Dear TNPSC Aspirants,

TNPSC (GROUP IV), exam is going to held in 11.02.2018. There is only few days in our hands for preparation and you have to work hard to achieve your goal, because the competition is very high as per the vacancy is concerned.

So start your preparation now with this study Planner for TNPSC (GROUP IV). It’s an 8 days complete planner with various questions from History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning Included. There will be 1 Mock test available in this planner.

We have planned in such a way that it will cover all the topics namely, Tamil Language, English Language, History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning questions as per TNPSC(GROUP IV), Syllabus and previous year question paper pattern(With special reference). Because each and every topic is the deciding Factors for Scoring more marks. Scoring high mark in this TNPSC (GROUP IV) exam only will decide your Job confirmation. Though the exam is getting tougher and tougher for each and every Year, Only consistently hard working candidates will crack the exam. So be a continuous hard worker and grab the opportunity to achieve your success.


So as per the planner here is content related to General awareness.

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)-GROUP IV

General awareness Day-2

Total No. Of Questions: 50

Timing: 25 minutes

Can you take this General awarness Quiz (50 questions) in 25 minutes?

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Q.1) The site “Harappa” was excaveted by

A) R.D. Banerjee

B) Daya Ram Sahani

C) J.P.Joshi

D) N.G.Majumdar

Q.2) “Harappa” Civilzation people don’t know about the use of which metal

A) Copper

B) Bronze

C) Iron

D) Tin

Q.3) Sati was declared illegal and punishable on

A) Feb 1829

B) April 1829

C) Nov 1829

D) Dec 1829

Q.4) Arrange the following in Chronological order

1. Trichy proclamation

2. Vellore Munity

3. Construction of Fort St.George

4. Kattabomman was hanged to death

A) 3,1,4,2

B) 3,4,1,2

C) 4,1,2,3

D) 4,3,2,1

Q.5) Jinnah celebrated the resignation of congress ministry as a “Day of deliverance” on

A) 23rd Oct 1939

B) 16th Aug 1940

C) 16th Aug 1946

D) 22nd Dec 1939

Q.6) Nalanda university was founded by

A) Samudragupta

B) Kumaragupta

C) Skantagupta

D) Dharmapala

Q.7) Who was involved in “War of Noses”

A) Viswanatha Nayak

B) Raghunatha Nayak

C) Thirumalai Nayak

D) Krishnappa Nayak

Q.8) B G Tilak founded indian home rule league in

A) March 1916

B) April 1916

C) Sep 1916

D) Oct 1916

Q.9) Partition of Bengal came into force on

A) 17th July 1905

B) 19th July 1905

C) 16th October 1905

D) 18th October 1905

Q.10) The Last Pallava king was

A) Simhavishnu

B) Apparijith

C) Nandivarman -II

D) Parameshwaran -II

Q.11) Article related to vice president

A) 63

B) 61

C) 65

D) 64

Q.12) Consider the following statements

1.Joint session of two houses of Parliament called only when dispute created between two houses

2. Article 108 related to joint session of parliament

Which is/are true?

A) 1 only

B) 2 only

C) 1 and 2 only

D) None

Q.13) First Chief Election Commissioner of Independacne india

A) Sundaram

B) Sukumar Sen

C) Mavlankar

D) none

Q.14) Article 21-A added by which amendment

A) 86th Amendment 2002

B) 87th Amendment 2003

C) 86th Amendment 2003

D) 87th Amendment 2002

Q.15) How many states in india has bicameral legislature

A) 6

B) 7

C) 8

D) 5

Q.16) Which of the following formula given below is used to measure agricultural productivity

A) Total production / area of land

B) Total production / No. of Workers employed

C) Total production/ Amounts of inputs employed

D) Total production / Total capital employed

Q.17) Match the Following

A) Jawahar Grama sannidhi yojana – 2000

B) National social assurance scheme – 1993

C) Employment assurance scheme – 1995

D) Pradhan mantiri gramodaya yojana – 1999


A) 3 2        4        1

B) 4 2        1        3

C) 4 3        2        1

D) 2 3        1        4

Q.18) The census 2011 is the ________ national census after independence

A) 15th

B) 7th

C) 11th

D) 5th

Q.19) Green Revolution was introduced in india in the year

A) 1965

B) 1967

C) 1969

D) 1956

Q.20) In which year, India get growth in industrial Sector

A) 1956

B) 1990

C) 1991

D) 1998

Q.21) The river chittar is an important tributory of

A) Kaveri

B) Tamirabarani

C) Vaigai

D) Palar

Q.22) Tamilnadu has ___________ Climate

A) Tropical

B) Temperate

C) Polar

D) Arctic

Q.23) SPIC is the largest producer of _____________ in india

A) Chemicals

B) Fertilizers

C) Iron

D) Cotton

Q.24) The most centrally located meridian of india passes through

A) Ahmedabad

B) Allahabad

C) Hyderabad

D) Aurangabad

Q.25) The sudden streaks of light seen on a starry light is called as

A) Comets

B) Meteoroids

C) Milikyway

D) Ganymede

Q.26) . Mean of 100 observations is found to be 40. At the time of computation two items were wrongly taken as 30 and 27 instead of 3 and 72. Find the correct mean

