Dear TNPSC Aspirants,

TNPSC (GROUP IV), exam is going to held in 11.02.2018. There is only few days in our hands for preparation and you have to work hard to achieve your goal, because the competition is very high as per the vacancy is concerned.

So start your preparation now with this study Planner for TNPSC (GROUP IV). It’s an 8 days complete planner with various questions from History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning Included. There will be 1 Mock test available in this planner.

We have planned in such a way that it will cover all the topics namely, Tamil Language, English Language, History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning questions as per TNPSC(GROUP IV), Syllabus and previous year question paper pattern(With special reference). Because each and every topic is the deciding Factors for Scoring more marks. Scoring high mark in this TNPSC (GROUP IV) exam only will decide your Job confirmation. Though the exam is getting tougher and tougher for each and every Year, Only consistently hard working candidates will crack the exam. So be a continuous hard worker and grab the opportunity to achieve your success.


So as per the planner here is content related to General awareness.

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)-GROUP IV

General awareness Day-6

Total No. Of Questions: 50

Timing: 25 minutes

Can you take this General awarness Quiz (50 questions) in 25 minutes?

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1.Who won the championship under men’s single category in Matrit open tennis – 2017?

(A)Rafeal Nadal

(B) Roger Federar

(C) Novak Jocovik

(D) Andy Murrey

2.Which of the following pairs scored maximum runs in Internaitonal Women one day cricket match?

(A)Mithali raj – Thrish Kamini

(B) Deepthi Sharma – Poonam Rawath

(C) Vedha Krishnamoorthi – Mithali raj

(D) Deepthi Sharma – Anuja Patel

3.Who is the new prime minister of France?

(A)Nicolas Sarcoci

(B) Halande

(C) Yuan Manuel

(D) Edward Philipe

4.The union government has announced 16th May 2017 to be followed as ……………………….

(A)National dengue day

(B) National Malaria day

(C) National voters day

(D) National migration day

5.Which Indian Player won the gold medal in Asian werestling Championship – 2017?

(A)Harpreeth Singh

(B) Shakshi Malik

(C) Smith

(D) Bajrang bhumiya

6.Who is the world’s 1st person to make changes to the world of forbes magazine?

(A)Mukesh Ambani

(B) Ratan Tata

(C) Waren pafet

(D) Jakma

7.The maximum teperature recorded in the history of Tamilnadu was 45.50C on May 16, 2017. Whe was this recorded?


(B) Vellore

(C) Thiruthani

(D) Chennai

8.What are the districts in Tamil Nadu placed 1st and last position in Human Development report?

(A) Dharmapuri, Salem

(B) Namakkal, Thoothukudi

(C) Ariyalur, Kanyakumarai

(D) Kanyakumari, Ariyalur

9.Which Indian women went to Everest for four times?

(A)Edmand Hilari

(B) Ansujamsenba

(C) Arunima Sinha

(D) Pachendhri Pal

10.On May 16, 2017, which state adopted as butterfuly by the southern bird wing butterfly?


(B) Maharastra

(C) Karnataka

(D) Utranchal

11.Which union minister died on May 18, 2017?


(B) Anil Madhav Thave

(C) Sitheswara

(D) Rangaraj Kumaramangalam

12.India & Singapore joint Navy exercise (SIMBEX – 2017) was held in                


(B) South Pacific Ocean

(C) Goa

(D) South China Sea

13.Where was the 52nd conference of the African Development Bank, which began on May 22, 2017?

(A)New Delhi

(B) Adis Ababa

(C) Petersberg

(D) Gandhinagar

14.What is the name given to newly discovered bacteria on the rememberance of Abdul Kalam by NASA?

(A) Solibacillus Kalam

(B) Lactobacillus Kalami

(C) Sreptobacillus Kalami

(D) Salmonella Kalami

15.On May 21st 2017, which Tamil Player won the gold medal in Asian chess championship held in China?


(B) Mahalakshmi

(C) Vaishali

(D) Meenakshi

16.Which translation of Thirukural was released on May 23, 2017?


(B) Latin

(C) Spanish

(D) Korea

17.World’s biggest flight is                                 

(A) Airlander 10

(B) C 130

(C) Boeing 747

(D) Tejas

18.Which of the following pair of cities are connected by Indias’s 1st under water metro tunnel?

(A) New Delhi & Agra

(B) Kolkata & Hawra

(C) Hyderabad & Secundrabad

(D) Varanasi & Patina

19.On 24 May 2017, which person appointed as the head of National minority Commission?

(A) L.Puniya

(B) Nandha Kumar Sai

(C) Gayarul Hasan

(D) A.K.Mangotra

20.On May 2017, who became the 2nd Indian – American judge of an appeals court with the united states senate?

(A) Rajeshwari

(B) Preeth Farara

(C) Nikki Hawle

(D) Amal Dappar

21.In which state, India’s 1st electric mass transport project launched?



(C) Patna

(D) Noida

22.Who signs in one rupee note?

(A)RBI Governor

(B) Prime Minister

(C) President

(D) Finance Secretary

23.Indian mobile congress 2017 was held in                            

(A)New Delhi

(B) Kolkata

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Amaravathi

24.“One belt one road” summit 2017 was held in                    


(B) Shanghai

(C) Huwango

(D) Hongkong

25.Which Indian state celebrates Namami Brahmaputra festival?

