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Top 50 Quiz based on December 11- 20,2018

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Q.1) Urjit Patel has resigned as the Reserve Bank of India governor. He was the ______ governor of RBI.

a) 25th

b) 23rd

c) 27th

d) 24th

e) 20th

Q.2) Name the 23rd district of Arunachal Pradesh carved out of the West Siang district, recently.

a) Siang

b) Shi Yomi

c) Pakke-Kesang

d) Lepa Rada

e) Kamle

Q.3) The Tamil Nadu government has launched a 24-hour toll free helpline ________ for women, among others, facing domestic violence and sexual harassment.

a) 142

b) 121

c) 181

d) 112

e) 118

Q.4) Who become the first Asian/Indian to win this year’s Mister Supranational title in a competition held in Poland?

a) Krynica-Zdroj

b) Prathamesh Maulingkar

c) Altamash Faraz

d) Gabriel Correa

e) Diego Garcy

Q.5) What was the theme of International Mountain Day 2018, celebrated on 11th December every year?

a) Mountain cultures: Celebrating diversity and strengthening identity

b) Mountains under Pressure: climate, hunger, migration

c) Mountain minorities and indigenous peoples

d) Mountains Matter

e) Mountains Enhancement

Q.6) 7th Sino-India joint exercise Hand-in-Hand 2018 took place at ________.

a) Shanghai, China

b) Jaipur, Rajasthan

c) Chengdu, China

d) Beijing, China

e) Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Q.7) Who won the Best Entertainment Host/Presenter category in Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018?

a) Bill and Tony

b) Aarti Bajaj

c) Anurag Kashyap

d) Salman Khan

e) Allana Ferguson

Q.8) The book named ‘Of Counsel: The Challenges of the Modi-Jaitley Economy’ was written by __________.

a) Raghuram Rajan

b) Urjit Patel

c) Shaktikanda Das

d) Arvind Subramanian

e) Amitabh Khant

Q.9) Who has been honoured/won the title “Meethoileima” by Manipur Government, recently?

a) Kavita Chahal

b) Vijender Singh

c) Vikas Krishan Yadav

d) MC Mary Kom

e) Pinki Rani

Q.10) “Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) 2018” report was prepared by ________.


b) World Bank

c) International Monetary Fund

d) ADB


Q.11) Who has been appointed as the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

a) Ajay Narayan Jha

b) Shaktikanta Das

c) Amitabh Khant

d) Pratap Patel

e) Ajay Kumar Pandey

Q.12) Which state has started a 10-day drive ‘Operation Minimum Wage’ and raided 20 places including government and non-government organisations?

a) Jharkhand

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Uttarakhand

d) Delhi

e) Assam

Q.13) What was the theme of International Universal Health Coverage Day 2018, observed on 12th December every year?

a) “Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the Time for Consolidate Action”

b) “Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the Time for Coverage Action”

c) “Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the Time for Control Action”

d) “Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the Time for Collective Action”

e) “Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the Time for Conversion Action”

Q.14) Who have been named Sports Illustrated’s 2018 Sportsperson of the Year?

a) Roger Bannister

b) Golden State Warriors

c) J. J. Watt

d) José Altuve

e) Peyton Manning

Q.15) Who has been appointed as the Vice-Chair of UN Panel of Auditors?

a) Rajiv Mehrishi

b) Amaya Rose

c) Aravind Subramanian

d) Urjith Patel

e) Shashi kanta Sharma

Q.16) AGA Khan Gold Cup is related to which sport?

a) Cricket

b) Golf

c) Tennis

d) Basketball

e) Hockey

Q.17) Who became the 1st Indian to win the Breakthrough Star Award at ITTF?

a) Sharath Kamal

b) Manika Batra

c) Mouma Das

d) Harmeet Desai

e) Anthony Amalraj

Q.18) Which country has emerged as the World’s 2nd Largest Arms Producer after the United States?

a) Sweden

b) China

c) France

d) Great Britain

e) Russia

Q.19) Which country has selected the Chinese Character for “Disaster” as it’s “Defining Symbol” for 2018?

a) Russia

b) China

c) Myanmar

d) Hong Kong

e) Japan

Q.20) Which Country has topped the recently released Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2018 released by the Environmental Organization “Greenwatch”?

a) France

b) Belgium

c) Great Britain

d) Denmark

e) Sweden

Q.21) What is the rank of India in the recently released Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2018 released by the Environmental Organization “Greenwatch”?

a) 10

b) 11

c) 20

d) 12

e) 13

Q.22) Who among the following is named as the “TIME’s PERSON of the YEAR” in “the GUARDIANS and the WAR ON TRUTH”?

a) Jamal Khashoggi

b) Wa Lone

c) Kyaw Soe OO

d) Maria Ressa

e) All of the Above

Q.23) Who is set to be named as the Chairman of YES BANK?

a) Ashok Chawla

b) Arun Ramanathan

c) Shyam Srinivasan

d) Rajeev Yadav

e) Brahm Dutt

Q.24) Which country has passed a bill to legalise abortion?

a) Iceland

b) Ireland

c) Scotland

d) Denmark

e) New South Wales

Q.25) Which two countries has signed a bilateral annual haj agreement for 2019?

a) Saudi Arabia & Pakistan

b) Saudi Arabia & India

c) Saudi Arabia & Sri Lanka

d) Saudi Arabia & Malaysia

e) Saudi Arabia & Iran

Q.26) Which country has banned the Indian Currency notes above Rs.100?

