Dear TNPSC Aspirants,

TNPSC (GROUP IV), exam is going to held in 11.02.2018. There is only few days in our hands for preparation and you have to work hard to achieve your goal, because the competition is very high as per the vacancy is concerned.

So start your preparation now with this study Planner for TNPSC (GROUP IV). It’s an 8 days complete planner with various questions from History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning Included. There will be 1 Mock test available in this planner.

We have planned in such a way that it will cover all the topics namely, Tamil Language, English Language, History, Geography, Biology, Civics, Aptitude and Reasoning questions as per TNPSC(GROUP IV), Syllabus and previous year question paper pattern(With special reference). Because each and every topic is the deciding Factors for Scoring more marks. Scoring high mark in this TNPSC (GROUP IV) exam only will decide your Job confirmation. Though the exam is getting tougher and tougher for each and every Year, Only consistently hard working candidates will crack the exam. So be a continuous hard worker and grab the opportunity to achieve your success.


So as per the planner here is content related to General awareness.

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)-GROUP IV

English Language Day-2

Total No. Of Questions: 50

Timing: 25 minutes

Can you take this General awarness Quiz (50 questions) in 25 minutes?

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Q.1)With the teacups circling round me like the planets round the sun. Why are the teacups circling?

a) Because of heavy gravitational force

b) Because of lack of gravitational force

c) Because the speaker is dancing in circles

d) Because the teacups fell off the hand

Q.2) He knows what rules are necessary and the rules are made to be enforced. It would be wrong of me to override his rules and decisions of this kind.  Who does “me” refer to in the lesson “The one-minute apology”?

a) The colonel

b) Edwin Stanton

c) Abraham Lincoln

d) Scott

Q.3)The rhyme scheme of the following line is

Be a Bush if u can’t, Be a Bit of grass

And some highway happier make;

If u can’t be a muskkie, then just be bass


a) a aa b

b) a b a b

c) a b bb

d) a b c a

Q.4) Choose the correct Preposition from the options given

________________the cupboard, very ________ the wall, there is a narrow gap, ___________ which a few charts have been kept.

a) into,behind,near

b) behind,near,into

c) into,near,behind

d) near,behind, into.

Q.5)Match the underlined words under column A with their grammatical function under column B and Select the correct code.

Column A                                                   Column B

Equal status to women is a far cry 1. Adverb

The two live the same life 2. Adjective

Let us hope for the best 3. Noun

She sings well           4. Verb

A       B       C       D

a) 2 1        3        4

b) 3 1        2        4

c) 2 3        4        1

d) 4 1        2        3

Q.6) Find out the word that has got a wrong prefix.

a) Invincible

b) Irregular

c) Disability


Q.7)Read the sentence to find out whether there is any error. If there is any error, make the part A, B, C or D as the case may be.

Senthil was (a) / honourable (b) / man (c)/  no error(d)

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D


Q.8) In the poem, “The Solitary Reaper”, Wordsworth addresses this song to one ‘Reaper’s Song. What does, the poet mean by the word, ‘Reaper’s Song’?


b) happy

c) sad

d) none of these

Q.9) Match the poetic lines under column A with the figures of speech under column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Column A                                                   Column B

a) You are the mouth and lips of eternity Alliteration

b) About the fun of flying Onomatoepia

c) In the boom of the tingling stings Metaphor

d) The ship has weather’s every rack ………. Personification


a        b        c        d

a) 2 1        3        4

b) 2 3        1        4

c) 4 1        2        3

d) 1 4        3        2

Q.10)Was it Cowardice, that I dared not kill him?

Was it Perversity, at I longed to talk to him?

These lines appear in

a) A Noiseless Patient Spider

b) Snake

c) A Panoramic View

d) The Man He Killed

Q.11)The period of William Shakespeare is

a) 1564-1616

b) 1807 – 1882

c) 1836 – 1907

d) 1840 – 1928

Q.12)Identify the correct degree. “Ramu is the tallest man in the class.”

a) Comparative

b) Positive

c) Superlative

d) None of these

Q.13) Name the young Advocate in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

a) Antonio

b) Bassanio

c) Portia

d) Lorenzo

Q.14)“Knowledge is an exacting mistress; she needs devotion, whole-hearted, on the part of the person who seeks her”

What requires whole-hearted devotion?

a) A mistress

b) A nation

c) The pursuer


Q.15)She hired a taxi to the airport. Replace the underlined word with its American equivalent.

a) cycle

b) cab

c) bike

d) tricycle

Q.16)Pick out the sentence with the wrong usage of articles:

a) The cow is a useful animal

b) The rose is the sweetest of all flowers

c) Let’s go to the park

d) The banyan is a kind of a fig tree

Q.17)Rani of Jhansi was associated with ……….

a) Battle of Plasssey

b) Sepoy Mutiny

c) British Government

d) Indian National Congress

Q.18)In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Selfish Giant’ only one little boy did not run away on seeing the giant because

a) he was blind

b) he was lame

c) he was afraid

d) he did not see the giant coming

Q.19)Where is YaanaiMalai located?

a) In the South Eastern outskirts of Madurai

b)In the North Eastern outskirts of Madurai

c)In the North Western outskirts of Madurai

d) In the South Western outskirts of Madurai

Q.20) “If you can force your heart, nerve and sinew.” Find out the synonym for the underlined word from the options given

a) muscle

b) blood

c) strength

d) weakness

Q.21)Choose the correct verb form to fill the blank from the options given below:

The office …………. From Tuesday to Friday next week.

a) will not function

b) will be not function

c) is not functioning

d) will not be functioning

Q.22) In which of the poem do the following lines occur?

