Aptitude questions – Averages – Set 4

Q.1) The average of 36 innings of a cricket player is 65 runs excluding first and last innings.  His first innings exceeds last innings by 24 runs. If the average of the 38 innings is 68 runs, what is run taken by him in his last innings?

a) 134

b) 124

c) 120

d) 110

e) None of these

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Let the first and last innings be x and y respectively,




Solve the equations I and II,

and we get, x=134


Therefore the last innings run =110

Q.2) Four person’s checks their weight; the average weight of four persons is 63 kg. If the ratio of the first to the second persons weight is 5: 3, and that of the second to the third persons was 1: 3, and third to the fourth persons weight is 9: 11, then what is the average of the First and third persons weight?

a) 63

b) 60

c) 58

d) 52

e) 55

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Sum of the four persons weight=63×4=252

Ratio of four persons= 5 : 3 : 9 : 11

first persons weight=252/28×5=45 kg

Third person^’ sweight=252/28×9=81 kg

Average of 1st and 3rd persons weight=(45+81)/2=63 kg

Q.3) The average marks of Dinesh,  Kamalesh, and Kamesh is 84. Dinesh’s mark is 23 marks more than that of Suresh and 5 marks less than the Kamalesh. If Suresh mark 15 less than the average mark of Dinesh, Kamalesh and Kamesh, then what is the sum of Suresh, Dinesh’s and Kamesh’s marks?

a) 243

b) 265

c) 224

d) 252

e) None of these

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Total marks of Dinesh,Kamalesh and Ramesh=84×3=252

Suresh’s mark=84-15=69

Dinesh’s mark=69+23=92

Kamalesh mark=92+5=97

Kamesh mark’s= (Total marks of Dinesh, Kamalesh and Kamesh)-(Dinesh + Kamalesh marks)

= 252-(92+97) = 63

Sum of Suresh, Dinesh’s and kamesh’s marks= 92 + 69 + 63 = 224

Q.4) After 11 years Shakthi’s age will be 46 yrs. Today Sharmi’s age is 7 yrs more than Shakthi’s age. At present Susma’s age and Sharmi’s age in the ratio of 5:7. What is average age of Shakthi and Susma?

a) 46 years

b) 41 years

c) 39 years

d) 34.5 years

e) 32.5 years

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After 11 years Shakthi’s age=46 yrs

Present age of Shakthi=46-11=35 yrs

Sharmi’s age= 35+ 7=42

Susma’s age=42/7×5=30 yrs

Average age of Shakthi and Susma = (35+30)/2=32.5 yrs

Q.5) There are six numbers, the third number is 40 % more the first and fourth number. The second number is 2/3 of third number and the fifth number is twice the first number and sixth number is 20% less than the fourth number. If the first number is 30, then what is the average of last three numbers?

a) 45

b) 38

c) 42

d) 33

e) 41

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Let as consider five numbers are P, Q, R, S, T and U





First number (P) is=30






Average of last three numbers=(30+60+24)/3=38

Q.6) Kamal is going to Bangalore from his office at a distance of 230 km with a speed of x kmph. While he comes back to his office with a speed of 45 km/ph, what should be the value of X so that his average speed is 54 km/hr?

a) 65 km/hr

b) 66.4km/hr

c) 67.5 km/hr

d) 72 km/hr

e) None of these

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Average speed=2xy/(x+y)




x= 67.5 km/hr

Q.7) There are 250 employees working in TCS in Chennai branch. The average monthly income of Chennai branch TCS company employees is Rs.56000 and that of Bangalore branch TCS employees is Rs. 52000, if average monthly salary of all the employees both branch is Rs.54000. Find the total number of employees in the both branch TCS Company?

a) 490

b) 600

c) 250

d) 500

e) None of these

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According to the question,





Total employees=250+250=500

Q.8) In a planet, a certain month average temperature of first seven days was 45°C, and average temperature of last seven days was 57°C.  The average temperature of a week is 52°C. Find the temperature of seventh day of week? Assume In planet X 1 year=52 days=4 weeks= 2 months = 13 days per month and 1day=16 hours.

a) 35°C

b) 36°C

c) 25°C

d) 42°C

e) None of these

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Sum of temperature of First 7 days=45°×7=315°

Sum of temperature of Last 7 days=57°×7=399°

Sum of temperature of 1 week=13×52°=689°C

7th day temperature is= (315+399)-689=25°C

Q.9) A shop keeper sold Red, Black and blue coloured pens for Rs.5, Rs.7, and Rs.10 respectively. The total number of pens sold were in the ratio 8 : 5 : 7. Find the ratio of the total cost of each colour pen?

a) 2 : 5 : 7

b) 3 : 7 : 9

c) 8 : 7 : 14

d) 3 : 4 : 5

e) 1 : 5 : 9

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Ratio of the values,

=5×8 :7×5 :10×7

=40 : 35 : 70

= 8 : 7 : 14

Q.10) Kavitha was born when Sharath was four years four months old. Kavitha’s age  is 7 years 6 months. Sharath was born when Sharatha was 5years 7 months old, then their average age is?

a) 11 1/2 years

b) 12 ¼ years

c) 12 years

d) 18 years

e) 21 years

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Kavitha=7 yrs 6 month

Sharatha= 17 yrs 5 month

Sharath=11 yrs 10 month

Average=(36 yrs 9 month)/3

=(36 9/12)/3=121/4  years

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