BOB PO 2017 Exam Review, Analysis and Questions asked in exams : 27 May 1st Slot

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Bank of Baroda has released the notification for BOB PO and Mains examinations are going to be held tomorrow. Be prepare for the examination and all the best for all aspirants who are going to take the exam.

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General Awareness Questions asked in BOB PO 2017

  1. What does CNP stand for- Card Not Present
  2. Indradhanush 2.0 related with of the following scheme- Recapitalisation of public sector banks
  3. Kuchipudi is the classical dance of which Indian State- Andhra Pradesh
  4. Which river flows in the city Cuttack- Mahanadi
  5. ABN AMRO bank Headquarter located in which of the following country- Netherlands
  6. Whta is the size of Rs.2000 Note- 66mm X 166mm
  7. LIME app is launced by which of the following Bank- Axis Bank
  8. In united kingdom “merchant banking”institutions are referred to as- Investment Bank
  9. Payzapp application launched by which of the Private Sector Bank- HDFC Bank
  10. SLR determine by RBI in order to control which of the following- Expansion of Bank Credit
  11. What VPA stands for in UPI – Virtual Payment Address
  12. UNEP Stands For- United Nation Environment Programme (Nairobi, Kenya)
  13. Which day is celebrated on 25th April- World Malaria Day
  14. Indian Overseas Bank headquarter located in which of the following cities- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  15. Konkani language belongs to which part of India- Goa
  16. What is BBPS in NPCI-
  17. PMMY target the loan NBFC- 44 lakh crore
  18. Manas wildlife Sanctuary situated in which of the following India State- Assam
  19. Dishonour of cheque for sufficiency of funds in the amount deal with under which section- 138 negotiable instrument act 1881
  20. How much is the allocation fund for NABARD in Union Budget- 40,000 crore
  21. What is the full form of APBS- Aadhar Payment Bridge System
  22. Rupesh shah associated with which of the following sport- Billiards
  23. MUDRA Full form- Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency
  24. Which of the following place not chosen under Swachh Bharat Mission phase II- Delhi Railway Station
  25. Oscar award winner Jonathan Demine who passed away recently, he belongs to which country- USA
  26. AU Small Finance Bank Headquarter- Jaipur
  27. Sankha Ghosh won Jnanpith Award for which language- Bengali
  28. Phullela Gopichand is associated with which sport couch- Badminton
  29. Durand cup related to which sport- Football
  30. RIDF full form- Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
  31. Pir Panjal mountain range in Himachal Pradesh and in which state- Jammu&Kashmir
  32. Cassini Spacecraft launched by which space station- NASA
  33. Nicos Anastasiades is the president of which country- Cyprus
  34. N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is the former Prime Minister of which country– Portugal
  35. Intellectual Property Day theme 2017- Innovation- Improving Lives
  36. World Press Freedom Index-136
  37. which Payment Bank has got 100% Government Equity- India Post Payment Bank
  38. PMMY maximum micro credit limit-10 lakh

Number Series Questions asked in BOB PO 2017

1 ) 174, 169, 162, 152, 138, ?

2 ) 1, 3, 10, 48 ,?, 6432


1×1+21 = 3

3×2+22 = 10

10×4+23 = 48

48×8+24 = 400

400×16+25 = 6432

3 ) 462, 462, 456, 432, ?

4 ) 17, 24, 13, 26, 9, ?

5 ) 193, 97, 49, 25, ?


BOB PO 2017 Exam Review and Analysis

QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE (Difficult and Calculative)

Topic No. of Questions
Approximation 5
Quadratic Equations 5
Data Interpretation 20
Miscellaneous 15
Number Series (Missing) 5
Total 50


ENGLISH LANGUAGE (Moderate- Difficult)
The level of English was Moderate- Difficult.

Topic No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension (Globalisation and BREXIT) 12
Double fillers 5
Para-Jumbled 5
Error Detection 7
Cloze Test (Drug Abuse and related to mental health) 8
Sentence Improvement 5
Sentence Connector 8
Total 50



The level of reasoning was moderate. There were 3 Seating Arrangements:

Topic No. of Questions
Data Sufficiency 5
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles (Linear, Circular, and Floor) 15
Coded Inequality 7
Syllogism 5
Machine Input Output 5
Ranking 3
Blood Relation 3
Alphabetical Series 2
Logical 5
Total 50


General Awareness (GA Questions) asked in BOB PO 2017

3-5 questions were asked from static Gk and 10 Questions were asked from banking awareness and remaining from current affairs


This was easy relatively and as expected the current topic related to cyber security was asked which we’ve included in our descriptive ebook. Questions asked were a Letter to editor or informal letter and an essay writing .

Letter Writing
1) Write a letter to editor expressing your concern about increasing rate of Cyber Crime.
2) Write a letter to your friend elaborating your experience of a recent foreign tour.

Essay Writing
1)Write an on Importance of time management in professional life.
2)Write an Essay related to Environment GERF (Global Environment Research Foundation).

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Number Series Questions Asked In BOB PO All Slots

BOB PO 2016 Exam review:

Quantitative Aptitude (50 Questions)

Level – Moderate

Data Interpretation 10 questions

Pie chart and Line Chart

Number Series 5 questions
Quadratic Equations  5 questions
Application Sums 30 Questions

English Language (50 Questions)

Level  : Easy to Moderate            

Reading Comprehension 10  questions

Based on Current Education System

Cloze Test 10 questions

Based on Impact of Rio Olympics on Brazil Tourism

Sentence Rearrangement 5 questions

Based on Deforestation

Sentence Improvement/Phrace Replacement  10 questions
Fill-ups 5 questions
Spotting Errors  10 questions


Reasoning Ability (50 Questions)

Level – Easy to Moderate

Seating Arrangement 10 questions

Circular and Linear arrangement

Syllogism 5 questions
Input/Output 5 questions
Coding/ Decoding 2 questions
Puzzle 5 questions

Ranking based

Data Sufficiency 5 questions
Inequality 5 questions
Rest were Miscellaneous 13 Questions


General Awareness (50 Questions)

Descriptive Test (2 Questions) of BOB PO 2016

Letter writing – 150 words – 20 Marks


  1. Letter regarding Lokpal Bill
  2. Letter to Police Commissioner regarding Cyber Crime
  3. Letter to Newspaper Editor regarding Noise Pollution

Essay Writing – 250 words – 30 marks


  1. Is it right to pry into the lives of politicians and film stars ?
  2. Government initiative on startups
  3. Reality of Paid Journalism and its impact on Ethical Journalism.