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Top 50 Quiz based on December 1- 10,2018

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Q.1) December 1 is observed as?

a) World Sports Day

b) National Science Day

c) World Liberation Day

d) World AIDS Day

e) World Broadcasting Day

Q.2) What is the theme of the WORLD AIDS DAY?

a) Know Your Status

b) Right to Health

c) Getting to Zero

d) Zero New HIV Infections

e) Focus, Partner, Achieve

Q.3) Who won the World Chess Championship 2018?

a) Vishwanathan Anand

b) Fabiano Caruana

c) Bobby Fischer

d) Magnus Carlsen

e) Judith Polgar

Q.4) Which State is adjudged as the “BEST STATE” at IITF Delhi?

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Karnataka

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Uttarakhand

e) West Bengal

Q.5) Which City will host the 2nd India-UAE Strategic Conclave?

a) Dubai

b) Abu Dhabi

c) Sharjah

d) Ajman

e) Fujariah

Q.6) Who has inaugrated the 19th Hornbill Festival in Nagaland?

a) Narendra Modi

b) PB Acharya

c) Rajnath Singh

d) Amit Shah

e) Ram Nath Kovind

Q.7) Who has become the 1st Woman to win the Australia’s Greg Norman Medal?

a) Jason Day

b) Marc Leishman

c) Minjee Lee

d) Joanne Mills

e) Rachel L.Bailey

Q.8) Where will the “2019 Men’s Boxing World Champiosnhips happen?

a) India

b) Mexico

c) Spain

d) Russia

e) Japan

Q.9) How many new elements were aded to the list of “INTANGIBLE HERITAGE” by UN Cultural Agency UNESCO?

a) 7

b) 8

c) 5

d) 6

e) 3

Q.10) According to a report by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), What is the GDP Growth Rate at which it is estimated to grow at 2018-2019?

a) 7-7.8%

b) 7-7.5%

c) 7-73%

d) 7-7.7%

e) 7-7.9%

Q.11) By which year European Union has set goal to become “CLIMATE NUETRAL”?

a) 2040

b) 2030

c) 2025

d) 2050

e) 2045

Q.12) Sangai Deer is the State Animal of which of the following state?

a) Manipur

b) Mizoram

c) Nagaland

d) Arunachal Pradesh

e) Sikkim

Q.13) Who won the 57-kilogram category at the Tata Motors Senior National Championship in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh?

a) Sakshi Malik

b) Ritu Phogat

c) Vinesh Phogat

d) Divya Kakran

e) Anshu Malik

Q.14) International Day for Abolition of Slavery is observed on ________.

a) August 13th

b) December 2nd

c) December 4th

d) November 8th

e) January 25th

Q.15) Who becomes first Indian to be elected ISSF’s Vice-President?

a) Rajender Singh

b) Raninder Singh

c) Rakesh Singh

d) Ravinder Singh

e) Rajinish Singh

Q.16) What is the theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2018?

a) Transformation toward sustainable and resilient society for all

b) Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities

c) Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all

d) Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality

e) Keeping the promise: Mainstreaming disability in the Millennium Development Goals towards 2015 and beyond

Q.17) Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) is the world’s largest healthcare scheme which aims at providing portable coverage of ______ per entitled family annually.

a) Rs.15 lakh

b) Rs.2.5 lakh

c) Rs.5.0 lakh

d) Rs.4.5 lakh

e) Rs.10 lakh

Q.18) Who is the first Indian to be elected in ISSF’s (International Shooting Sports Federation) judges committee?

a) M M Kutty

b) Rajiv Kumar

c) Pawan Singh

d) Praveen Kumar

e) Karen Singh

Q.19) Who has been crowned as this year’s Ballon d’Or winner, France Football confirmed at the award ceremony in Paris?

a) Neymar

b) Cristiano Ronaldo

c) Luka Modric

d) Lionne Messie

e) Cam Newton

Q.20) Which of the following country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Maharashtra Government to provide a framework for Co-operation between the two authorities to promote FinTech in their respective markets, recently?

a) Zimbabwe

b) Bahrain

c) Romania

d) United Kingdom

e) Ethopia

Q.21) Who won the Full Marathon in 33rd Pune International Marathon with the timing of 2 hours 17 minutes 17 seconds?

a) Teshome Getachew

b) Atlawim Debebe

c) Pascalia Chepkogei

d) Karan Singh

e) Urvi Tambe

Q.22)  The book ‘Modiraj Main Kisan, Double Aamad Ya Double afat’ is authored by _______.

a) Ajay Vir Jakhar

b) Ashok Gulati

c) Yogendra Yadav

d) Jaswanth Singh

e) J K Rowling

Q.23) Indian Navy Day is observed on _______.

a) December 3rd

b) January 4th

c) November 28th

d) December 4th

e) January 12th

Q.24) The first ever India-ASEAN InnoTech Summit was held in New Delhi. What is the theme of the summit 2018?

a) ‘India ASEAN InnoTech Summit: Accelerating towards informal development‘

b) ‘India ASEAN InnoTech Summit: Accelerating towards informative development‘

c) ‘India ASEAN InnoTech Summit: Accelerated towards innovative development‘

d) ‘India ASEAN InnoTech Summit: Accelerating towards invention development‘

e) ‘India ASEAN InnoTech Summit: Accelerating towards innovative development‘

Q.25) Name the first Indian to scale Sahayadri Mountain Range in 12 Days, recently.

a) Malavath Purna

b) Bachendri Pal

c) Tenzing Norgay

d) Tuhin Satarkar

e) Nawang Gombu

Q.26) Which of the following ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for providing discounts to tourists, recently?

a) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

b) Ministry of Railways

c) Ministry of Home Affairs

d) Ministry of Corporate Affairs

e) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Q.27) India has inked a currency swap agreement with which country, that means businesses can now can do trade using local currencies on Dec 5th, 2018?

a) UK

b) UAE

c) Ethiopia

d) Vietnam

e) Cambodia

Q.28) According to the RBI’s 5th Monetary Policy Review, what is the rate percent of Marginal Standing Facility Rate (MSLR)?

a) 6.50%

b) 6.25%

c) 6.00%

d) 5.75%

e) 6.75%

Q.29) Who has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary of India?

a) Ravinder Sinha

b) Ajay Narayan Jha

c) Ravi Ruia

d) Vijay Jaswin

e) Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Q.30) Who has been appointed as the IAAF Chief Executive Officer, recently?

a) Jaydev Unadkat

b) Ambati Rayudu

c) Krunal Pandya

d) Jon Ridgeon

e) Dilip Shanghvi

Q.31) Ex-IRDAI chief TS Vijayan has been appointed as additional director of which bank?

a) Yes Bank

b) DCB Bank

c) Axis Bank

d) HDFC Bank

e) ICICI Bank

Q.32) A book titled ‘Blue Waters Ahoy!’ – chronicling the Indian Navy’s History from 2001-10 was authored by ________.

a) Sunil Lanba

b) Anup Singh

c) Hari Kumar

d) Arun Prakash

e) Pawar Lanba

Q.33) Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced a new programme the “PEETHA” to create awareness about various schemes across the state. In PEETHA, second “E” stands for _______.

a) Entertain

b) Evolvement

c) Empowerment

d) Enabling

e) Emerging

Q.34) DIPP organised a Start-up India Venture Capital Summit was held in Goa. Theme of the summit was ________.

a) Mobilizing Global Centre for Innovative in India

b) Mobilizing Global Capital for Information in India

c) Mobilizing Global Capital for Invention in India

d) Mobilizing Global Centre for Innovation in India

e) Mobilizing Global Capital for Innovation in India

Q.35) Which of the following country has topped the list in the world’s most powerful passport, as per the Arton Capital report 2018?

a) Australia

b) UAE

c) USA

d) Singapore

e) Germany

Q.36) Who has emerged as the richest Indian celebrity for the third time in a row, according to Forbes India Celebrity 100 list?

a) Shah Rukh Khan

b) Akshay Kumar

c) Virat Kohli

d) Salman Khan

e) Amitabh Bachchan

Q.37) Which of the following country has decided to withdraw from Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) from January to focus on its gas ambitions?

a) Saudi Arabia

b) Qatar

c) Iraq

d) Iran

e) Kuwait

Q.38) Which of the following bank has extended a credit facility of USD 500 million to Tanzania for water supply projects in the country on December 7th, 2018?


b) EXIM Bank

c) ADB

d) World Bank

e) IMF

Q.39) Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on __________.

a) January 8th

b) January 4th

c) December 7th

d) November 29th

e) December 6th

Q.40) Which of the following country has become first country to make all public transport free, recently?

a) Lebanon

b) Luxembourg

c) Yemen

d) Monaco

e) Malaysia

Q.41) Who won the gold medal in women’s skeet title at the 62nd National Shooting Championship Competitions (NSCC) for shotgun events in Jaipur?

a) Apurvi Chandela

b) Manu Bhaker

c) Simran Preet

d) Preet Kaur Johal

e) Maheshwari Chauhan

Q.42) Who has won the 2018 Turner Prize, one of the world’s most highly esteemed art prizes?

a) James Thomson

b) Luke Willis Thompson

c) Naeem Mohaiemen

d) Charlotte Prodger

e) Charles Winson

Q.43) The Indian Coast Guard has conducted the Regional Level Marine Oil Pollution Response Exercise titled ‘Clean Sea – 2018’ at _________.

a) Kolkata, West Bengal

b) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

c) Vizagapatam, Andhra Pradesh

d) Panaji, Goa

e) Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Q.44) Which of the following city in India is the Fastest-growing cities in the world 2019-2035, according to the Oxford Economics?

a) Nagpur

b) Hyderabad

c) Surat

d) Agra

e) Bangalore

Q.45) International Conference on Bears 2018 is being organised in which city?

a) Bangalore, Karnataka

b) Mumbai, Maharashtra

c) New Delhi, India

d) Agra, Uttar Pradesh

e) Jaipur, Rajasthan

Q.46) Which of the following country will host the 2023 IAAF athletics world championships?

a) Russia

b) Belgium

c) Budapest

d) Qatar

e) Oregon

Q.47) Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of New India Assurance (NIA) for a five-year period?

a) Shamila Batohi

b) Rattan Lal

c) Rajanish Giri

d) Atul Sahai

e) Yasir Shah

Q.48) Who had been named topped among the world’s 100 most powerful women by Forbes in a list 2018?

a) Roshni Nadar-Malhotra

b) Shobhana Bhartia

c) Angela Merkel

d) Priyanka Chopra

e) Theresa May

Q.49) Name the INS that become India’s first underwater museum off the Puducherry coast, giving a boost to tourism in the Union territory.

a) INS Kolkata

b) INS Cuddalore

c) INS Mumbai

d) INS Chennai

e) INS Cochin

Q.50) Who won the Miss World 2018 crown at a grand event held in the Chinese city, Sanya?

a) Anukreethy

b) Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan

c) Vanessa Ponce de Leon

d) Mireia Lalaguna

e) Alexandria Mills