(A)West Bengal

(B) Assam

(C) Tripura

(D) Meghalaya

26.In 2017, which team won the championship in vijay Hazare cricket tournament?

(A)Tamil nadu

(B) Bengal

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Army Green

27.Which Indian rivers recognized as “living entities” on March 20, 2017?

(A)Yamuna & Tapti

(B) Ganga & Brahmaputra

(C) Ganga & Yamuna

(D) Kaveri & Ganga

28.In 2017, who won the “Able Prize”?

(A)Yuvas Meier

(B) Antro wills

(C) Srinivasa Vardhan

(D) Peter lacs

29.World’s largest artificial sun is situated in                               


(B) America

(C) France

(D) German

30.Which is the 1st woman to joined as officer in Border security force (BSF)?

(A)Mohana Singh

(B) Avanithika

(C) Dhanushree Pareek

(D) Rajeshwari

31.On 27 March 2017, who is appointed as the chief executive of Hongkong?

(A)Liang seng Ing

(B)Carrie Lam

(C) Donald Suang

(D) Tung Si Hoowa

32.What is the law of Pollution control to be implemented from April 01, 2017?

(A)Bharath Stage IV

(B) Bharat Stage II

(C) Bharath Stage V

(D) Bharat Stage VI

33.Where is the integrated automatic weather forecast system on behalf of the Indian Navy?

(A)INS Sardhar Patel, Borbandhar

(B) INS Hansa, Goa

(C) INS Shikra, Mumbai

(D) INS Rajali, Arakkonam

34.Under UDAN Project, Airline service was introduced in which of the cities in Tamilnadu?

(A)Cuddalore, Salem, Vilupuram

(B) Hosur, Neyveli, Tanjore

(C) Neyveli, Salem, Hosur

(D) Thiruvannamalai, Kanyakumari, Vellore

35.Which of these US-Indian businessman has been awarded as the chief minister for change in 2017?

(A)Binarayi Vijayan

(B) Manick Sarkar

(C) Chandrababu Naidu

(D) Monohar Parikkar

36.India’s 1st bio gas bus is launched in                                 


(B) Kolkata

(C) Mumbai

(D) Delhi

37.Who won the championship under the women single category in Indian open badminton 2017?

(A)Carolin Marin

(B) Saina newal

(c) Waung Yan

(D) P.V.Sindhu

38.Which country made Bitcoin as legal country?


(B) Kenya

(C) China

(D) South Korea

39.Which film won the best film award in 64th National film festival?


(B) Dandgal

(C) Utdha Punjab

(D) Sulthan

40.Which Tamil film won the best film award in 64th National film festival?

(A) Visaranai

(B) Aadukalam

(C) Joker

(D) Kuttram Kodithal

41.Who is appointed as the non-white judge in London – circuit?


(B) Preeth Farara

(C) Preethi patel

(D) Anuja Ravindra dheer

42.Which of the following movement of Independant struggle took 100 years, on April 10, 2017?

(A)Sambharan Sathyagraham

(B) Bharadholi Sathyagraham

(C) Rowlatt Sathyagraham

(D) Salt Sathyagraham

43.The state of Haryana launched new scheme for women safety is                

(A)Romeo against act

(B) operation clean

(C) Safety measure

(D) Operation Durga

44.What is the name of Nepal – China joint exercise?

(A)Jal yukth

(B) Kongan

(C) Sagar Madha

(D) Yuth Abiyas

45.What is the name of sachin Tendulkar biographical film?

(A)Sachin – Master Blaster

(B) Sachin – A Billion Dreams

(C) 100th Century

(D) God of Cricket

46.Expansion for VVPAT?

(A)Validity verify paper Audit Trial

(B) Voter verified paper Audit Trial

(C) Voter verified paper Account Trial

(D) Voter Verified proper Audit Trial

47.Which Player scored 10,000 runs in T20 Cricket Match?


(B) Virat Kholi

(C) Pujara

(D) Suresh Raina

48.Where is Rajiv Gandhi international airport located & approved on April 19, 2017 as a 100% carbon uninterrupted airport?


(B) New Delhi

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Kolkata

49.What is the name of the Government of Uttar Pradesh state for Gorakpur and Agra airports?

(A)Subash Chandra bose & Veerasawarkar

(B)Mahayogi Koraknath & Dheenadayal Upadhyaga

(C)Ram Manohar Lohia & Hedkevar

(D)Dheenadayal Upadhyaga & Vajpai

50.What is the objective for world earth day?

(A)Make Green

(B) Save Earth

(C) Environment & Climate

(D) Natural Heritage & Environment.

Answer Key

1 A
2 B
3 D
4 A
5 D
6 A
7 C
8 D
9 B
10 C
11 B
12 D
13 D
14 A
15 C
16 D
17 A
18 B
19 C
20 D
21 B
22 D
23 A
24 A
25 B
26 C
27 A
28 A
29 D
30 C
31 B
32 A
33 D
34 C
35 C
36 B
37 D
38 A
39 A
40 C
41 D
42 A
43 D
44 C
45 B
46 B
47 A
48 C
49 B
50 C

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