A) 41.18

B) 39.78

C) 40.18

D) 42.20

Q.27) Find the median of 18,12,51,32,106,92,58


B) 58

C) 51

D) 92

Q.28) If the mean of five consecutive even numbers is 20 then the minimum value is

A) 32

B) 16

C) 8

D) 4

Q.29)  Simplify: (-1  2/11) + (-3  5/11)+(6  3/11)

A) 1 7/11

B) 2 7/11

C) 1 9/11

D) 1 8/11

Q.30) A troop has provisions for 276 soldiers for 20 days. How many soldiers leave the troop so that the provisions may last for 46 days


B) 160

C) 120

D) 150

Q.31) The cost of one cake is 55. 25 cakes were sold and it makes a profit of 11 on each cake. Then find the profit percent


B) 11

C) 20

D) 21

Q.32) A sum of money triples itself at 8% per annum over a certain time in SI. Then find number of years takes


B) 25

C) 8

D) 100

Q.33) A scooter wheel makes 50 revolutions to cover a distance of 8800cm. find the radius of the wheel

A) 14

B) 28

C) 12

D) 18

Q.34)  A silver wire when bent in the form of a square encloses an area of 121 If the same wire is bent in the form of a circle. Find the area of the circle.

A) 44

B) 154


D) 140

Q.35) The cost price of 11 pens is equal to the selling price of 10 pens. Find the loss or gain percent.

A) 10% gain

B) 11 % gain

C) 10% loss

D) 11 % loss

Q.36) Which one of the following is wrong?

A) Red is a prime colour

B) White is a prime colour

C) Green is a prime colour

D) Blue is a prime colour

Q.37) In which of the following reactions does salt formation takes place?

A)Precipitation reaction

B)Acid-base reaction

C) Combustion reaction

D) Oxidation Reaction

Q.38) Sun emits ____________ of energy/second

A)3.6*1026 joule

B) 3.8*1026 joule

C) 1.6*1012 joule

D) 1.496*1026 joule

Q.39) Which one is correct

A) Leprosy – Mycobacterium Tuberclosis

B) Aspergillus – Algae

C) Trypanosoma Gambiens – Kala azar

D) Malaria – Protozoan

Q.40) C6H12O6 + 6O2       ———         6Co2 + 6 H2O + ____________

A) 2200 KJ

B) 2900 KJ

C) 50 KJ

D) 3900 KJ

Q.41) The aqueous solution of potassium chloride is

A) a week electrolyte

B)a strong electrolyte

C)a non electrolyte

D) initially week and then became strong electrolyte

Q.42) Dual Antigen is





Q.43) Arrange the order of aerobic respiration


2. Kreb’s Cycle

3. Oxidatisedecarboxyllation of pyruvic acid

4. Electron transport chain

A) 4 2 1 3

B) 1 2 3 4

C) 1 3 2 4

D) 1 3 4 2

Q.44) Which one is wrong?

A) Flat worms – excreta to exterior

B) Coelenterates – Skin

C) Annelida – Nephridia

D) Vertabrates – Kidneys

Q.45) Which of the following is a wrong statement?

A) All the minerals are not ores

B) All the ores are not minerals

C) All the ores are minerals

D) From ores, metals can be extracted economically

Q.46) Who is the Advogate General of Tamilnadu?

A)R. Muthu KumaraSwamy

B)Vijay Narayanan

C)K.K. Venugopal

D)Harish Salve

Q.47) Who was appointed as a Head of PAC Committee in Parliament?

A)Mallikarjun Kharge

B)Murali Manoker Joshi

C)P.J. Kurien

D)V.J. Kurien

Q.48) Head of 7 th Pay commission?

A)R.K. Mathur

B)HL Dattu

C)Rajiv Gouba

D)AK Mathur

Q.49) Who appointed as Head of National disaster Response Force (NDRF)?

A)Sanjay Kumar

B)R.K. Pachnanda

C)OP Singh

D)Archana Ramasundaram

Q.50) Who is not received the 2016 Kel Ratna Award?

A)P.V. Sindhu

B)Deepa Malik

C)Sakshi Malik

D)Jithu Rai

Answer Key

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1. B
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. D
25. B
28. B
29. A

The notification was released last year and the last date for submission of the application or the registration has been increased due to the server errors and many of the candidates were not able to pay the fees. TNPSC group 4 Hall Ticket was released in the TNPSC website like and


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