when several other cases of businessmen who have fled India are pending, causing the government some embarrassment. No doubt, Mr. Michel’s extradition for a case of corruption involving the previous Congress-led UPA government came at a timely juncture for the BJP-led NDA government, during the last stretch of the campaign for State elections. It is no secret that the government pursued the case of Mr. Michel single-mindedly, with the National Security Adviser reported to have made several trips to the UAE to secure the extradition.

However, it is short-sighted for the government and the ruling party to play the diplomatic success as a political victory. The government must be aware that its actions in the Michel case are under close scrutiny, not just from the UAE, whose courts deliberated for some months on whether to send him to India, but other countries where India has about 150 pending requests at present. Thus the Central Bureau of Investigation, which has received custody of Mr. Michel for five days from a special court, must take pains to adhere to internationally accepted norms of interrogation, lest it gives other fugitives fuel to oppose pleas for their extradition to India. The U.K. has also taken up strenuously its request for consular access to Mr. Michel, and New Delhi’s record in fulfilling its diplomatic obligations may impact high-profile cases in U.K. courts, including Vijay Mallya’s and Nirav Modi’s. If handled professionally and without politicisation, Mr. Michel’s extradition could reveal important leads in the helicopters case. It would also bolster India’s reputation as a country serious about ensuring that justice is served, and expeditiously so.

B) Uneasy truce: on Huawei executive arrest

The U.S. action against a top Huawei executive threatens the tariff thaw with China

The 90-day trade truce between China and the United States reached over the weekend on the sidelines of the G20 meet in Argentina is already proving to be fragile. Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested recently by Canadian authorities, acting on an extradition request from the U.S. Ms. Wanzhou is the daughter of the company’s founder Ren Zhengfei, a former member of the Chinese military. The arrest happened around the time U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Buenos Aires to defuse trade tensions between their countries, but news of the arrest broke only on Wednesday. Huawei at this moment has been accused of breaching American sanctions against Iran, but U.S. lawmakers have also been concerned about the Chinese government using the company to carry out spying operations on foreign soil. Last year, it is worth noting, Chinese telecom giant ZTE reached a settlement with the U.S. government over charges of exporting banned items to Iran. Markets across the world were negatively affected on Thursday as trade tensions looked to flare up once again between the world’s two largest economies.

It is hard to determine whether the present U.S. action against the Huawei official is based on legitimate concerns about national security or if the U.S. has simply attacked China on yet another front in the ongoing trade war. To be sure, other countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom, have also been quite wary about doing business with Huawei due to the alleged gathering of intelligence by the company. In particular, they fear that Huawei’s involvement in building their 5G network could lead to problems linked to cyber-espionage. At the same time, radical anti-Chinese politicians in the U.S. have every reason to exaggerate national security concerns simply in order to justify protectionist sanctions against Chinese companies. Huawei has clearly been seen by many as a serious threat to the global domination exerted by American technology companies. Either way, recent actions are bound to have a negative impact on U.S.-China trade ties as the Chinese will not be too happy about the continuing assault on multinational companies which have their roots in China. U.S. concerns about national security are also closely related to accusations against Huawei of violating intellectual property rights with the tacit approval of the Chinese government. The arrest might thus suggest that the U.S. may not go soft on its demand for the protection of intellectual property rights during its talks with the Chinese authorities in the next few months. With the rapid escalation in trade tensions over the year, it will take serious efforts to bring a lasting solution that is acceptable to both American and Chinese politicians.


1) extradition

Meaning : the action of extraditing a person accused or convicted of a crime.

Tamil Meaning : சரணடைவதற்கு

Synonyms: abandon

Antonyms : hold

Example : “they fought to prevent his extradition to the US”

2) alleged

Meaning : said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality(adj).

Tamil Meaning : கூறப்படும்

Synonyms: purported

Antonyms : certain

Example : “the alleged conspirators”

3) bribed

Meaning : dishonestly persuade (someone) to act in one’s favour by a gift of money or other inducement(v) .