“Inspite of myself,the insidious mastery of song

Betrays me back, till the heart of me weeps to belong”

a) Going for Water

b) The Piano

c) Migrant Bird


Q.23)Mention the poem in which the following lines appear:

“Sliding through long grass…..”

a) Snake

b) A Tiger in the Zoo

c) Foot Prints

d) No Men are Foreign

Q.24)Select the correct answer to complete the sentence from options given below:

That Rani Lakshmibai travelled 24 hours at a stretch with her child on her back. Speaks of ………….

a) her dynamism and bravery

b) her desire to escape

c) her weakness

d) her selfishness

Q.25)Find out the correct question tag:

They came by bus …………..?

a) didn’t they?

b) do they?

c) isn’t it?

d) are they?

Q.26) In whose biography do you find this statement?

‘I would sweep them out of existence if I had the power’.

a) Jawaharlal Nehru

b) Nelson Mandela

c) Abraham Lincoln

d) Mahatma Gandhi

Q.27) “Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide” Who said this?

a) Emerson

b) Gandhiji

c) Swami Vivekananda

d)Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Q.28) Match the underlined words in Column A with their parts of speech in Column B and select the correct answer form the codes given:

Column A                                          Column B

a) I dream of my happy days verb

b) We are always busy noun

c) The professorteaches Science adverb

d) He plays football Adjective


a        b        c        d

a) 1 3        2        4

b) 4 3        2        1

c) 2 3        1        4

d) 4 2        3        1

Q.29) Which of the following poems is written by an Indian Poet?

a) The Apology

b) A sonnet for my incomparable mother

c) Going for water

d) Earth

Q.30) “Not failure but law aim is crime”, says Browning. What according to Browning is a crime?

a) Failing in an attempt

b) Aiming at the incredible

c) Failing repeatedly

d) Not aiming high

Q.31) Identify the sentence that is different from the others in structure:

a) Being sick, my brother did not attend the class

b) In spite of his poverty he helps the poor.

c) You must run fast or you will not win.

d) In case of the cat being away the mice are at play.

Q.32)Ahthusi Deshpande’s To the Land of Snow’ is a/an…………..

a) biography

b) travelogue

c) autobiography

d) motivational essay

Q.33) Who is a villainous personality in the play ‘Othello’?

a) Miranda


c) Shylock

d) Olivia

Q.34)Identify the sentence pattern:

He made his shirt dirty at the playground.





Q.35) Fill in the blank with the right word:

The …………. field was overgrown with weeds.

a) fellow

b) follow

c) flow

d) fallow

Q.36)Choose the correct synonym for the underlined word:

He leaped about in joy upon realizing his true nature.

a) Walked

b) left

c) helped

d) jumped

Q.37) Choose the correct antonym of the word underlined in the following sentence:

Whenever he saw a snake, he quickly shoved it away lest we kill it.

a) pulled

b) pushed

c) killed

d) damaged

Q.38) Identify the figure of speech used in the given lines.

Life is like an Empty Dream.

a) Metaphor

b) Oxymoron



Q.39) Replace the underlined word with its American equivalent.

I bought a packet of Biscuit

a) Candies

b) Chips

c) Cookies

d) Snacks

Q.40) Find the Odd one.

a) sunlight

b) handbag

c) engine driver

d) tell tale

Q.41)Choose the author of book ‘Treasure Island’

a) Nelson Mandela

b) R.K. Narayan

c) Robert Louis Stevenson

d) Henry Miller

Q.42)Is it nominated in this bond:    Identify the speaker

a) Shylock

b) Antonio

c) Brutus

d) Portia

Q.43) According to Gokhale, what are the two valuable qualities to be practised by students?

a) Obedience to rulers and reverence for teachers

b) Obedience to parents and reverence for teachers

c) Obedience to parents and reverence to rulers

d) Obedience to fellow students and reverence for teachers

Q.44) To which Nationality does the author of the story “How camel Got its hump” belong?

a) Japan


c) Thailand

d) Indonesia

Q.45) Fill in the blanks: The Giant mistook the linnet’s song for ……..

a) The King’s Musicians

b) The Nightingale’s Song

c) The Cuckoo’s Song

d) None of these


Q.46)Pick out a sentence that has an error in “Adverb” from the options given below.

a) She speaks English well

b) He has never seen a Tiger

c) It is raining heavily

d) I know the answer

Q.47) Name the poem in which the following lines appear.

“O winging words! Like homing bees you borrow.

Grown murmurous, the honey of delight”

a) A Psalm of Life

b) Snake

c) With a friend

d) English words

Q.48) What is ‘Frisbee’?

Choose the equivalent meaning of the word from the options given below

a) A fish

b) A bird

c) A fly

d) A game

Q.49) Which of the following is not a poem?


b) Snake

c) A Psalm of Life

d) Two Friends

Q.50) What is the implied theme of the poem, “The Cry of the Children”?

a) Child-Rights

b) Child-Marriage

c) Child-Labour

d) Child-Care

Answer Key

Click Here to View Answer
1 B
2 C
3 B
4 C
5 C
6 D
7 B
8 C
9 C
10 B
11 A
12 C
13 C
14 D
15 B
16 D
17 B
18 D
19 B
20 A
21 D
22 B
23 B
24 A
25 A
26 D
27 A
28 B
29 B
30 D
31 C
32 B
33 B
34 A
35 D
36 D
37 A
38 C
39 C
40 D
41 C
42 A
43 B
44 B
45 A
46 D
47 D
48 D
49 D
50 C

The notification was released last year and the last date for submission of the application or the registration has been increased due to the server errors and many of the candidates were not able to pay the fees. TNPSC group 4 Hall Ticket was released in the TNPSC website like and


To download the previous year question paper of TNPSC VAO exams, please click the below link to download. 

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To Read the official notifications of the TNPSC GROUP IV(Group 4) , please check the below links.

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