a) Sri Lanka

b) Pakistan

c) Hong Kong

d) Singapore

e) Nepal

Q.27) Which two countries has agreed to extend bilateral cooperation on defence joint venture manufacturing projects at the 18th IRIGC – MTC Meeting?

a) India & china

b) India & Eritria

c) India & France

d) India & South korea

e) India & Russia

Q.28) World’s 1st Floating Nuclear Plant is operational in which of the following countries?

a) Iran

b) North Korea

c) Russia

d) Maldivies

e) USA

Q.29) Which Startup has been honoured by the United Nations for its works to clean the River Ganga by recycling tonnes of Floral waste?

a) Go Green

b) Get Green Ganga

c) Clean River Ganga

d) Help Us Green

e) High Held Ganga

Q.30) Jnanpith Award is releated to which field?

a) Sports

b) Literature

c) Politics

d) Foreign Affairs

e) Science & Technology

Q.31) Who have been named as the Women’s 2018 International Tennis Federation Champion?

a) Serena Williams

b) Caolina Wozniacki

c) Simona Halep

d) Angelique Kreber

e) Naomi Osaka

Q.32) Who have been named as the Men’s Doubles 2018 International Tennis Federation Champion?

a) Oliver Marach & Mate Pavic

b) Juan Cabal & Robert Farah

c) Mike Bryan & Jack Sock

d) Jamie Murray & Bruno Soares

e) Lukasz Kubot & Marcelo Melo

Q.33) Who has assumed charge as the Secretary of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes(NCST) on 14th December, 2018?

a) Anusuiya Uikey

b) Nanda Kumar Sai

c) Chunilal Vasava

d) Rajhiv Mehrishi

e) Ashok Kumar Singh

Q.34) Which state became the 1st state to have law banning sexual exploitation of women?

a) Haryana

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Jammu & Kashmir

d) West Bengal

e) Meghalaya

Q.35) Which country has added “DIVERSE” as a gender to birth register?

a) Spain

b) Russia

c) England

d) India

e) Germany

Q.36) Who was named as the “BBC African Footballer of the Year” 2018?

a) Yaya Toure

b) Sadio Mane

c) Mohammed Salah

d) Medhi Benatia

e) Kalidou Koulibaly

Q.37) Who won the “National Squash Women’s Singles Title”?

a) Deepika Palikal

b) Joshna Chinappa

c) Janet Vidhi

d) Anaka Alankamony

e) Bhuvneshwari Kumari

Q.38) Who was named as the “Player of the Tournament” in the recently ended “2018 HOCKEY World Cup”?

a) Pirmin Blaak

b) Arthur Van Doren

c) Thijis Govers

d) Alexander Hendrickx

e) Blake Govers

Q.39) Who was crowned as the Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand?

a) Tamaryn Green

b) Sthefany Gutierrez

c) Demi Leigh Nel Peters

d) Catriona Elisa Gray

e) Manushi Chillar

Q.40) Which Atomic Power station has ser the record for the longest uninterrupted operation?

a) Hanul

b) Hanbit

c) Paluel

d) Cattenom

e) Kaiga

Q.41) Where did Giriraj Singh inaugurated a MDTC of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)?

a) New Delhi

b) Mumbai

c) Bangalore

d) Hyderabad

e) Chennai

Q.42) How many states have achieved complete household electrification under the Saubhagya scheme, according to the Ministry of Power, recent report?

a) Eight

b) Twelve

c) Ten

d) Nine

e) Six

Q.43) India’s first ever Agricultural Export Policy with a focused plan to boost India’s agricultural exports to USD 60 billion by which year?

a) 2025

b) 2021

c) 2020

d) 2022

e) 2024

Q.44) OBOPAY, the global financial technology company, has announced the launch of a new generation pre-payment instrument in partnership with which bank and Mastercard?

a) ICICI Bank

b) Federal Bank

c) Axis Bank

d) HDFC Bank

e) IndusInd Bank

Q.45) Reserve Bank of India has allowed which bank to open as many as 40 more branches, first time after it put a restriction on the bank’s branch opening spree three months back?

a) Karnataka Bank

b) South India Bank

c) Federal Bank

d) Bandhan Bank

e) IDFC Bank

Q.46) Who will be awarded with the National Bravery Award 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

a) Sakthi Reddy

b) Sathish Kuamr

c) Situ Malik

d) Sanjay Malik

e) Yuvaraj Sarkar

Q.47) As per the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) amended rules, the Institutional Trading Platform would be renamed as __________.

a) Investors Growth Platform

b) Informative Trading Platform

c) Innovators Growth Platform

d) Investment Trading Platform

e) Industrial Gross Platform

Q.48) Who lifted the prestigious season-ending World Tour Finals trophy defeating Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara at Guangzhou, China?

a) Aparna Popat

b) P V Sindhu

c) Saina Nehwal

d) Ashwini Ponnappa

e) Rituparna Das

Q.49) As per a notification of insurance regulator IRDAI, customers will not have to purchase separate Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) cover for each new vehicle they buy from _______.

a) April 2019

b) January 2019

c) June 2019

d) August 2019

e) March 2019

Q.50) Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has not revised its forecast for global economic growth, and it remains at _______ for 2018.

a) 3.9 per cent

b) 3.2 per cent

c) 3.5 per cent

d) 3.6 per cent

e) 3.7 per cent