Check this before your IBPS PO Prelims Examination 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant ,

The IBPS PO preliminary examination is happening now and the slot 1 of the examination is over and what are the observations from the first slot and this is going to continue for the rest of the forthcoming batches. The idea is to attend the easier topics in all the sections and to grab the marks with full accuracy.

As you see the review of the 1st slot, there was no easier type of questions in the examination and aspirants are in for a highly competitive exam and this proves that the forthcoming batches will be the same ( RRB Scale I Officer and RRB Office Assistant too followed the same pattern which was asked in the 1st batch)

English Language

  • One of the section, you should be careful while attending the exam. This section will be a game changer for the exam as the questions asked in the exam were in the moderate to difficult range. The reading comprehension was based on economy. Phase replacement and Spotting the errors were the other topics asked in the exam.
  • Rather than attending the phase replacement go for the error spotting, this will save the time and also will take less time to crack the questions.
  • New pattern error spotting was asked in the slot 1 of the IBPS PO preliminary examination. So be prepared for the new type of questions and also paragraph based error spotting was asked.
  • Many candidates found English section to be tougher and please remember that if you are not sure of any questions refrain from marking the answers and this will hugely affect the accuracy of the answers.
  • No Cloze Test was asked in the slot 1 in this section.

Reasoning Ability

  • In the reasoning section , there were 2 linear seating arrangement and 2 puzzles out of which one set of linear arrangement (based on 7 person) and one set of puzzle (box type) were easy and the other two was definitely in the difficult category.
  • Inequalities were the one to attend in this section and you can try to score full marks from this part.
  • Old Pattern Syllogism questions were asked and it also not very time consuming and definitely in the moderate range and doesn’t fit in the easy category either.
  • The miscellaneous section is the one next in this section and blood relations, blood relations, directions questions were asked.
  • Overall this section seems to be the scoring section for many candidates and if you are comfortable in solving the problems faster, then this should be your primary section to attend in the exam. You can easily try above 20 questions.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • 5 Approximation questions and 5 number series questions were asked and this is the one to attend and was in the comfortable zone for the aspirants.
  • The data interpretation questions were time consuming and calculative, so check the level of difficulty of the questions in the DI before attending them.
  • The miscellaneous section was the next one and aspirants found those questions too in the difficult level and some of the questions were calculative. (Choose the easier questions)


Overall English section will be the key game changer according to the feedbacks from the candidates and please remember if you are unsure about the questions, refrain from selecting the answers blindly and this will definitely get your overall cutoff marks down. Other than that quantitative aptitude was also in the difficult range. Check the questions before attempting to try it.

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