Tamil Meaning : லஞ்சம்

Synonyms: graft

Antonyms : hindrance

Example : “they attempted to bribe opponents into losing”

4) diplomatic

Meaning : of or concerning diplomacy.

Tamil Meaning : தூதரக

Synonyms: gracious

Antonyms : rude

Example : “diplomatic relations with Britain were broken”

5) fugitives

Meaning : a person who has escaped from captivity or is in hiding.

Tamil Meaning : தப்பித்தவர்கள்

Synonyms: elusive

Antonyms : enduring

Example : “fugitives from justice”

6) modest

Meaning : unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements.(adj)

Tamil Meaning : சாதாரண

Synonyms: humble

Antonyms : brave

Example : “he was a very modest man, refusing to take any credit for the enterprise”

7) amenable

Meaning : open and responsive to suggestion; easily persuaded or controlled(adj).

Tamil Meaning : ஏதுவானது

Synonyms: agreeable

Antonyms : intractable

Example : “parents who have amenable children”

8) deported

Meaning : expel (a foreigner) from a country, typically on the grounds of illegal status or for having committed a crime.(v)

Tamil Meaning : நாடுகடத்துமாறு

Synonyms: dismiss

Antonyms : hold

Example : “he was deported for violation of immigration laws”

9) perception

Meaning : the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

Tamil Meaning : கருத்து

Synonyms: approach

Antonyms : concrete

Example : “the normal limits to human perception”

10) fled

Meaning : run away from a place or situation of danger.

Tamil Meaning : தப்பியோட

Synonyms: depart

Antonyms : arrive

Example : “to escape the fighting, his family fled from their village”

11) embarrassment

Meaning : a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.

Synonyms: confusion

Antonyms : order

Example : “I turned red with embarrassment”

12) juncture

Meaning : a particular point in events or time.(n)

Tamil Meaning : சூழ்நிலையில்

Synonyms: circumstance

Antonyms : certainty

Example : “it is difficult to say at this juncture whether this upturn can be sustained”

13) stretch

Meaning : an act of stretching one’s limbs or body.(n)

Tamil Meaning : நீட்டிக்க

Synonyms: distance

Antonyms : stagnation

Example : “I got up and had a stretch”

14) campaign

Meaning : a series of military operations intended to achieve a goal, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting.(n)

Tamil Meaning : பிரச்சாரம்


Antonyms : inaction

Example : “a desert campaign”

15) scrutiny

Meaning : critical observation or examination.(n)

Tamil Meaning : கண்காணிப்பின்

Synonyms: analysis

Example : “every aspect of local government was placed under scrutiny

16) deliberate

Meaning : done consciously and intentionally.(adj)

Tamil Meaning : வேண்டுமென்றே

Synonyms: studious

Antonyms : careless

Example : “a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict”

17) adhere

Meaning : stick fast to (a surface or substance).

Tamil Meaning : கடைபிடிக்கின்றன

Synonyms: comply

Antonyms : disobey

Example : “paint won’t adhere well to a greasy surface”

18) interrogation

Meaning : the action of interrogating or the process of being interrogated.

Tamil Meaning : விசாரணை

Synonyms: inquiry

Example : “would he keep his mouth shut under interrogation ?”

19) lest

Meaning : with the intention of preventing (something undesirable); to avoid the risk of.

Synonyms: in case

Example : “he spent whole days in his room, wearing headphones lest he disturb anyone”

20) pleas

Meaning : a request made in an urgent and emotional manner.

Synonyms: appeal

Antonyms : demand

Example : “he made a dramatic plea for disarmament”

21) strenuously

Meaning : in a way that requires great physical exertion(adv).

Tamil Meaning : ஊக்கமுடன்

Synonyms: strongly

Antonyms : cowardly

Example : “drink more if you’re exercising strenuously”

22) consular

Meaning :relating to the consul or consulate in a foreign city.

Tamil Meaning : துணைத்தூதரக

Synonyms: diplomatic

Antonyms : apolitical

Example : “a consular official must interview applicants”

23) impact

Meaning : the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.

Tamil Meaning : தாக்கம்

Synonyms: brunt

Antonyms : avoidance

Example : “there was the sound of a third impact”

24) reveal

Meaning : make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others(v).

Tamil Meaning : வெளிப்படுத்த

Synonyms: admit

Antonyms : conceal

Example : “Brenda was forced to reveal Robbie’s whereabouts”

25) ensuring

Meaning : make certain that (something) will occur or be the case(v).

Tamil Meaning : உறுதி

Synonyms: assure

Antonyms : endanger

Example : “the client must ensure that accurate records are kept”

26) expeditiously

Meaning : with speed and efficiency.

Tamil Meaning : துரிதமாக

Synonyms: fast

Antonyms : inefficiently

Example : “the directors will move expeditiously to reach a conclusion”

27) truce

Meaning : an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time(n).

Tamil Meaning : சமாதான

Synonyms: accord

Antonyms : continuation

Example : “the guerrillas called a three-day truce”

28) fragile

Meaning : (of an object) easily broken or damaged(adj).

Tamil Meaning : உடையக்கூடிய

Synonyms: delicate

Antonyms : able

Example : “fragile items such as glass and china”

29) defuse

Meaning : remove the fuse from (an explosive device) in order to prevent it from exploding.

Tamil Meaning : தணி

Synonyms: alleviate

Antonyms : increase

Example : “explosives specialists tried to defuse the grenade”

30) accused

Meaning : a person or group of people who are charged with or on trial for a crime.

Tamil Meaning : குற்றஞ்சாட்டினார்

Synonyms: implicated

Antonyms : acquitted

Example : “the accused was ordered to stand trial on a number of charges”

31) breaching

Meaning : make a gap in and break through (a wall, barrier, or defence).

Synonyms: disobey

Antonyms : give

Example : “the river breached its bank”

32) concerned

Meaning : worried, troubled, or anxious.

Tamil Meaning : சம்பந்தப்பட்ட

Synonyms: anxious

Antonyms : collected

Example : “the villagers are concerned about burglaries”

33) flare

Meaning : a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light.(n)

Tamil Meaning : விரிவடைய

Synonyms: blaze

Example : “the flare of the match lit up his face”

34) wary

Meaning : feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.(adj)

Tamil Meaning : எச்சரிக்கையாக

Synonyms: attentive

Antonyms : careless

Example : “dogs which have been mistreated often remain very wary of strangers”

35) espionage

Meaning : the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information.(n)

Tamil Meaning : உளவு

Synonyms: intelligence

Example : “the camouflage and secrecy of espionage”

36) exaggerate

Meaning : represent (something) as being larger, better, or worse than it really is.(v)

Tamil Meaning : பெரிதுபடுத்த

Synonyms: distort

Antonyms : compress

Example : “she was apt to exaggerate any aches and pains”

37) exerted

Meaning : apply or bring to bear (a force, influence, or quality).(v)

Tamil Meaning : செலுத்திய

Synonyms: expend

Antonyms : conceal

Example : “the moon exerts a force on the Earth”

38) assault

Meaning : make a physical attack on.(v)

Tamil Meaning : தாக்குதல்

Synonyms: aggression

Antonyms : retreat

Example : “he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer”

39) tacit

Meaning : understood or implied without being stated(adj).

Tamil Meaning : மறைமுகமான

Synonyms: implicit

Antonyms : stated

Example : “your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement”

40) intellectual

Meaning : a person possessing a highly developed intellect.(n)

Tamil Meaning : அறிவுசார்

Synonyms: cerebral

Antonyms : physical

Example : “a prominent political thinker and intellectual”

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